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Folderly, the AI-based Email Performance Platform, Receives Funding from Google

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Press release content from KISSPR. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 24, 2022 GMT

12/23/2022, Faisalabad // KISS PR Brand Story PressWire //

Google has just officially announced the newest group of 25 winners of the Google for Startups Fund. One of the selected startups is Folderly, an intelligent email performance solution. The company has already achieved great results and is on track to becoming the most comprehensive email performance platform in the market.

Google’s investment and trust in top-notch startups with Ukrainian roots aim to strengthen sustainable businesses and provide new resources for growth. It is also a crucial initiative for building foundations for post-war economic recovery.

What makes Folderly a trustworthy and sustainable startup? And how exactly the close cooperation with Google will enhance the business? Here’s a great ( and inspiring ) startup story with actionable tips from Folderly’s Founder, Vladislav Pololyako.

What Makes Folderly a Top-Notch Email Solution Platform


It all starts with a great idea and teamwork. Always.

Folderly is an AI-based email performance platform for B2C and B2B companies looking to supercharge email marketing. The company has already gained significant increases in MRR (monthly recurring revenue) and ARR (annual recurring revenue). The team created Folderly in 2019, and just in 9 months, it skyrocketed to $1,5M ARR. Later, in 18 months, the platform reached $3M in revenue.

This is a true success story that appeared from a value-driven vision. The startup appeared in the market with a bold statement — 99% email deliverability is possible. And, in a while, the Folderly team has already proven so.

So, how exactly Folderly assists users in turning email marketing into the most powerful acquisition channel?

With Folderly Core Solution, users can easily:

  • Locate email deliverability pitfalls that prevent recipients from seeing emails (Folderly analyzes domains and mailboxes’ performance and gives health scores).

  • Solve problems to improve email deliverability (up to 99% average inbox placement rate) and open and reply rates.

  • Check where emails land with a Folderly intelligent email tester to prevent email deliverability issues.

  • Maintain users’ impeccable domain health with timely domain health checkup tools (Folderly Email Deliverability audit creates the list of specific, actionable steps for individual cases to fix, maintain, and prevent any email delivery-related issues).


And that’s not all. Folderly provides other advanced solutions for customers. For instance, the must-have Sales & Marketing Product Kits with marketing and cold email essentials, from email authentication to template checks.

Other great solutions from Folderly are Email Spam Words Checker and SPF (Sender Policy Framework) Builder.

And it’s only the beginning. Releasing new innovative features and cutting-edge marketing & sales solutions, Folderly proves that there are no limits to improving email marketing performance (and that excellent email deliverability is a goal every business can achieve).

What’s Next? Cooperation with Google and Product’s Roadmap


What does the seamless cooperation with Google entitle? Foremost, it’s about security enhancement and building a trustworthy image in the market. Secondly, Folderly will gain access to seamless integration with Google products and ongoing Google support. Overall, the close cooperation with Google will help the growing startup achieve the ultimate goal — ensuring users can fulfill all their email needs on one platform — even faster.

The Folderly team continues actively working on enhancing security compliance, integrating winning email templates, and creating other innovative solutions that address every email deliverability aspect.

Take this quote from Vladislav Pololyako, the Founder of Folderly:

“I don’t like products for products - like mirror UI/UX improvements. To sustain long-term growth, we are constantly improving and shaping our product per customer needs.”

The Folderly team is already inspired by achievements and doesn’t plan to slow down, guided by the top priorities and client-driven roadmap. And now, cooperating with Google, we believe Folderly can create a platform that will revolutionize every facet of the email marketing industry.


Summing Up: Inspiring Takeaways from Folderly Success Story

Finally, here are some inspiring takeaways from Folderly’s Founder:

  • Maintaining focus on primary goals and values throughout difficult times. Being a startup with Ukrainian roots, the Folderly team continues to show great motivation and dedication, even in the most challenging circumstances.

  • Putting people at the center of business. Both clients and employees. With a client-oriented roadmap and addressing users’ concerns immediately, Folderly boosts monthly revenue and customer retention rate. Besides, Folderly ensures each team member is motivated and shares the same goal.

  • Simplifying clients’ lives by creating a comprehensive platform. Although Folderly was founded with a specific goal — improving email deliverability issues — it now turns into an all-in-one email performance management platform, step by step. It’s all about handling all important email-related tasks for customers.


As Folderly continues to revolutionize email marketing with its expanding range of solutions and make new strides, we hope other businesses will be motivated by its success story.



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