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Best Superfast Broadband Deals in the UK

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December 23, 2022 GMT

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Having access to high-speed and reliable broadband is essential for modern businesses. Whether you need to connect multiple devices to the same network, or stream a large amount of data, a high-speed connection is essential for staying connected.

With the latest technology, you can now benefit from superfast broadband, with speeds that are faster than ever before. But with so many different deals on the market, what is the best choice for you?

Top 10 Broadband Deals in the UK

Listed below are the current top 10 superfast broadband deals that are available to UK customers:


If you want to find out more about each provider, then visit or read the information below about each provider:

#1 -BT Broadband: Full Fibre From £29.00

BT Broadband is a provider of phone and internet services. It serves a variety of multinational organisations and government services across the globe. In addition to its full fibre broadband, BT also provides television and mobile services.

BT’s full fibre broadband packages are powered by fibre cabling straight to your home. This means you won’t experience any dropouts or interruptions. Instead, you’ll have faster download and upload speeds. You’ll also enjoy uninterrupted live streaming.

Full fibre is much faster than standard fibre and can provide access to a range of internet packages. There are three deals to choose from, including a low cost deal and a middle-range deal. If you’re considering switching to a full fibre package, it’s worth checking whether you can get an FTTP connection in your area.

A good deal is a great way to save money. BT’s Superfast Fibre Essential is a great value bundle. For a small extra cost, you’ll receive broadband with a speed guarantee of 18Mbps. Also, you’ll be given unlimited usage.


Unlike other providers, you don’t need to pay upfront for a BT Fibre package. Instead, you’ll pay for it on a monthly basis.

All BT fibre broadband deals come with the Stay Fast Guarantee. This guarantees that you’ll always be able to get at least the minimum connection speed, which is a must for online gaming and 4K viewing

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#2 -Sky Broadband Unlimited: Full Fibre From £32.00

Sky Broadband Unlimited is the first of its kind. Its headline feature is a new ultrafast broadband service that will hook up with more than 10,000 hotspots throughout the UK.

Once you’re up and running, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited downloads and uploads. In addition, you’ll receive a personalised estimate of your download speeds.

Sky’s other primary offering is TV. You can enjoy the likes of Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, and Sky Atlantic. They also offer bundles and multiscreen options. And, if you really want to get into the game, you can go for their smart TV Sky Glass.


Sky has an award-winning service, and it’s a reliable one at that. If you don’t have a landline, you can use Sky’s mobile phone contract, which includes calls to UK mobiles.

Sky offers all the usual telecoms services, including TV and broadband. The best deals are in the bundles and multiscreen packages.

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#3 -Virgin Media: Fibre Broadband From £26.00

Virgin Media is the fastest broadband provider in the UK. It offers various packages and bundles, including unlimited internet and TV. There are also mobile, and landline deals available, too. However, Virgin Media does not cover as many areas of the country as rival providers.

In addition to offering an excellent broadband experience, Virgin Media also provides home phone and TV bundles. These packages come with more than 250 channels, including premium subscription channels, radio stations and pay-per-view shows.


However, these bundles can be pretty expensive. If you are just looking for a basic broadband plan, you may want to consider another provider. Virgin Media has one of the most reliable networks in the UK, with just a handful of complaints about speed.

When you sign up with Virgin Media, you get a Hub 3 router, which supports up to 4 Gigabit Ethernet sockets.

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#4 -Now TV Broadband: Super Fibre From £21.00

Now TV Broadband offers an affordable broadband option for those who don’t want to commit to a contract. Its speed and customer service make it an attractive choice.

Those who want to stream their favourite TV shows can enjoy unlimited downloads and a range of entertainment options. Using a fibre connection, NOW Broadband offers a ‘Super Fibre’ plan which is ideal for busy homes. In addition to fibre, it includes line rental, meaning customers can watch HD content online.

