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A Call for Reparations by the National Black Evangelical Association (NBEA)

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Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 17, 2022 GMT
NBEA Board Members
NBEA Board Members

A Call for Reparations for people of African descent and a Reparations toolkit by a major Black Christian organization

CHICAGO, ILLIONIS, USA, December 17, 2022/ / -- Contact: Rev. Walter Arthur McCray, President, NBEA
312 719-2874

Dr. Anne C. Bailey, Reparations Coordinator
607 768 4633

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22:39

The National Black Association (NBEA) is a cross-denominational fellowship of Christian believers whose mission is to be an umbrella association that empowers leaders for Jesus Christ. Members of the NBEA represent over 200 Black evangelical leaders of groups, ministries and churches across America and the world.

In the spirit of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and his non-violent movement, the NBEA is calling for Reparations for people of African descent. We imagine a country and a world built on what Dr. King called “agape love” – defined as the highest form of love and charity, a self-sacrificing, unconditional love. Such a radical love for one another and radical appreciation of our interdependence ultimately calls us to correct the wrongs of the past.
The enclosed represents NBEA’s Reparations Toolkit which includes: (1) A 10-Point Rationale for Reparations, and (2) 10 Recommendations to make Reparations a reality.


The Recommendations include:

Recommendation #1
Execute a Basic Needs Contract in housing, education and healthcare for Black communities.

Recommendation #2
Audit of all polices that have disadvantaged Black communities and individuals.

Recommendation #3
Memorialize Reparations.

Recommendation #4
Enact immediate Prison and Criminal Justice Reform.

Recommendation #5
Support Black Colleges and other Black institutions.

Recommendation #6
Give Tax relief.

Recommendation #7
Provide access to financial literacy.

Recommendation #8
Endow a Trust Fund for Education Reform and College Opportunities.

Recommendation #9
Establish a Housing and Business Fund.

Recommendation #10
Build a Mental Health Fund.

This is Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s agape love in action.

10 Point Rationale

Rationale #1
A Unique Window opens in 2022.

Rationale #2
Reparations require Apologies and Repentance.

Rationale #3
Transgenerational sin calls for Transgenerational Accountability.


Rationale #4
A New Beginning goes beyond fear and bondage.

Rationale #5
There is now an opportunity for Truth and Reconciliation.

Rationale #6
It is time to give Reparations to the Descendants of the Enslaved as some slaveowners were compensated.

Rationale #7
A House Divided against itself cannot stand.

Rationale #8
Fostering Black Inequality and Inequity will yield positive ripple effects for all.

Rationale #9
This is an opportunity to return to professed national Ideals.

Rationale #10
Reparations represent Deliverance after 400 years.

For more detailed write up, contact NBEA and see website article:

Walter McCray
National Black Evangelical Association
+1 312-719-2874
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