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Thomas Orths Offers Business Owners to Improve Unconventionally: By Tapping into the ‘Unknown’ for Future Profit Growth

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Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 30, 2022 GMT
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Breakthrough Coaching
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Breakthrough Coaching

When Business Owners have Appetite for Unconventional Ways to Excel, Thomas Orths, and his Team of WellCelerators can Deliver

“When a business leader and her/his team feels stuck, a more radical move outside the conventional box of business development can create profound breakthroughs.”— Thomas Orths

SHERIDAN, WYOMING, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, December 30, 2022/ / -- Thomas Orths, CEO of WellCelerators LLC recommends being open minded to benefit from systemic constellations that focus on future scenarios in the years ahead. “By tapping into the ‘unknown’ we can create the best scenarios possible.”, explains Thomas Orths.

What are systemic constellations? And how do they work?

Systemic work can be used in business contexts to reveal the hidden dynamics that are unseen or not acknowledged by the conscious logical mind. In systemic work, the use of experiential exercises is applied, where participants are led to follow and trust the impulses of their body and feelings to reveal the hidden forces operating in a certain context.


It originated from the family constellation work that was created by Bert Hellinger. He focused on resolving issues in the present time that were deemed to be ‘entangled with the ancestral past’. In family constellation workshops, complete strangers are chosen to represent aspects or people in a certain system facing a certain ‘challenging issue’. It became apparent that those strangers could tune into the ‘information’ in the ‘Knowing Field’ of a situation and that past events in a system of ancestors were often repeated in the lives of the new generations who consciously were not even cognisant of these events.

By finding the hidden entanglements in a system, people discover the original cause of difficult challenging patterns and where certain patterns have caused a disturbance in ‘the field’. By finding those original patterns people can free themselves from the ‘old patterns’ by acknowledging it.

Systemic work branched out into the organizational field, leadership development and executive coaching. Business challenges are inherently connected and thus entangled with the personal challenges and ancestral entanglements of the people in the organization. Even the company itself is a system with a consciousness that can be heavily impacted by events that ‘seem neutral’.


Using systemic work, surprising connections aka entanglements and solutions are discovered which were not previously apparent to a logical fact finding process. Systemic work can be done in one-on-one settings with a facilitator or with a group of people.

The systemic work that selected WellCelerator experts can offer, focuses on shaping the future potential by allowing the client to see the situation in a whole new way: using information, memories as well as untapped potential in ‘the field’ of the system to resolve issues, find solutions or define next steps.

And all of this can be done completely online, which makes it a huge competitive advantage when used in virtual leadership team development.


The facilitator asks ‘Good Questions’ in the experiential systemic work constellation and the participants are facilitated to discover the answers or hidden issues through trusting and surrendering to the information provided.

It means working with influential factors such as:
- what needs to be acknowledged but is being ignored right now;
- what needs to be included or is missing but is abandoned at the moment;
- the future self of the business owner which is not envisioned so far;
- the future potential of the leadership team as a whole which is far from being cohesive today.

This game changing constellation approach work can be best applied in the context of organizational conflicts, leadership issues, strategic orientation, new product development, branding, or lack of profit and growth. Especially issues that affect the organization as an entity, whether stemming from internal or external factors.

As WellCeleration emphasizes solutions that can be implemented in a speedy manner by accelerating what is working well, systemic constellations can be a very swift approach to put things right. One session of only 2-3 hours can effectively change the course of leaders and their teams, or big projects, from heading for disaster to victory, raking in measurable bottom line results of more profit and growth.


Potential outcomes range from:
- leaders / executives feeling more empowered in their roles as they resolved an issue within their own family system
- the company culture feeling more expansive and in harmony rather than a place of conflict and survival of the fittest
- gaining clarity on hidden dynamics with customers causing frustration and loss of profits by the company
- business owners feeling more creative to think of innovative solutions that open up new avenues for the business
- resolving hidden money blocks for the company or it’s owners due to unrevealed dynamics of those involved with the company

The leadership team does not need to be present necessarily, it can also be conducted just with the leader to explore team dynamics and future outcomes. In any case it is a fascinating process for all involved with eye-opening insights.


To allow for such deeper insights on this approach, Thomas Orths offers a 30-min online Q&A session on February 1st, 2023 at 11 am Mountain Standard Time, GMT-7.

About WellCelerators LLC:

The owner, CEO and founder of the company has WellCelerated the corporate world. Acclaimed coach and mentor, Thomas Orths has spent more than 31 years supporting people in the corporate world. He and his team have enabled more than 20,000 people around the world to align and perform even better. With over 63,000 sessions processed Thomas Orths can WellCelerate any top leader and his/her core team, but he only works with selected leaders that are a good fit.

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