Besides broadband, NOW TV offers phone and TV packages. You can choose to pay as you go or bundle your calls and broadband into one package. A perfect-phone package allows you to make calls to landlines, or, if you prefer, mobiles.


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#5 -TalkTalk Broadband: Full Fibre From £26.00

TalkTalk is one of the UK’s best internet service providers. It offers a range of fibre broadband deals as well as phone and TV bundles. TalkTalk also provides a range of extras to go with their broadband plans. This includes a super-fast router and unlimited domestic calls.

There’s also a fast fibre speed boost deal. If you opt for this, you’ll get an average download speed of 67Mbps. However, upload speeds lag behind download rates.

TalkTalk offers a solid range of internet packages, but their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Some customers have reported long delays and problems being left unresolved.

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#6 -EE Home Broadband: Unlimted Fibre From £27.00

If you’re looking for an internet deal, then EE Home Broadband is one of the brands you can trust. The EE Home Broadband brand is very popular among consumers. It provides reliable service with speeds of up to 100Mbps. This is a significant improvement over standard ADSL broadband. EE also has a TV package for customers who want to watch TV online. You can also add a phone line for a one-off cost.

The fastest possible speeds can be achieved on a Fibre Max package. However, this isn’t available to everyone. While FTTC fibre is more expensive, it can have much better speeds than ADSL. Plus, the company promises never to slow down its users during peak times.

EE’s fibre optic packages include a high-speed Smart Hub router. This router has dual wi-fi bands and 4 Gigabit Ethernet sockets. A mesh network allows the router to reach dead spots throughout the house.

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#7 -Plusnet Broadband: Unlimted Fibre From £29.99

Plusnet is one of the most established and popular providers of broadband services. Their broadband deals are known for their cheap prices and excellent customer support. They offer fibre and ADSL packages and offer a range of services.

Plusnet’s fibre broadband offers superfast download and upload speeds and is ideal for multiple devices online at once. Plusnet’s customer service is consistently rated above average by Ofcom. The company operates call centres in the UK and has UK-based customer support lines. Customer support is available 9am-6pm Monday-Saturday and 7pm-9pm Sunday.

Plusnet’s full fibre broadband packages include the ability to stream HD content to your TV. Customers can also make video calls and download large files.

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#8 -italk Broadband: Full Fibre £29.99

Italk Broadband is a provider that focuses on simple, fast broadband. Their product line includes three different packages and two fibre optic options.

iTalk broadband packages feature unlimited downloads and calls. They also offer a speed test tool. Depending on the type of package you opt for, you will get a better idea of what speeds you can expect. If you are not sure, you can use the postcode checker to find out what speeds are available in your area.

iTalk boasts a solid 4.7 star rating on Trustpilot. Its customer service team is well trained and professional. You can reach them during office hours or through their online chat system.

iTalk is not the most well-known broadband provider in the United Kingdom. That said, it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for a no-frills connection with plenty of options for extras.

While iTalk doesn’t offer any big discounts on their monthly fees, they do make up for it with an excellent service.

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#9 - Shell Energy: Superfast Fibre From £21.99 F Shell Energy Broadband:

Shell Energy Broadband offers a range of broadband packages to suit everyone’s needs. These include a standard ADSL connection and two ultrafast fibre broadband plans.

Shell Broadband also offers a few freebies. For example, you can receive 10% at Shell service stations. In addition to this, Shell offers a rewards program called the Shell+ Go. When you sign up for the program, you’ll automatically be registered for a rewards card. You’ll have the option to scan your card at the till for 3% off any petrol purchases you make. Depending on the card you opt for, you may be entitled to further discounts on domestic energy and food items.

In the market for a new broadband provider, it’s essential to look at all your options. Some providers may offer better speeds, while others may have a more attractive price. Shell is a great choice if you’re in the market for a mid-range fibre broadband plan.

