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‘A New Era of Athlete’: David Tyree on the Modern NFL Wide Receiver Position

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Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 20, 2022 GMT
The iconic Helmet Catch from David Tyree. Source:
The iconic Helmet Catch from David Tyree. Source:

Former Giants WR and Helmet Catch hero David Tyree offers his perspective on the evolution of the modern wide receiver position in today’s NFL.

NEW JERSEY, USA, December 20, 2022/ / -- David Tyree, former wide receiver for the New York Giants, has offered his opinion on the evolution of wide receivers. Tyree’s comments come in time for the 15th anniversary of his iconic “helmet catch” in Super Bowl XLII, an instrumental play that resulted in one of the biggest NFL upsets in history.

Speaking to in a recent interview, Tyree described the advancement of shared sporting knowledge as being instrumental for the current era of the position. “The process is so refined of being a high-performance athlete from the science of sport, nutrition, the repetition, everything that was a secret in previous days is no longer a secret.”

“Obviously people have shared their stories and they’ve shared their experiences and this WR position younger generation has benefited from it.” Tyree continued. “So, the time that they’re able to put in, to focus on their craft for the people who are driven, it’s amazing.”


Tyree compared it to the time he spent playing for the NFL between 2003 and 2009. “We were just kind of discovering stuff. You were just good, and the gritty guys made amazing plays. If you saw one hand catch, it was like, oh my goodness. It’s every week now… these guys are dynamic.”

In the same interview, Tyree discussed the current playoff prospects of his former team. After voicing doubts that The Giants could be his splash team, he admitted that the health of the team has been a big issue. “There have been so many injuries throughout that they actually have to overcome,” he said.

“When you look at the receiver position... that has had injuries. The offensive line wasn’t even supposed to be playing as well as they played, and they still endured injuries…so it’s kudos to them… it would almost be like a disappointment if they don’t make the playoffs.”

The Anniversary of the Helmet Catch

On February 3, 2008, David Tyree made one of the most significant catches in Super Bowl history. Trailing the New England Patriots and with less than two minutes on the clock, Giants quarterback Eli Manning threw a pass despite being under intense pressure from three Patriots defensive players.


Tyree soared into the air and caught the ball at the Patriot’s 24-yard. Right away, Patriots safety Rodney Harrison swiped at the ball and pulled Tyree’s right arm down, though Tyree managed to press it against his helmet until he could grasp it with both hands. The catch would alter the course of the game, and led to a match-winning touchdown for the Giants.

In the interview, Tyree spoke of the “significance” of the catch in relation to other great catches from top wide receiver talent in recent years. He highlighted both Odell Jackson Jr’s one-handed catch in 2015 and Justin Jefferson’s in 2022 as two that impressed him.

“I was amazed at those two catches individually,” said Tyree. “Individual catch difficulty, the level of amazement, yeah, I was amazed with it. But the significance factor really comes into the equation where it’s almost not comparable.”

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