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Premium Ski Goggles Exceed Industry Quality Standards During Testing

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Press release content from PR Newswire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
January 6, 2023 GMT
Outdoor Master ski goggles technologies
Outdoor Master ski goggles technologies

Outdoor Master is already an official supplier for the US Ski Team — rely on its excellent quality and technology.

SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- A brand dedicated to providing high-quality outdoor gear at reasonable prices, Outdoor Master, reached a major milestone after exceeding a range of industry standards during the testing of its ski goggles.

The tests — which can be viewed on YouTube — included detailed testing of the goggles’ ability to filter blue light, deliver high resolutions, resist fogging, and withstand significant impacts.

Outdoor Master (OM) ski goggles passed all four tests with ease. And in three of the tests, the goggles significantly exceeded industry standards.

The first test portrayed in the video showcases the goggles’ Color Optimization Technology. Designed to prevent excess blue light from restricting the user’s vision, the technology successfully reduced the so-called “blue curtain effect” during testing.

The test video compared the Outdoor Master ski goggles with those of a competitor. And the results were conclusive. OM’s product is significantly better at reducing impure blue light, which is the light crossing with green and red light around 500nm. Not only that, but OM Color Optimization technology also lets a certain amount of pure blue light in — effectively avoid distortion, and creating a more contrast-enhanced and defined field of view for the user.

The importance of this technology can’t be overestimated. Reducing the “blue curtain effect” gives the user the best possible view of what lies ahead. This ensures skiers can identify and avoid potential obstacles while on the slopes.

The second test involved the Outdoor Master ski goggles’ HD lens. According to standards set by the American National Standards Institute, a minimum of 20 lines of contrast should be visible on the NBS Resolution Test chart from a distance of 35 feet.

Outdoor Master’s ski goggles outperformed three of its market competitors — whose prices are two to three times — higher during HD testing. Moreover, OM HD lenses passed 28 lines of contrast on the NBS Resolution Test chart — far exceeding the industry standard and competitor’s products.

The third test involved assessing the ski goggles’ fog resistance. Outdoor Master coats the lenses of its premium ski goggles with CAP (a strong anti-fog coating) that absorbs moisture. This minimizes the kind of fogging that can obscure a skier’s view and make them more vulnerable to accidents.

The first fog resistance test featured in the YouTube video gave a clear indication of Outdoor Master’s ethos of exceeding industry standards and bettering the competition.

According to the industry EN174 standard, ski goggles should not fog up to 80% within 30 seconds of the test starting. In the EN174 test, OM Super Anti-fog lenses passed the standard with 271 seconds of fog-free performance, which is nine times better than the standard.

In Outdoor Master lab test, they altered the fogging intensity stronger than the EN-174, so that audience can see the result faster. Therefore, when the competitor lens got tested first, it started fogging significantly after just 15 seconds.

Observing a test under a higher strength laboratory microscope. In stark contrast, Outdoor Master ski goggles remained relatively clear of moisture and “puddling” for around 45 seconds — passing the standard despite the intensity of the test. In terms of performance, the OM product significantly exceeded the standard and outperformed a competitor’s product with ease.

The fourth and final test featured in the video involves the ski goggle’s impact resistance — the durability of which is outlined by the Z87.1 safety standard.

To meet the industry’s minimum standard for durability and impact resistance, ski goggles must be able to withstand the impact of a 2.5lb steel ball — dropped from a height of 50 inches.

Outdoor Master’s ski goggles were completely unaffected by the impact during the test. In the challenging, ever-changing conditions of ski slopes, this durability is very important.

This relatively young outdoor sports brand has come a long way in a short time. Launched by tech geeks and outdoor sports enthusiasts Leo and Ryan, Outdoor Master is already an official supplier to the US Ski Team.

And there are big plans for the future of the brand. As well as expanding its range of outdoor gear, equipment, and accessories, Outdoor Master will invest heavily in the research and development required to keep its products ahead of the curve.

Leo is excited about what the future holds for Outdoor Master following these impressive test results. He said:

“We had confidence in the quality and durability of our ski goggles, but to have this officially confirmed via testing is great news for our brand.

“Over the years, we have invested heavily in research and development. We make products we would want to buy ourselves. For each new product, we consider all kinds of extreme outdoor environments to ensure the safety and experience of outdoor sports enthusiasts.

“We wanted to make ski goggles that deliver on all fronts. Robust, safe, and able to maximize the user’s field of vision.

“Despite these great test results, we’re determined to keep pushing the boundaries of design and technology. For us, innovation never stops. We want our ski goggles to be the best in the world — and that requires continual research and development.

Outdoor Master takes the same approach to research, development, and testing with all of its other products, which include helmets, gloves, and socks.

About Outdoor Master

Outdoor Master is a sports equipment manufacturer and retailer that was started by two young entrepreneurs in 2015. The brand’s spirit is born from the #DoWhatYouBelieve mantra.

Through the design and engineering of groundbreaking tech, Outdoor Master is on a mission to make pursuits such as snowboarding, skiing, stand-up paddle boarding, and biking more accessible and affordable than ever before.

Outdoor Master designs and manufactures everything from premium ski goggles to protective helmets. And the brand’s commitment to affordable pricing has made it one of the fastest-growing outdoor gear retailers in the US.

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