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#10 -Vodafone Broadband: Full Fibre From £22.00

When it comes to fibre broadband, Vodafone is one of the best. The company’s Full Fibre 1 is a decent deal and should be sufficient for most homes. However, you might want to consider upgrading to the faster Fibre 2 to take advantage of its useful extras.

Vodafone also has an app that helps you see what’s going on at your network, such as what devices are connected, what speed they’re getting and whether there are any problems with your internet connection. It also lets you change the Wi-Fi name and password and toggle the guest mode.

Another nice feature is the Orbi LTE router, which allows you to upgrade your existing broadband connection to faster speeds. You can even use your own SIM. Although Vodafone doesn’t offer pay TV packages, the service does include a home phone line rental plan.

Vodafone’s broadband service won the Uswitch Broadband Provider of the Year award. This includes a whole-home Wi-Fi guarantee, which means your Internet connection is always available. Depending on where you live, your download and upload speeds could range from fast 80 to 300 Mbps.

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Mobile Broadband Providers

Some people are located where fibre broadband is currently unavailable, or the speeds are too slow. One option is to use a mobile broadband provider. Listed below are mobile home broadband providers.

Three 5G Home Broadband

Three’s new 5G home broadband service promises super-fast download speeds. It uses the same mobile network as your smartphone. The only thing you have to do to get 5G at your home is to plug in a Three 5G Hub and get access to its wireless signal. This is a very easy process and can be set up in minutes.

Three’s 5G coverage is growing rapidly. This means that the company will soon cover more areas than ever. You can check on their website to see if it’s available in your town.

Although the speeds aren’t as fast as fibre broadband, it’s still a great alternative. Its upload and download speeds aren’t dazzling, but they’re more than sufficient for most households.

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O2 Mobile Broadband

O2 offers several mobile broadband solutions to customers, including dongles, Pocket Hotspots, and MiFi devices. Regardless of your choice, you can be sure that you’ll get quality broadband and great customer service.

The good news is that you’ll be able to use your O2 mobile broadband to stream HD videos without any annoying buffering. But there are some things you’ll want to be aware of.

While O2′s 4G network is decent, it doesn’t cover a lot of locations. However, if you are located in an urban area, you’ll be able to use the network to surf the web and watch HD video.

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What Is Superfast Broadband?

Superfast broadband is a type of fibre optic broadband that provides speeds of at least 30Mbps, making it suitable for larger households and student sharers

Superfast broadband relies on fibre-to-the-cabinet network technology and is generally more widely available than ultrafast or gigabit broadband. Ultrafast broadband delivers connection speeds of 100Mbps or above (300Mbps or more in some cases), while full fibre broadband offers even faster connections up to 1Gbps. Gigabit broadband refers specifically to connections over 1Gbps, which are only available via full fibre FTTH infrastructure.

Before purchasing a broadband deal, it’s important to research what type of connection will work best for your needs.

What Are the Benefits of Having Superfast Broadband?

1. Faster download and upload speeds

Having faster download and upload speeds with superfast broadband allows users to access content faster than ever before. This can include game downloads, video calls, movie streaming, cloud storage and more.

The faster download speeds provided by superfast broadband allow users to save time when accessing content such as movies or music tracks. Additionally, higher upload speeds allow users to share large files quickly without compromising the quality or experience for the recipient of the file.

2. Improved internet browsing experience

Having superfast broadband can enhance the browsing experience in many ways. It is up to ten times faster than previous generations of broadband, allowing users to load web pages much quicker and reducing the time spent waiting for videos or files to download. It is also five times more reliable, ensuring a stable connection even when there are network issues or power outages.

Additionally, it allows users to connect more devices at once without experiencing any lag in performance. Lastly, it provides access to advanced features such as ultra-high definition streaming that provide an improved viewing experience for movies and TV shows.

3. Ability to stream video content and connect multiple devices

Superfast broadband enables streaming video content by providing high-speed internet that lets users download large files quickly without lag or slowdown. It also allows multiple devices to connect at once without experiencing stuttering, buffering or dropouts.

