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Real Estate Mogul Emil Juresic Earns 7-Figures from Sale of Single Property

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Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 18, 2022 GMT

Juresic is revealing how he achieved this phenomenal accomplishment in his tips for readers.

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, December 18, 2022/ / -- Renowned real estate expert, Emil Juresic, is pleased to announce he has earned $3,000,000.00 from the sale of one single property – and is sharing his secrets with the world.

Emil Juresic is one of Brisbane’s most prominent real estate entrepreneurs. Moving to Australia from his home country of Croatia at the tender age of 16, Juresic always possessed an entrepreneurial vision that leads people to achieve great things. For Juresic, mentality, and attitude were the two ground rules for any good entrepreneur. With his “never give up” attitude, he founded his very own company in the small town of Teneriffe, Brisbane. From only being powered by a handful of employees to over 150 employees and over two billion in closed property transactions annually, NGU Real Estate has become Australia’s leading real estate brands in only 6 years.

Recently, Juresic learned about a large block of land being sold in the suburbs near Brisbane. Immediately, the entrepreneur in him saw potential, but real estate is never as easy as “buy and sell.” According to Juresic, nothing can happen before investors do their due diligence. When he stumbled across this piece of land near the Brisbane CBD, this was exactly the first thing that came to Juresic’s mind.

“In the preparatory stage, I spoke to a town developer, a longtime acquaintance of mine, and sought to understand how much was possible on the specific property,” Juresic says. “I also needed to research the buyers in the area – because before you buy a property, you need to know you can sell it.”

“This quickly transitioned into a feasibility analysis,” he continues. “I knew how much I could invest in the land ($4.5 million), but not how much I could sell for. So, my next move was figuring out the costs of property development, demolishing, licenses, permits, and so on. I also needed to calculate the Stamp Duty Tax, which is often one of the biggest costs when dealing with large properties.”

After careful consideration, Juresic figured he could sell the new smaller blocks for a total of $6.5 million. Even considering the costs of property development, taxes, and licenses, the cost of the project came out at roughly $5 million, leaving him with a neat profit of $1.5 million.

“After buying the property in the auction, I set about settling the Stamp Duty Tax, related taxes, and employing contractors,” Juresic states. “For me, networking is a vital aspect of real estate – from having a good relationship with the town planner to employing a reliable project manager to aid you.”

In the end, Juresic exceeded his own expectations. After subdividing the property into four smaller blocks, he managed to sell it for a total of $8 million, which meant a rough $3 million profit.

However, Juresic attributes much of his success to learning from previous mistakes, relying on his own skills and experience, and doing his research. To encourage young entrepreneurs, Juresic draws on his own experience as a coach and key speaker for One Life Club, where he offers educational and coaching services to help others avoid mistakes.

To get access to the full interview, where he breaks down his entire process from finding the ideal property to financing the property, please visit or any of his social media accounts.

About Emil Juresic

Emil Juresic is a passionate entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in real estate, property development, information technology, and finance. Originally from Croatia, Emil moved to Australia at the age of 16 and, since then, has worked tirelessly in property and amassed a multi-million-dollar property empire, while enjoying incredible commercial success in the areas of property and finance.

In the past 20 years of being in business, Juresic has developed hundreds of houses, sold countless millions of dollars of real estate, and has run businesses from just 3 staff right through to several hundred team members. As CEO of NGU, Emil leads by example – a belief falls in place with his mind-set that a successful business must be a continual teaching-learning environment. According to Juresic, despite the structure of the business, the leader at the top ultimately defines all facets of the company’s heartbeat.

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