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New Survey from Soylent Reveals Nearly Half of Americans Believe the Key to Making Big Changes is Starting Small

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Press release content from PR Newswire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
January 12, 2023 GMT
Tired of unrealistic resolutions? Soylent goes all in on real, complete nutrition to get you through life – not just January.
Tired of unrealistic resolutions? Soylent goes all in on real, complete nutrition to get you through life – not just January.

Tired of unrealistic resolutions? Soylent goes all in on real, complete nutrition to get you through life – not just January

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Sayonara, “New Year New You” mantras! Despite the annual hype of extreme diets at the start of the new year and pressure from health and wellness companies advocating for radical transformation to promote well-being, Soylent, the original food tech company, encourages consumers to let go of extreme resolutions and get back on track with sustainable solutions.

Consumers now make smarter choices when it comes to nutrition and the essential role it plays in fostering a healthy lifestyle. According to a new Soylent survey, Americans have moved away from impractical resolutions, with nearly half (47%) saying enacting small changes over a longer period is most helpful to successfully maintain a resolution. In fact, 66% of respondents set a New Year’s resolution in 2022 – yet only 12% actually stuck with it for a full year.


“Each year, millions of people struggle with unrealistic resolutions that often add to already busy schedules and don’t necessarily promote positive changes in the long term,” said Demir Vangelov, Soylent CEO. “At Soylent, we believe good nutrition happens over time and one good decision a day can make a big difference when it comes to physical and mental health. Nobody’s perfect. And believe it or not, healthy choices can be easy sometimes, like complete nutrition in a bottle.”

Prioritizing Health – Mental and Physical

Despite positive sentiment about wellness products, 50% of Americans feel negatively (annoyed, overwhelmed, disinterested or suspicious) by overly polished, perfect bodies flooding their social media feeds at the start of the year. Further, 33% know someone whose mental health has been negatively impacted by trying to maintain a New Year’s resolution and of the one third of Americans who felt pressured to set a resolution, nearly half (45%) said the pressure point came from immediate family.

Mental and physical health go hand in hand. By replacing just one meal per day with Soylent, not only can consumers experience a boost in energy levels, they can also gain back approximately 60 minutes a day that can be used to do something they enjoy. When asked what Americans would do with time saved by not having to cook, 35% indicated they would relax or sleep with 33% noting they would watch television.


Fad Diets Are Not The Answer

Fad diets typically gain momentum at the start of the year with consumer demand for healthy eating routines at an all-time high. Yet findings show only 12% of Americans who plan to change their diet as part of their 2023 resolution would follow a Paleo diet, a Raw Food diet (14%) or Keto diet (25%).

Focusing on consuming an abundance of nutrients from quality sources, such as plants, is an evidence-based way to build sustainable healthy dietary patterns that last. Products considered “nutritionally complete” can be used as balanced sources of nutrition, as they provide the necessary calories, macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat), vitamins and minerals a consumer needs to support the body. Soylent shakes and powders are considered nutritionally complete and contain all the essential macronutrients and micronutrients recommended by health authorities in one convenient meal.


Healthy Routines Can Be Recession Resistant

Living a healthy lifestyle often comes with a hefty price tag, and it comes as no surprise that nearly half of Americans that plan on setting a resolution (49%) cited saving money and spending less as the most important resolution for 2023.

While nutrition can be incredibly complex, getting adequate, balanced nutrition does not have to be complicated, and it does not need to cost a significant amount of money. On average, Gen Z reported spending $48 per day on meals, while millennials said they spend $56 per day. Additionally, nearly two thirds (64%) of Gen Z and millennials said they would consider trying a meal replacement shake to save money.


Eating healthy on a budget, particularly during times of economic uncertainty, has proven to be challenging. But with Soylent ready-to-drink meals, access to complete nutrition doesn’t get any easier. Each meal contains 28 immune-supporting vitamins and minerals, 20 grams of plant protein and only one gram of sugar – for about $3 per healthy meal.

By carving out space for simple plant-based meals throughout the week, consumers can gently ease into consistent nutrition that supports a life of longevity without jarring routines or turning current eating habits upside down.

Survey Methodology

Soylent surveyed 1,003 individuals ages 18 and older in the United States. Fielding took place in December 2022. For more information about Soylent, please visit

About Soylent

Soylent, the original food technology company, is on a mission to deliver complete nutrition products that are good for the body and the planet. Made from sustainably-grown plant-based ingredients, Soylent’s line of products are scientifically developed to provide the vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and protein that the body needs - all in convenient packages. Soylent’s innovative product line-up includes Complete Nutrition Powders and Ready-to-Drink shakes, 100-Calorie Snack Bars, High Protein Nutrition Shakes, and Energy boosting nutrition shakes. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles.


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