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Simple Ways to Transfer Big Files for Free

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Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 21, 2022 GMT

MUNICH, GERMANY, December 21, 2022/ / -- In the hectic life of an entrepreneur, we spend a lot of time sending emails, often with a large file attached. How many times have we not been irritated by this message: “The attachment exceeds the authorized weight”.

To solve the problem, just frantically looking for solutions on the web to send heavy file by email, for example, by searching “how to compress a pdf file to send it by email” or simply ’How to send a file by email”? And then we come across different websites without knowing if they are really suitable for sending large files for free, if the recipient will receive them well and if our data will remain confidential.

To help out, here is a compiled online large file sending tools, from the known as free wetransfer to the most confidential as Files to Friends. With these tools, problems transferring a large file are a thing of the past.


7 Free Heavy File Transfer Tools

When facing this recurring problem of large file sharing, probably wonder if there is software to send large files or if there are online tools for free file sharing.

Indeed, there are many online tools for transferring large files. Here are 7 free online file-sharing site options.

1. SendBig: a perfect tool to transfer big files

SendBig is an excellent free online big file-sharing tool that allows to send any file to correspondent, up to 30 GB for free of cost.

This platform also allows to protect sensitive files with a password. This is a really very useful tool in the wild of many worst tools, and it is totally free.

2. Free: an ideal solution for large files

Large file Free: Internet service provider Free offers a free tool for sending large files but is limited to three people. The maximum file size is 1 GB. On the other hand, the number of files and downloads is unlimited. Storage space too.

3. Jumpshare: a free file sharing site

Jumpshare is a very responsive online large file sharing tool. This heavy file transfer site comes in the form of an interface where all files can be seen. You will be able to share large files on any platform through sharing links. JumpShare also offers its own messaging service, which allows to send heavy files and a folder by email.


JumpShare is free and comes with some cool features, such as the ability to update a shared file without having to break the sharing link. The recipients, therefore, always have access to the latest version. JumpShare also ensures that the recipients can experience files in the possible way, regardless of their format. Finally, the data is ultra-secure.

The free Jumpshare version offers 2 GB of space.

4. Smash: or how to send a large file with ease

Smash is free and allows to send files without weight limits. In addition, the interface of this software for sending heavy files online is very simple and pleasant to use. Accept the terms of use, then drag file over the logo in the centre of the screen. Then choose between writing an email, sharing a link or sharing large file directly in Slack.


5. WeTransfer: free and easy to use for heavy file transfer

When we ask how to send a file by email, we answer very often, use Wetransfer is the ideal free file sharing tool. WeTransfer is, according to its slogan, “the simple way to send large files”. This ultimate tool allows to transfer up to 2 GB with the free version. Ultra easy to use, just import file from the WeTransfer site, then write the email or share a link. With the Pro version, transfer up to 20 to 200 GB of files and benefit from 1000 GB of storage. WeTransfer is one of the most used heavy file-sharing sites in the world.
How to use the WeTransfer app?
One of the real pluses of WeTransfer is its application for sending large files. The application can be installed on the smartphone or tablet. Just find it in the store and install it. In addition to allowing the transfer of large files, the WeTransfer application offers the possibility of saving the contents of other applications, whether they are videos, photos or articles. Then organize them into folders and share them easily. Another interesting feature of the WeTransfer application is the creation of mood boards. It is a very useful tool.


6. TransferNow: a solution for sending large files

TransferNow is another free online file-sharing tool that allows to send a file by email. You will be able to transfer large photos, videos and documents up to 4 GB per transfer for the free version and up to 20 GB for premium members. With the latter, send large files to up to 50 recipients, import address books, protect files with passwords and avoid advertising.

7. JumboMail: a Free Online Large File Sharing Site

Another sending platform for large files, JumboMail, offers several formulas. The free version allows heavy file transfer of up to 2 GB for seven days. In exchange for a bit of advertising, you can also go up to 5 GB. The other plans include a formula for sending (3.67€ per sending) or 110€ and 180€ per year with respective limits of 250 GB and 500 GB.


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