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The Third Season of “China Place Names Conference” is Back

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Press release content from PR Newswire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 27, 2022 GMT

BEIJING, Dec. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Ministry of Civil Affairs and China Media Group have launched the third season of “China Place Names Conference” in an effort to promote China’s superb place name culture. It will begin airing on CCTV-4 on December 17th at 17:30 on every Saturday and Sunday.

The program builds on the strengths of the previous two seasons by analyzing the Chinese wisdom concealed in place names, using knowledge of place names as the carrier to deeply explore the main theme of “seeing culture from place names and seeing China from culture,” focusing on helping the audience understand the essence of Chinese culture, perceive the rich connotation of place name stories, and experience the real, three-dimensional world around them, exhibiting the self-assurance of Chinese culture virtually while showcasing the rich history of Chinese place names culture and socialist fundamental values.

The cultural variety performance “China Place Names Conference” is well-liked by the audience, inclusive of all people, and committed to sustainable growth. The third season included new ideas and enhanced the presentation, content, and competition structure of the show. In terms of the competition system, the combination of team battles and individual battles enables players to obtain individual victories through individual efforts in addition to team honors, giving each player a greater sense of contribution and value. In terms of content, this season will concentrate on the understanding of place names that the audience is familiar with but not fully adept at, in order to pique their interest and encourage participation, enhance the output quality of place name knowledge, and fully illustrate the positive pattern of “emphasizing science and emphasizing practicality” in the current development of place name culture in China. Regarding presentation techniques, it is conveyed through a short film set in a very aesthetically striking setting that also extracts information on place names’ cultural, geographic, and historical contexts, showcasing the grandeur and beauty of China.

To create a stunning visual impression and a novel approach to question framing, the program also employs a variety of techniques such as XR technology, fascinating animations, interactive objects, and special product tasting.

Use the place name as a guide to help you find your route; mark the location and keep an eye on the future. The third season of “China Place Names Conference” explores the historical changes, enduring cultural influences, and contemporary design motifs that have influenced Chinese place names in various ways. It also acknowledges the listeners’ journeys that place names take them on as they visit far-off cultural locales.

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