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Overview of the freelance platform App Work

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December 15, 2022 GMT
Overview of the freelance platform App Work
Overview of the freelance platform App Work

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Overview of the freelance platform App Work. What is it and how can you make money on it?

If you are looking for additional income, you probably tried to earn on freelance exchanges. Usually you need to have some complex skills to make money on such exchanges. For example, you need to be a graphic designer or be able to program websites. If you do not know how to do anything like that, then it is unlikely to be possible to have income on the freelance exchange.

But there is one freelance platform where you can earn money if you know how to work with a computer. And this article is about this platform.

What is AppWork

Appwork is a freelance platform where anyone can earn money by publishing mobile apps on Google Play. At the same time, you absolutely don’t need unique knowledge and skills. If you know how to work with a laptop or a computer, you can earn money on Appwork.


There are 2 types of tasks placed on the platform:

• Publishing mobile apps

• Updating mobile apps

This platform is unique because it allows people to earn money even if they don’t have complex professional skills. And also it allows you to earn in passive mode.

How to earn money on the AppWork freelance platform

On AppWork the application developers post the tasks for publishing applications. Your task as a freelancer will be to publish the application from your developer account on Google Play.

In order for the task to get to you, the developer transfers the application files to AppWork. Then he makes a cash deposit, which is distributed between you and the platform.

AppWork offers this application on its site. You, as a performer, choose from the list of applications that you want to take to work. And after choosing publish it on Google Play on your account.

In the service you can view all available projects and select the ones you want to work on. After the completion of the project, you receive payment from the deposit that the client made in advance.

The earnings on the platform consist of three parts.

1. Payment for publishing the app on Google Play

2. Payment for every day the app is on Google Play

3. Payment for each update of the application.

For publishing each application, you will receive $14. While the app is on Google Play, you get 10 cents every day. You will be paid to update the app $10.


How to start working on the AppWork freelance platform

It takes a little time to start working on the AppWork platform. You will spend the most time registering as a developer on Google Play.

There are the steps of the registration on AppWork:

1. The registration on AppWork platform.

You will need to start with the registration on AppWork. To do this, you will need to specify your phone number to which the registration code will be sent and the social networks through which you will receive the platform’s news.

2. The registration of a developer account in Google Play.

This procedure is longer than previous. But it will take less than an hour. This is an important part of registration. You will not be able to take tasks for publication without it. Google’s website explains the registration process very well. Just do what Google Play says and you will be able to register a developer account.


After registering in Google Play, you will have access to the tasks.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Usually new users are interested in the following questions:

1. What is the difference between AppWork and other freelance platforms?

1. The fact that you can earn here without having complex skills. It is enough to be able to use the phone.

2. The fact that there is a possibility of passive earnings. Once published, the application will bring you a small profit by updating and being on Google Play.

3. There is no user rating system in AppWork. Anyone can take a task to work.

2. Will the $25 paid in Google Play be refunded?

AppWork returns the money that the user pays in the form of a fee when registering a developer account. After registering in the AppWork personal account, the user sees $ 25 credited on the balance. This is exactly the amount that is returned to the account after the registration of the user as a developer. In order to receive this money, you will need to confirm your account and attach a screenshot of the payment to Google.


The account balance shows $25

3. Are the viruses possible inside the published applications?

Unfortunately, viruses can be everywhere. But when publishing via AppWork, the app passes moderation twice. First, the application files undergo an antivirus check by AppWork moderators. Then, after publishing on Google Play, the application is checked by Google moderators. An application that violates the rules and contains malicious files will not be published.

In addition, you can take the initiative yourself and check the application for viruses before publishing. A triple check will exclude any virus from entering the Google Play store.

4. Why doesn’t AppWork publish apps on its own?


Because it’s an other business. AppWork does business – it provides intermediary services between developers and performers who publish applications. There are thousands of applications in the world every day. No company will be able to publish everything. But thousands of freelancers will be able to do it successfully.

5. Why is AppWork profitable to be an intermediary between developers and performers on the platform?

Working with AppWork is beneficial for all participants of the transaction. Developers receive a guarantee of publishing applications without spending time on Google moderation. The performer receives money for the work. And AppWork gets its profit for mediation.


Appwork is a young platform for freelancers but it’s promising. The team of this service is constantly working to make this more convenient for everyone and with a large number of tasks.

In the future, Appwork plans to add support for more qualities of the languages and the platforms. And they also have plans to develop new additional functions.

We can conclude that Appwork is a real opportunity for a small but constant income.



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