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Founder Of Black Swan Media, Bruno Souza, Offers His Expert Advice On How Businesses Can Increase Their Traffic, Conversions, And Sales

PRESS RELEASE: Paid content from Globe Newswire
Press release content from Globe Newswire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 22, 2022 GMT

Las Vegas, Nevada, Dec. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bruno Souza is a successful entrepreneur, author, and actor with multiple businesses in the travel and influencer space.

in 2017, He created his first business SEO Guest Posts (where he was co-founder), which offered white-label link-building services. In less than a year, SEO Guest Posts was contracted by some of the largest SEO agencies in the United States along with Fortune 500 companies.

Although, after seeing the poor performance of most agencies close hand and at scale, Bruno started  Black Swan Media Co  to offer businesses custom solutions to increase the traffic, conversations, and sales on the website and within the business.

Black Swan Media’s approach was different in that they took a holistic view of business operations. They would scrutinise the sales process, offers, branding, and remarketing for weaknesses that could be improved upon.

And within a few years, Bruno was once again working with national brands and Fortune 500 companies, but this time as more than a link builder, instead a fractional CMO.

Bruno is also a well-known speaker in search engine optimization industry and frequently speaks at international conferences and uploads regular content to his social media channels.

You can follow  Bruno Souza on Tik Tok  and Instagram, where he shares his business expertise and knowledge with his followers.

A Uniquely Different Approach

Black Swan Media is dedicated to curating long-term relationships with their clients and has an impressive 92% client retention rate, with the other 8% not being a good fit for the company.

Bruno explains, “Because of the intense 1 on 1 time required to deliver results, I can only take on clients that I’m certain, with absolute conviction, that I can get massive results for. And yes, this does mean I have to turn more people down than I accept.”

Using his years of experience, Bruno provides his clients with lucrative ROIs, transparent reporting, and exceptional customer service centred around personalised solutions and no time-bound contracts.

“We believe in earning your business every month. That’s our philosophy and why we don’t “lock” people in – all we ask is for a 30 days heads up if you want to cancel”.

This unique approach has proven effective in helping local businesses grow their brand by developing lead generation systems to target their preferred clients.

Business Influencer

Encouraged by the success of Black Swan Media and the ability to work with Fortune 500 companies, such as Solarwinds, Loggly, and AppOptics, you can now follow  Bruno Souza on Instagram  and TikTok, where he uploads a variety of educational videos revealing his latest marketing and business advice, as well as sharing eye-catching travel and lifestyle photos.

His most popular posts utilise his experience building his own 7 figure company, including the common mistakes beginners make and how to avoid them, the best way to structure a business model for 2023, and the apps he uses to help generate leads and boost the visibility of his agency.

With already thousands of followers on Instagram and the number rapidly growing on TikTok, his fun yet informative videos can be accredited to  Bruno Souza Acting  experience from his part in the 2008 drama romance movie, ‘Faded Memories’ which was a story of two teens, Cassandra and Lucas, as they get involved in a timeless love story against many odds.

He uses this knowledge of the film industry to help provide his followers with engaging posts that share his insider business tips, with Bruno describing his content as “a look behind the scenes” that capture “why dozens of local businesses and even other marketing firms come to me for help.”

Starting The Conversation

If you are looking for a more professional or business-orientated platform to connect with Black Swan Media or Bruno, you can also visit  Bruno Souza’s LinkedIn.

Here, you will find his extensive business experience and helpful articles written by Bruno, such as ’Why Your Competitors Are Beating You,” and the best way to contact him for his expert marketing and SEO guidance.

Bruno says, “Send me a message and ask me either ‘how do you get your clients massive results’ or ‘I’m sceptical, please send over proof, testimonials, or case studies’” and “let’s get the conversation started.”

More information

To find out more about Bruno Souza and Black Swan Media Co, please visit their website at  or follow Bruno on TikTok, Instagram, or LinkedIn.


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