Spain: Jail for 2 women repatriated from Syria

January 11, 2023 GMT

MADRID (AP) — A Spanish judge on Wednesday ordered jail without bail for two women repatriated from Syria for their suspected involvement with the Islamic State group.

The pair should be held because they are considered to be a flight risk and of their long alleged connections with IS, the judge said in a statement issued by the National Court. The women are under investigation for the crime of belonging to a terrorist organization.

The court considers the women as part of the so-called Al-Andalus Brigade based in Madrid that indoctrinated individuals and helped them travel to Syria and Iraq where they fought for IS. The two women and their husbands then both moved to Iraq in 2014.

The women and 13 children, which included their own children and others under the care of one of them, were flown to Spain from Syria on Tuesday. They had spent years in a refugee camp that holds many wives and children of IS fighters.

The children were taken in by social services, Spain’s foreign ministry said.