Without superfast broadband, videos may take longer to load and be of lower quality due to slower internet speeds. Additionally, fewer devices can connect simultaneously as the connection becomes more prone to disruptions when more devices are connected simultaneously.

4. Improved internet connectivity and connection stability

Superfast broadband allows faster internet connectivity, better quality video calls, and higher resolution movie streaming.

This increased speed means fewer people can use the internet simultaneously without experiencing slowdowns or dropouts. Additionally, superfast broadband provides a more stable connection that is less likely to experience stuttering or buffering.

5. Improved security and privacy

Superfast broadband offers many benefits, such as faster load times and more efficient use of resources. However, it also provides additional security and privacy benefits. Superfast broadband allows users to access the internet quickly and without any lag time, which helps to reduce the risk of cyberattacks or identity theft.

Additionally, having a faster connection means users can browse websites without being tracked by third parties more easily than with slower connections. Furthermore, superfast broadband allows users to encrypt their data with stronger security protocols to keep their personal information safe from prying eyes.

6. Ability to use more advanced home and business applications

Superfast broadband can be used for a variety of home and business applications, including:

Video calls - Superfast broadband allows you to make high-quality video calls with fewer interruptions and delays.

Home Working - With superfast broadband, you can work from home more efficiently with faster connections that allow for better file transfers and web browsing.

Streaming - Superfast broadband provides faster streaming speeds for music, movies, TV shows and other media content.

7. Reduced waiting time for downloads and uploads

Superfast broadband lets users download music, films and files much quicker than slower connections. This reduces the waiting time for downloads and uploads as the connection is faster than traditional broadband connections.

8. Cost savings compared to slower broadband connections

A superfast broadband connection can significantly reduce the time it takes to download files, stream videos, and engage in other online activities. This can save users money on internet bills as they use less data than they would with slower connections.

However, a superfast broadband connection costs more than slower connections. The installation fees for these high-speed services are typically higher than those for traditional broadband connections. Additionally, consumers may need to purchase new hardware, such as modems or routers to take advantage of these faster speeds.

9. Improved quality of online gaming and video calling

Superfast broadband allows you to enjoy faster game downloads, better quality video calls and higher resolution movie streaming. This means you can get online faster and experience less lag or stuttering when playing games or calling someone. Additionally, with a higher bandwidth capacity of 1 Gbps, you can use more devices at once without experiencing a slowdown. This allows more people to get online at once without losing quality or experiencing delays in communication.

How to find the right superfast broadband deal for you?

Step 1: Pick the type of broadband deal you’re looking for

Various broadband deals are available, depending on the features and services offered. Broadband deals can be classified into the following categories:

  • Fibre broadband – Provides high-speed internet access through fibre optic cables.
  • Cable broadband – Uses traditional coaxial cables to provide internet access.
  • Satellite broadband – Uses satellite dishes to transmit data from one location to another.
  • Mobile broadband – Allows users to access the internet via their mobile phone network provider.

Step 2: Check the availability of different packages and speeds

Step 3: Read reviews and research online about the provider s

1. Visit the Which? website and use their provider rating, based on feedback from real customers, to compare different superfast broadband providers.

2. Discover superfast speeds, super value pricing and superstar customer service by reading through customer reviews on Which?’s website or by speaking directly with other customers via the provider’s customer service line or social media channels such as Twitter or Facebook.

3. Contact your chosen provider if you have any questions regarding their services or want advice on which package would suit your needs best - they will be happy to help!

Step 4: Ask family and friends for recommendations

1. Research the best superfast broadband deals online: Search for providers, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming services, to find out which offers the best value for money in your area.

2. Ask family and friends for recommendations: Reach out to family members, friends and neighbours who have experience with different broadband providers to get their advice on which one is best suited to your needs.

3. Consider factors such as speed and price: When comparing superfast broadband deals, consider factors such as speed of connection and cost of subscription so that you can find one that effectively meets your needs and budget constraints.

