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Positec Introduces Noesis Florio, New Autonomous 2-in-1 Floor Cleaner

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Press release content from PR Newswire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
January 5, 2023 GMT

Noesis Combines AI and 3-D Visioning Cameras for True Maintenance-Free, Hands-Free, Total-Household Deep Cleaning

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jan. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Positec Tool Company, known for its pioneering technologies in home and garden products, is revolutionizing household cleaning with its new autonomous 2-in-1 vacuum-and-mop robotic system called Noesis [pronounced: nō•EE•sis] Florio. Unlike anything available to today’s homeowners, the Noesis system — consisting of the Florio mobile robot and its stationary base unit — automates mopping and vacuuming functions in a single smart device that cleans all types of dirt and stains across all types of flooring surfaces. With Noesis, homeowners never have to change dirty mop pads or empty full dust compartments because the Noesis system handles it all on its own. The Noesis base station not only collects dust from the robot’s dust bin after vacuuming and provides fresh water and clean mop-pads to the robot prior to every cleaning session, the robot itself holds clean water and fresh mop pads “on board,” which it changes automatically while cleaning.


Demonstrating its intelligence and flexibility, the Noesis system can be custom-programmed to switch automatically between 4 different modes of floor cleaning: vacuum, wet mopping, dry mopping and vacuum-and-wet mop combined. With the Noesis smart app, users can tailor the robot’s activity room-by-room, including which zones or areas should be avoided all-together and even when the mop pad should be changed to avoid cross-contamination as the robot travels from a bathroom to a communal area such as a dining room or kitchen. Scheduling, suction power and water usage can also be customized within the NOESIS app.

To experience the Noesis in-action is amazing! The robot adjusts “on the fly” for different flooring materials — from wood to tile to carpet — and never gets hung up when transitioning from different surfaces or rooms, thanks to its pioneering Dual NeuralVision™ obstacle avoidance. In addition to recognizing and avoiding obstacles like socks, shoes, and cords, NOESIS will automatically lift the mop pad up when encountering carpets and area rugs.

“Noesis is the first intelligent, maintenance-free system for every floor in your home,” stated Katie Roberts, Senior Product Manager at Positec. “Thanks to its advanced technologies, the new robotic Noesis 2-in-1 floor cleaner is so smart that it knows how to adjust for each room in the house and every object that it may encounter around the home. It’s remarkable how well it cleans and how easy it is to set up and maintain.”


Deep Cleaning with Hands-free Operation and Near-Zero Maintenance

The technological advances built into the Noesis system are sure to delight any homeowner. In addition to automatically replacing dirty mop pads with clean ones on-the-go, the Noesis mopping technology features Advanced Dynamic Scrub™. Instead of merely pushing dirt along a straight pathway, Noesis has a proprietary side-to-side mopping action, “wiggling” at a rate of 420 “mini-scrubs” per minute. This reciprocating motion mimics traditional “hands and knees” mopping and scrubbing and cleans floors more thoroughly, capturing more dirt and debris than any other robotic unit on the market today.


Further, the Noesis base station, where the robot “docks,” works seamlessly with the mobile robot. The base station stores up to 2 liters of water and 40 clean disposable mop pads. When the robot returns to the base station, the used mop pad is automatically transferred from the robot to the used mop pad base station and a new mop pad is installed – all of which is monitored and managed by the smart technology of the system. About once per month, the homeowner can easily refill the base station’s new mop-pad compartment in-bulk by placing up to 40 new pads in the unit’s clean storage container. In addition, the base station self-empties dust from the Noesis robot into a 2.5L sealed bag in the base station, providing enough capacity for nearly two months of vacuuming. NOESIS will also automatically refill its on-board water tank with clean water from the 2L water tank in the base station.


“I’ve tested almost every robotic vacuum and mop on the market in my home and have never seen performance like the Noesis,” Roberts emphasized. “In addition to all of the automated functions and eliminating the hassles of maintenance, knowing that Noesis is always using a new mop pad to clean my home provides me the peace of mind that Noesis really is doing a fantastic job cleaning my home!”

Other features of the Noesis robot include real-time voice alerts, a rubber brush roll which eliminates tangling, and a D-shaped design to better reach corners and under furniture.

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