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Birch Gold Group Review (Fees, Storage, Reviews & Process)

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Press release content from News Direct Corporation. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
January 3, 2023 GMT

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Birch Gold Group is a company that commenced operation in 2003 is headquartered in Burbank, California, and commands a client base of over 10,000 investors throughout the United States. Birch Gold Group’s workforce constitutes an impressive pool of veteran professionals from different top-notch organizations and financial institutions. This pool comprises brokers, analysts, financial managers, and financial advisors.

Its services involve the direct sales of precious metals throughout the United States to potential customers. Birch Gold Group’s service mainly caters to the needs of investors looking to diversify their investment portfolio into the precious metal market. It services investors through its retirement planning, bullion brokerage, and metal depository services.

Birch Gold Group offers a wide variety of precious metals that investors can buy, such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, or Palladium, including managing investor 401(K) or IRA accounts.


What sets the Birch Gold Group apart?

The unique position of the Birch Gold Group in the industry is for the following reasons:

Strong buyback program at competitive pricing.

While other dealers also offer a buyback program, the Birch Gold Group buyback program is competitively priced. Its $10,000 minimum threshold for gold IRA investors is one of the most affordable IRA investments. This pricing is reasonable compared to the $50,000 typically charged by other dealers. Naturally is an attraction to small-time investors in the physical metals market.

Offers current, accurate, and relevant news

Investors in precious metals are in a specialized market that requires not mainstream news but industry news that is accurate and updated. Investors need to have updates regarding performance and related issues that may affect the pricing of precious metals. The best school groups establish themselves by giving their customers updated, accurate, in-depth news from reliable financial experts and organizations, often in real-time.

Trusted and Dependable

The shake-up of investors’ confidence in recent years, especially in 2022, is a matter of concern. With notable investment companies from the financial to social media embroiled in some form of financial scandals, deceptive statements to stakeholders, or impulsive management decisions, it’s not surprising that investors’ confidence, especially with top investment companies, is bruised battered.


The impressive record of the Birch Gold Group speaks volumes. It has built a reputation for sticking loyalty to its customers through thick and thin. Ben Shapiro media company is a classic case demonstrating the depth of support an investor can always expect from Birch Gold Group in times of uncertainty. Its refusal to give in to pressure and abandon a long-time partner primarily because of ideological differences it’s an uncommon trait in recent years.

Birch Gold Group is committed to giving you all its support to help you succeed as an investor. You can be confident your money is in good hands and professionally managed. Indications show that Birch Gold Group values the reputation it built for almost two decades and guides its jealousy.


Seasoned specialist professionals

Birch Gold Group, almost two decades in the IRS investment sector, has impacted the caliber of the company’s workforce. The team at Birch Gold Group includes specialists professionals seasoned and experienced in the IRS industry. Many have worked with top global organizations and institutions such as Wall Street. It’s no wonder the performance of Birch Gold Group has been exceptional over the years. As a result, rewarding investors handsomely accordingly.

Track record of endorsements

Over the years, the Birch Gold Group has received many endorsements and recognitions from influential personalities Ben Shapiroand top organizations. A select few media companies impressed by the performance of Birch Gold Group have taken to educating people on the benefits of diversifying their investment into precious metals through Birch Gold Group.


Birch Gold Group Review

The Birch Gold Group has been marketing its service to families from Burbank, California’s headquarters in all US states.

Their services enjoy massive media coverage on influential media outlets. Its advert runs prominently on programs such as the Ben Shapiro show, Bannon’s war room, and the Ron Paul Liberty report.

The publicity and reputation of the Birch Gold Group are outstandingly positive across all boards. Its five-star rating is evident on internationally trusted and popular third-party consumer review sites and internet watchdogs groups such as the Better Business Bureau.

Of course, these days, a simple google search is all a potential investor needs to find out about a company. And such a search on Birch Gold Group reveals mostly overwhelmingly positive reviews about its business dealing with customers.

The scores of Birch Gold Group across-the-board on international top repeatable review sites speak for themselves.


Business Consumer Alliance

Birch Gold Group enjoyed a five-star rating from consumers and an AA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance. In over three years, it has had only two complaints filed against it, satisfactorily resolved with all the parties involved.

Better Business Bureau

With BBB, it scores an average star rating of 4.84 out of 5 from 74 customer reviews. In over three years, the BBB has only two complaints filed against it, which it is currently responding to and resolving.


