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Vecent Service: a brand new Web3.0 community organization

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Press release content from Marketers MEDIA. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
January 13, 2023 GMT

Vecent Service aims to develop a complete Web3.0 decentralized financial ecosystem

US/Washington - January 13, 2023 —

The internet has been growing exponentially over decades. Initially, in its earliest forms, no one could comprehend the full potential of it and its impact on us. 

Web 3.0 is the third iteration of the internet, which combines a bouquet of disruptive technologies such as blockchain, AR, VR, Cloud, Edge, IoT, Geolocation tech, 5G, digital twin and runs on an AI-based analytics layer for data-driven insights. The underlying blockchain technology enables trust through mathematical proof and smart contracts. This facilitates the creation of a network with minimal managerial requisites, thereby helping drive the new internet economy as a group or individuals, rather than giving into the centralized controls of large tech giants. Web 1.0 introduced a new platform for digital content, and Web 2.0 gave us user-driven feedback, Web 3.0 represents a new phase in the internet’s evolution i.e., a visually dynamic, semantic, and spatial Web.

Features of Web 3.0

Open or transparent: One of the major characteristics of Web 3.0 is the open network, all applications and programs are developed using open-source software. Essentially the code for development, which is a virtual resource is public for the community and the development process is also kept transparent.

Trustless and permissionless: The blockchain’s peer-to-peer network helps siphon the need for an intermediary or governing body, that looks over the transactions and interactions happening over the internet. The centralized control over data by platform companies moves into the hands of the individuals using smart protocols over the blockchain that eliminate the need for third parties. Therefore, pushing a trustless and permissionless ecosystem.

Decentralized: With the underlying blockchain technology, the data will not be stored in silos by gatekeepers of the internet. Instead, with a distributed network of Web 3.0, the data generated from smart devices, appliances, and sensors, can be sold by users through decentralized data networks, ensuring that users retain ownership control.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning: Web 3.0 will be able to assimilate and process data very similar to humans by using technologies based on semantic web concepts and natural language processing. The underlying technology interprets and presents relevant results to search queries by analyzing and iterating the search outputs in accordance with the user.

Web3.0 is powerful, we should not miss this opportunity: Introducing Vecent Service

Vecent Service ( is a decentralized, secure and scalable blockchain Web3.0 aggregation ecosystem. It is a bridge connecting blockchain and practical applications. It brings a brand-new solution for economic and blockchain industry development.

At the technical level, Vecent Service provides a unique collection of data or a common state layer, which is subject to collective governance. The unique state layer provides an opportunity to develop a value settlement layer on the Internet. The state layer helps to send files in a way where the right of reproduction is protected to enable efficient P2P transactions without any intermediaries.

Vecent Service is a fast and decentralized public-chain using Ethereum smart contracts executed in a virtual machine (VM). Vecent Service was initiated by a well-known international blockchain team. It uses blockchain as a foundation to explore the global economic market and the Web3.0 world, and build a global decentralized distributed ecosystem.

Vecent Service aims to develop a complete Web3.0 decentralized financial ecosystem and create a multi-dimensional blockchain financial service ecosystem. In the development of the future economic market system, the network revolution brought about by Web3.0 will discover more blockchain advantages, and use the traditional economic market system to reshape the new economic ecosystem. Ultimately, a good, credible, and fast decentralized ecosystem is achieved. Vecent Service will enable more people to have a secure and high-quality distributed security network.

Today, with the rapid development of the metaverse, Vecent Service is committed to providing a brand new Web3.0 community organization for the world. We are born to change the blockchain world and strive to make the metaverse better in the future. Together we can walk towards the free metaverse world.

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