4. Compare coverage maps: Before deciding on which provider to go with, also compare their coverage maps so that you know exactly where they provide service in case there are any dead zones where no internet connection is available at all..

Step 5: Check if the provider offers any special discounts or packages

You should compare the different packages and features when evaluating whether a superfast broadband provider offers special discounts or packages. You should consider factors such as data caps, speeds, contract terms and any extra features that may be included in the package.

You should also contrast these offerings with competitors to see whether each package has advantages or disadvantages. For example, some providers may offer higher speeds at lower prices than others in your area or offer free installation, while others charge extra.

Step 6: Check their customer service ratings

It is important to check the customer service ratings of a superfast broadband provider before signing up because it can provide valuable insight into the quality of customer service you can expect. This will help you determine whether or not the provider is right for you based on their past performance in responding to customer queries and resolving issues quickly and efficiently. Additionally, customer ratings can help you identify any potential red flags, such as poor response times or inadequate resolutions, that may indicate potential problems in the future. By checking customer service ratings before signing up with a superfast broadband provider, you can ensure that your needs will be met promptly and satisfactorily.

Step 7: Make sure that the provider accepts your current tariff

1. Make sure you’re still in contract with your current provider and have not yet reached the end of your minimum commitment period.

2. Compare different superfast broadband deals using Which? provider rating, which takes customer feedback into account when rating providers.

3. Contact the provider offering the best deal and ask if they can accept your current tariff or if they require you to sign up for a new one instead (some providers may not be able to accept existing tariffs).

4. If they can accept your existing tariff, proceed with signing up for their package deal; otherwise, consider switching to another provider that can accommodate it instead (this may involve paying off remaining contract obligations if necessary).

Step 8: research security features offered by the provider such as encryption, firewall access or surveillance cameras

1. Research the security features offered by the provider of superfast broadband. Look for features such as Safe Search, parental controls, and virus protection.

2. Compare these features with those offered by other providers to determine which suits your needs and budget best.

3. If possible, speak directly with the provider about their security features or look for customer reviews that discuss their effectiveness in detail.

4. Once you have decided on a provider with suitable security features, sign up for their broadband deal and take advantage of any incentives they may offer related to safety online or parental controls..

Step 9: Consider their MSA policy if it applies to you

The MSA policy directly impacts the choice of broadband deal, as it requires all providers to ensure fair access to superfast broadband for consumers across the UK.

As a result, providers must offer competitive deals that meet the specified minimum standards by Ofcom to comply with the MSA policy. This gives consumers more choice and flexibility when choosing their broadband package.

Step 10: Ask questions if there’s something you don’t understand

1. Check the contract details: Read through the contract thoroughly to ensure you understand its terms and conditions, including any cancellation fees or early termination penalties that may apply if you cancel your service before the end of your contract term.

2. Ask about installation fees: Find out if any installation fees are associated with the broadband deal you are considering. These can add up quickly depending on where you live and what kind of setup your specific service provider requires.

3. Consider bundled services: If possible, look for a broadband plan that includes bundled services such as phone line rental or television packages to get a better value for money overall (though this may not be an option for everyone).

4 Ask about billing options: Make sure you understand how often bills will be issued and how they will be paid (e g by credit card or automatic withdrawal from a bank account). Additionally, ask if there are any extra charges associated with late payments or missing payments altogether..


How fast is fibre broadband?

Fibre broadband offers significantly faster speeds than standard ADSL broadband. The average speed you can expect with ADSL is around 10Mbps, while even relatively cheap superfast broadband offers speeds at least double that. Ultrafast and gigafast packages can deliver hundreds of times faster than ADSL connections.

What type of broadband connection do I need?

The type of broadband connection you need will depend on the kind of usage you plan to have. Standard broadband speeds should be sufficient if you only use the internet for small things like scrolling through social media, sending emails or watching the odd YouTube video. However, suppose you plan on streaming TV shows and movies regularly, playing games online, downloading large files and programs or living in a household with three or more internet users. In that case, it is important to get a fibre broadband connection.