The 119 reviews compiled by the Trustpilot platform show that Birch Gold Group has an average star rating of 4.8 out of 5.

Google Reviews

The Birch Gold Group has a star rating averaging 4.9 out of 5 from 222 beach gold Group reviews compiled by Google, the world’s largest search engine.


Based on the current Yelp review rating Birch Gold Group scores 4 out of 5 stars.

Birch Gold Group Reviews Summry:



72 Reviews



4.9/5 Stars

129 Reviews



4.9/5 Stars

125 Reviews




7 Reviews


Google Reviews

4.8/5 Stars

220 Reviews


Ben Shapiro Endursment

Although many liberal media sources are critical of Birch Gold Group’s partnership with conservative influenza, particularly Ben Shapiro, the Birch Gold Group remains both a partner to and a long-term advertiser with Ben Shapiro’s media company.

The Birch Gold Group it’s not giving in to pressure from left-leaning media outlets demanding Ben Shapiro sponsors stop their sponsorship.

While some popular advertising outlets have caved in to pressure and stopped advertising on Ben Shapiro’s show, the Birch Gold Group has not. Instead, since 2016, it has stuck with the Ben Shapiro show.

This unwavering support has been evident over the years. For instance, on numerous occasions, Birch Gold Group invited Paul Patrick to the Ben Shapiro show and discussed federal spending inflation, currency devaluation, and why precious metal is a safe investment asset.

Here is what investing in Birch Gold Group IRA offering entails:

Allowing the gold IRA to enable the whole process will require working with a gold storage company or a self-directed IRA custodian. This requirement applies regardless of whether you are investing through one of Birch Gold Group’s competitors or with Birch Gold Group.

With most 401(k) providers, an investor has a wide variety of traditional options only to choose from for their investments, like bonds, index fund stocks, and EFTs.

Since regular 401(k) qualifying retirement accounts give no options to diversify your investments beyond traditional options, investing a portion of your retirement into precious metals requires executing a gold IRA rollover.

A gold IRA rollover moves part of your IRA or 401 k directly into a fresh self-directed IRA to purchase metals like gold and silver. To make this purchase as an investor, you must open a new self-directed IRA with IRS approved custodian. This custodian handles all your IRA-related investments.

If you desire to diversify your retirement investments, an SDIRA or self-directed IRA is professionally suited to diversify retirement accounts into precious metals, including other portfolios like real estate and cryptocurrencies. As an investor in the United States, numerous reputable SDIRA firms are eager to facilitate your IRA investment diversification.

At Birch Gold Group IRA specialty team will assist in reviewing your current retirement plan and determining your rollover eligibility to advise on the best course of investment to pursue. You can open an account with a Birch Gold Group custodian or one of your choosing.

With nearly 20 years of working in the IRA sector, Birch Gold has built a list of reputable, established, low-cost top gold IRA custodian firms that it can recommend opening your new account if you so request.

or more information, contact Birch Gold Group.

>> Click here to download Birch Gold Investment Kit


With Birch Gold Group, a waiver is on the initial setup wire and maintenance fee on new IRA accounts above $50,000.

So you pay zero fees for the first year on investments over $50,000, including depository storage chargers. Be sure to request more information on this promotion with Birch Gold Group.

For safety and security your retirement fund you must keep your retirement fund must be outside your direct and with a custodian. Hence storing your gold IRA investment at home is not an option. Any such action could disqualify your IRA investment status as it’s a distribution. Therefore, only authorized storage facilities can hold all your physical gold bars and coins in your IRA account.

The collaborations that Birch Gold Group has established over the years can serve as an excellent pool to source for reputable storage facilities. Birch Gold Groups will recommend four storage facilities for you if you ask.

DDSC, short for Depository Service Company, is a top-rated precious metals ARA storage facility. The services they offer include not segregated and segregated vault storage.

IDS, or international depository services, is a highly rated gold IRA specialist depositary. It is in close partnership with Birch Gold Group IRA, and Birch Gold Group will often recommend them to new clients.

Brinks offer top-depository services for investors. Besides offering non-segregated and segregated storage options for precious metal IRA its storage facilities are conveniently located throughout the United States. It’s these factors that make it a top choice for investors.

