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Applied Value Group invests $1 million in CatchProbe Incorp., which develops next generation integrated digital intelligence products

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Press release content from PR Newswire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
January 4, 2023 GMT

Operating in the fields of investment, management consultancy and social impact, Applied Value Group has invested $1 million in CatchProbe Intelligence Technologies Corporation (CatchProbe Incorp.).

Established in the US by Turkish engineer and entrepreneur Batuhan Tosun, CatchProbe Incorp. develops next generation integrated digital intelligence products

ISTANBUL and SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Applied Value Group has invested in CatchProbe Incorp., a company founded by San Francisco-based Turkish engineer Batuhan Tosun.

CatchProbe Incorp. offers a solution that eliminates misinformation in cyber intelligence products and meets the need for ‘WEBINT’—web intelligence which has long been used in the military but is also needed by corporations especially since the pandemic. The platform is the only integrated central digital intelligence product in the world combining open-source intelligence and artificial intelligence-based smart trap systems.

Explaining that CatchProbe Incorp. is focused on developing a single product, Batuhan Tosun said, “CatchProbe Incorp., whose foundations we laid 7 years ago, is the world’s first artificial intelligence supported centralized and autonomous actionable digital intelligence platform. We operate in the US and our market target is also the US. Accredited by many security authorities, we are an advanced technology company of 100% American origin on the way to become a multinational whose board of directors are established in the US. We are also planning to operate in Western Europe in the future and, after the release of our latest version, we will develop mobile applications of mobile intelligence security and mobile leak detection. We continue our investment process at pre-seed stage and aim to make Series A in 2025 becoming one of the largest technology companies in the world by going to the NYSE in 2027.”

Underlining that their target markets are cybersecurity, threat intelligence, digital intelligence, cyber intelligence and ‘deception’, Tosun said, “the market size in which we operate is approximately of 5 trillion dollars. We offer a 6 module-solution which can be purchased individually or integrated in our ‘All-in-One Cyber and Digital Intelligence’ platform. We offer the solution in the SaaS infrastructure, eliminating the need for hardware, hence reducing costs by half. With this central and autonomous solution, we also eliminate dependency on experts and engineers. By providing verified and actionable intelligence, we avoid disadvantages such as false intelligence, irrelevant data, unrelated attack analysis and lack of timely responses.”

Reyhan Baylan, CEO of Applied Value Group Türkiye said, “there is a growing need for cybersecurity solutions with larger corporations paying more attention and allocating more budget. Data is a company’s biggest asset, because of cyberattacks companies incur serious loss of money, reputation, and time.”

Explaining that there are cyberattacks every 11 seconds, Baylan said, “cyberattacks increase a 125% a year costing companies an average of 4.35 million dollars per data breach. Detecting and carrying out damage control takes a shocking average of 9 months. By taking preventative measures, it is not only possible to prevent these losses but also generate benefits from a cost perspective.”

Baylan said, “CatchProbe’s product successfully meets the need for a platform with SaaS infrastructure. We have full faith in the whole team, especially Batuhan Tosun. We are confident that Tosun will carry CatchProbe Incorp. to great heights; it is no surprise that he has already achieved so much at such a young age.”

Bruce Grant, Chairman of the Board of Applied Value Group, said: “hundreds of our customers worldwide, most of them Global Fortune 500 companies, are starting to realize that cybersecurity impacts all aspects of their business due to sophisticated attackers. We encourage our customers to move their strategically important data to the cloud. This is also why we founded RiverMeadow, a Silicon Valley-based cloud migration software company, 10 years ago. In addition, we searched for the world’s most advanced software and consultancy solutions in cybersecurity thus deciding to become a partner in CatchProbe and be part of its Board of Directors.”

About the Applied Value Group

Applied Value Group is a global corporation operating in the fields of investment, management consultancy and social responsibility since 1997. Under the leadership of Founder and Chairman Bruce Grant, Applied Value Group has invested in more than 50 companies across industries including healthcare, technology, food, media, biotechnology, construction, mining, software, cybersecurity, and finance/microcredit. At the same time, Applied Value Group’s boutique management consulting division provides management consulting to the world’s largest and most innovative companies in a wide variety of industries, ranging from Automotive and Industry to Telecommunications and Technology. The company has offices in New York, Miami, San Francisco, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Shanghai. Applied Value Group’s Istanbul office was established in 2019 by Reyhan Baylan, CEO of Applied Value Group Türkiye

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