Standard ADSL connections typically offer speeds up to 12 Mbps, while fibre broadband connections can reach up to 100 Mbps or more, depending on your location and provider. Fibre connections are more reliable than standard ADSL as they are not affected by weather conditions or other external factors that may affect your internet connection quality.

How do I check the broadband availability in my area?

1. Enter your postcode into the Faster fibre optic broadband for busy homes website.

2. The website will display a list of broadband providers in your area, along with their offers and prices for faster fibre optic broadband service.

3. Select a provider and click on their offer to learn more about their plan and any special discounts or promotions they may have during your search.

4. When you are ready to sign up for a plan, follow the instructions provided by the provider on their website or call them directly for further assistance with ordering your new broadband service..

What is the difference between fibre and cable broadband?

Fibre broadband and cable broadband use fibre-optic cables to connect your home and send data via light beams. Fibre broadband is far faster than traditional ADSL internet, offering average download speeds more than three times as fast, around 35Mb for over 4MB per second.

Cable broadband uses copper cables instead of fibre optic cables to transmit data, resulting in slower speeds than fibre broadband over longer distances. Additionally, cable broadband does not offer the same level of reliability as fibre due to its reliance on copper wiring that can deteriorate over time with regular use.

What is the difference between home broadband and mobile broadband?

Home broadband and mobile broadband both provide internet access for home devices. Home broadband usually involves a fixed line connection, such as fibre optic or coaxial cable, while mobile broadband uses 4G or 5G signals from mobile networks.

The main difference between home broadband and mobile broadband is the type of connection they use. Home broadband usually offers higher speeds than mobile broadband due to its fixed line connection. Additionally, home broadband contracts often include set-up fees, while mobile providers do not charge any upfront costs for their services.

How can I compare different broadband packages?

1. Research different broadband packages to find the one best suits your needs and budget. Check for deals and discounts from providers, as well as any special offers that may be available.

2. Compare the different packages based on their features, such as data allowances, download speeds and contract lengths. Make sure you understand each of these terms to decide which package is right for you.

3. If possible, speak to friends or family members who have recently switched providers or signed up for a new broadband package to get their feedback on their experience with it - this will help give you an idea of what kind of customer service they offer as well as how reliable their services are in general (e..g.. customer support).

4 After comparing several packages side by side, choose one that fits your budget while still providing all the features you need from it (e..g.., unlimited data allowance). Sign up for it immediately if there are no additional steps needed before signing up!

What is the difference between fibre to the cabinet and fibre to the premises?

Fibre to the cabinet and fibre to the premises both use fibre cables, with copper connecting the last stretch to the home. However, full fibre uses fibre to a customer’s front door, providing higher speeds than other fibre connections.

Fibre to the cabinet uses fewer materials and is cheaper than full fibre since it only requires one cable instead of two. Additionally, it offers lower speeds than full fibre connections since it does not use fibre to a customer’s front door.

What is the best way to find the cheapest broadband deal?

1. Research and compare the different broadband deals available to find the one that best suits your needs and budget. Consider factors such as speed, data allowance, contract length and any extra features offered by each provider.

2. Check for upcoming inflation related to purchasing a broadband deal, as this will affect its overall cost over time.

3. Consider switching providers if you are coming to the end of your contract or if there are better deals out there than what you currently have access to in your area or location of residence (e..g rural areas).

4 . Compare customer reviews of different providers online to get an idea of their customer service levels, reliability, speed etc, before committing to a particular deal.


To sum up, the availability of superfast broadband deals is a great development for households and businesses across the UK. Whether you’re looking for a great value deal on home broadband, or you’re a business in need of a reliable and fast connection, there are many options available. With so many providers and packages on the market, you’re sure to find the right deal for your needs.



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