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Efani Launches Data-Only SIM with VoIP Solution

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Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
January 11, 2023 GMT

Data-Only SIM with VoIP solution for the most secure and private mobile communications.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2023/ / -- Efani has announced their “Data-Only SIM with VoIP ” solution for people who require the most secure and private mobile communications and are willing to make some sacrifices in how they use their mobile phones today. The tools and methods available to hackers have now surpassed operators’ ability, and probably the desire, to protect their customers’ mobile communications.

The main threat to mobile is the dreaded SIM swap which, according to the FBI, has grown over 40% yearly for the last few years. Efani solved the SIM swap problem in 2019, and it’s just a matter of using the Efani SAFE plan to get SIM security and insurance. However, hackers now have tools to execute passive threats, such as using an IMSI catcher, getting into your voice calls, reading or capturing your text messages, tracking your location, and much more.

According to Mark Kreitzman, the General Manager of Efani, “standard mobile voice and SMS is an easy target with many different ways to track and hack people and most people are not aware, and therefore, easily tricked into clicking on links, downloading random apps and images, and not aware they just allowed the trojan horse inside their digital house.”

Based on the input from many Efani customers and victims calling Efani looking for solutions, Efani is releasing a data-only solution with their secure VoIP application. According to Haseeb Awan, founder and CEO of Efani, “a year ago, most people would not think of using one device for proprietary transactions and another for their activity, but now this is becoming commonplace. The tracking and hacking have reached a level where high-profile people now see the separation of devices as a must-have for security purposes.”

Based on surveying the interest from secure conscious inquiries, a secure data-only mobile solution that enables an encrypted voice, video, and messaging would offer the most secure and private experience. When you combine this with a secure phone such as a DeGoogled Pixel with CopperheadOS, the Brax2 device, GraphineOS, or CalyX, you get the most secure environment available in mobile today, plus you’re eliminating the weakness of standard voice and SMS services.

Efani is offering this solution by combining their secure data-only Black Seal Plan, which can be purchased today at []( ), with their VoIP application, currently in beta testing to be released in February. The VoIP solution will provide the user a mobile number with encrypted voice, video, and messaging, such as with Signal or Telegram, but allow the user to call or message with mobile numbers or make calls with landlines, and do this on a global basis as long as the user has a data connection, mobile data, or WiFi.

While the combination of Black Seal, VoIP, and a secure operating system provides a secure and private solution, it does have some disadvantages the user must accept. First, only about 85% of organizations allow VoIP Messaging for two-factor authentication, so a standard mobile number may be necessary on a separate device. Also, secure mobile phones or operating systems limit the number of apps you can download to maintain a safe device, meaning you can use Signal or Telegram but not Tik Tok, Instagram, and other fun apps. If you want security, you must prevent yourself from making mistakes and thus limit your app options.

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