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December 15, 2022 GMT
Futureverse PRESS HERO Image
Futureverse PRESS HERO Image

Team Of Over 300 Visionaries Developing Technology, Protocols and Content Over The Last Five Years Unite To Rapidly Improve the Open Metaverse Experience


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AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Dec. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Futureverse announces today a merger rolling up eight metaverse companies into one collaborative ecosystem with the united goal of improving the Web3 and “Open Metaverse” experience. Futureverse is the culmination of five years of strategy, research and development to create the foundation for an open and scalable metaverse infrastructure with world-class content and a highly engaged community. Futureverse is now a company of over 300 full-time people and is co-founded by Aaron McDonald, Shara Senderoff, Marco Brondani and Daniel Gillespie. Alongside today’s announcement, Futureverse released an ecosystem trailer showcasing one of their upcoming metaverse environments, watch here. Read the Futureverse white paper here.


For the metaverse to become a reality, infrastructure is critical. The Futureverse infrastructure consists of four core tools (identity, artificial intelligence, communications and payments) all vertically integrated via The Root Network: a decentralized blockchain network optimized for user experience. A rich layer of user-owned content designed with storytelling at its heart brings it all to life. The Futureverse roll-up combines all of these core elements needed to create the “Open Metaverse″ under one roof, to improve user experience and accelerate adoption.

The Futureverse roll-up includes the following companies:
Altered State Machine, leading AI protocol for AI powered metaverse and game characters and content.
Non-Fungible Labs, creative and engineering studio, designer of ecosystem avatars and world environments (including FLUF World) as well as “DOT”, Dynamic Object Transformer 3D programmatic avatar and asset creation software.
Sylo, developer of the Sylo protocol, decentralized communications for the metaverse powered by The Seekers gamified node infrastructure.
Centrapay, digital asset payments SDK, enabling Web3 payments in popular global payments networks.
Centrapass, developer of the decentralized digital identity protocol/SDK and decentralized asset custody protocol.
Immersve, a multi-chain payment protocol and web3 / metaverse Mastercard® product that bridges web3 and metaverse infrastructure with the Mastercard® network.
Shadows Interactive, an LA based Animation Studio and creator of the Party Bear collection.
Altered Phoenix, a gaming studio with experience developing gaming titles covering a range of genres and platforms.


In addition to the technology infrastructure, this merger positions Futureverse and their digital asset IP as a leading ecosystem for total NFTs, NFT transactions, unique holders, and NFTs per holder.

Futureverse Co-Founder Aaron McDonald, “For the past five years we’ve been developing the tools and infrastructure to co-create the future with our communities. We’re enabling companies and creators to deliver the open metaverse experience that they want for their audience. We don’t see the metaverse as one super app controlled by a single company. Futureverse is your seamless portal in and out of all apps in the metaverse; with you comes your passport, friends, communications, finances and content.”


“A lot of companies are telling you that they’re building the future. We are not,” says Futureverse Co-Founder Shara Senderoff. “We believe that the future is a collective vision. The future is the only truly decentralized idea. Futureverse proposes a more virtuous model for the internet both in values and technology, designed to shape what’s to come and who controls it, together.”

In addition to the development of new content to showcase the technology, Futureverse has already amassed an expansive cultural footprint both within the Web3 space and beyond, through strategic partnerships and a variety of projects with the following talent and companies: FIFA, Authentic Brands Group, Muhammad Ali Enterprises, Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant, with more to be announced soon.


The Content
The Futureverse content includes the newly announced FIFA AI LEAGUE, an AI football game, Muhammad Ali: The Next Legends, an AI boxing game, FLUF World, a metaverse ecosystem of character collectibles and a global, creative community that includes the popular collections of Flufs, Party Bears, Thingies, Burrows, ATEM Car Club, AIFA All-Stars, ASM Genesis Brains, Dr. Grordborts: Rayguns, and The Seekers.

The Technology
The core elements of the Futureverse include a new blockchain network - The Root Network, an identity protocol, artificial intelligence platform, a communication protocol, payments rails and character creator technology. With the Futureverse merger, we combined the core elements necessary to create the foundation of any metaverse application. With user safety and user experience at its heart, Futureverse aims to lead the world in onboarding the next generation of Open Metaverse and Web3 users, all collectively building and creating the future together. Over this infrastructure, a rich content layer creates powerful community network effects.


Futureverse Foundation
Futureverse has also launched Futureverse Foundation, a charitable foundation with advisors artist Alexandra Grant and actor Keanu Reeves. Futureverse Foundation invests in underrepresented artists, creatives, and communities in order to build more diverse, equitable, and inclusive spaces—in both the metaverse and real world. Through their shared value of advancing socio-economic equity and support of artists globally, Futureverse Foundation is designed to support underrepresented artists and exhibit their work on digital and physical platforms. Futureverse Foundation will make grants to support diverse and underrepresented artists and nurture their unique artistry on global platforms. Futureverse Foundation also seeks to help keep the metaverse widely accessible, healthy, and evolving.

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