It’s worth noting that the above depositories are non-bank private facilities. What this means is that your investment is secure. It’s out of the reach of corporations prone to engaging in speculative or sentimental investments.

Make your private findings and see which company offices are convenient and accessible from your prepared location. Their storage fees are the same.

An annual fee of $100 for a non-segregated vault storage facility or $150 for segregated vault storage is the charge for storage of your precious metal. Having your IRA’s storage needs handling by any of these three companies is in capable hands.

Book an appointment with a Birch account representative to discuss details of segregated vault storage. The representatives can assist you in determining the most suitable option for you and your investments.

The non-segregated vault storage is typically the option for most investors because it offers low-cost yet top-quality security that guarantees full insurance on your holdings.

Total Fees:

Initial Set-up fee



Wire Transfer fee



Annual Maintenance fee



Annual Storage fee



Birch Gold Group’s service includes selling and delivering precious metals to clients throughout the United States.

While the Birch Gold Group facility is primarily for gold IRA storage, gold bars, and coins, it also serves as storage for Premium, collectible, and numismatic coins. Some metals you can purchase through Birch Gold include Palladium, Platinum, silver, and gold.

Interested investors can request the assistance of Birch Gold Group can help you source pre-1933 rare coins like the Morgan Silver Dollar, Gold Indian Head Eagles, Saint Gauden double eagles, and other precious coins.

The gold buyback program of Birch Gold Group is among the best in the sector. With the Birch Gold Group buyback program, you can easily handle looking for buyers when you need to close any of your precious metals accounts. That Birch Gold Group is always there to meet such needs.

The buyback program is a service many companies offer at additional fees and other related charges that make the buyback profitable. Birch Gold Group’s buyback program is one of the best precious metal investments compared to other companies offering similar services or programs.

Birch Gold Group Minimum Gold IRA Investment:

In contrast with other dealers, A $10,000 minimum for gold IRA investments in gold is reasonable and low. Other precious metal investment dealers charge as high as 50,000 dollars minimum. At this amount, it creates a natural barrier for most Americans looking to get the tax benefits of gold that an investor should bring in a self-directed IRA.

The good thing is that Birch Gold Group has simplified the whole system with other competent professionals to guide you through every step of the process. You do not need to fret or worry, as Birch Gold Group will adequately meet your needs.

Birch Gold Group has offered potential investors since December 2022 a “Free Precious metals deal worth $10,000” on eligible purchases.

Pointing out a seeming paradox in the offerings of Birch Gold Group will be appropriate. A primary attraction of Birch Gold is affordability and quality. Its $10,000 minimum for gold IRA investment attracts many investors. However, Birch Gold Group must realize that the $10,000 minimum amount is generally less attractive to direct buyers seeking to make smaller purchases. It’s an issue Birch Gold Group needs to consider and make necessary changes to attract and accommodate direct buyers.

Online shops permit direct buyers to make a few thousand dollars worth of direct purchases. Besides, you may find local businesses that can offer better deals.

Of course, Birch Gold Group does not permit the purchase of precious metals through online shopping carts. Orders must go through an account representative before purchasing precious metals, which is inconvenient for small direct buyers. So contacting Birch Gold Group is appropriate if a gold IRA account but unnecessary for the direct purchase of precious metals.


Overall reviews of Birch Gold Group reveal a company that built a reputable brand in less than two decades in the investment sector. Their reputation precedes them so much that you will be alright with doing business with them as an investor. As always, consult with more than one gold IRA firm before deciding which one to choose. Doing due diligence on select precious metal companies, you intend to invest through guarantees a stress-free and rewarding investment journey. Indeed It’s a way to ensure that your decisions and choices are sound.

Undoubtedly, Birch Gold Group offers one of the most holistic investment packages in the precious metals industry. Whether big or small, investors in the precious metals industry can choose from a wide range of streamlined investment options courtesy of the Birch Gold Group comprehensive investment platform. Under the watchful guardians and support of the Birch Gold Group, an investor can grow their investments over time to an impressive size.

Birch Gold Group has strong growth prospects, performance track record, and consumer reviews endorsement from reputable organizations and individuals, leave no doubt in the mind of a potential investor in precious metals that investing through Birch Gold Group guarantees an impressive proffessional experiance.

This review should respect the need to conduct due diligence research on Birch Gold Group.

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