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Sentinels’ Victories and Failures (VALORANT)

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Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 29, 2022 GMT

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, December 29, 2022/ / -- Valorant, released in 2020 by Riot Games, first caught gamers’ interest at the moment the game was announced. It was obvious that the game would become esports and it means that anyone could write their name in the new history. One of the teams is Sentinels. The organization may brag about great victories. Actually, they could not do without failures. Journalists will cover the topic about Sentinels Valorant in more details in the article below.

First year

The American organization set up their Valorant division in 2020. The announce of the roster was at the end of April and on the first of June it was finally completed. In that year, the team showed great results. Their first success was third place at the Pulse Invitational. Later Sentinel won two tournaments of the B-Tier level, earning 13 000 dollars in total. These results let them make it to the prestigious events.


At a higher level, the organization did not lose its head. She lost in the final of the FaZe Clan Invitational and then won the Pop Flash. Two tournaments brought the team $40,000. At the end of the year, having passed numerous qualifications, Sentinel took 3rd-4th place at First Strike North America, and a week later they won the JBL Quantum Cup.

Second year

2021 started successfully for Sentinel. At the VCT in North America, the team performed well several times, having earned 100 000 dollars by the end of March. And it is even more impressive if redaction consider the suspension of one player. The main victory of the year and even in the history of Sentinel in Valorant was the VCT 2021, which took place in Reykjavik.

It was the first international LAN of the series. Sentinel beat Fnatic at the final and gained 200 000 dollars. It still remain the biggest victory of the organization. Both considering money and status. After the final in Reykjavik, the team again won VCT in North America a couple of times.

Embarrassing defeats followed. In Berlin, the team took only 5-8th place, failing to defend the title. Perhaps it was this failure that prompted the team to take on a coach. However, it didn’t help much. At VALORANT Champions 2021, the organization took 9th-12th place.


Third year

But 2022 is marked by losses and transitions in the roster. The team cannot brag about large rewards. There is one win in his pocket which happened in one closed qualifier that did nor bring anything in the end.

Prospects for the fourth year

The organization changed their roster, hired an analyst and is motivated to return the previous success to Valorant. It is possible that in 2023 the team will be able to achieve it. It has experience of bold victories, so everything depends on the newcomers.


Sentinel has already put their name in the Valorant history, having won loads of grabs and significant tournaments. Now the team is not going through their excellent times. The previous year was not successful for the organization at all. However, it remains their first by the amount of grabs they won. After the changes in the roster, the team can face anything and all should get prepared for it. Sentinel showed that the made changes in the team can result in literally anything. Maybe the team will show themselves, having returned to previous shape and, having won major organizations.

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