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Review: SolidusX brings the ultimate automated trading tools to improve traders’ opportunities

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Press release content from News Direct Corporation. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
January 9, 2023 GMT
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Our Three Pillars

We have established SolidusX on three key pillars, integral to our success.

The first is elite security. SolidusX prioritises financial safety and the client’s ease of mind by offering negative balance protection and hack-proof technology. The second pillar is maximum innovation. We embrace modernity to provide the latest technologies in our platform, which turns trading into an experience that our clients can fully personalise according to their own wants and needs. Our third and final pillar is our personal guidance. We believe in treating our clients as partners, rather than just “customers”. In fact, trading as a team leads to mutual success. Their success is our success.

Algorithmic Trading Tools

Our very own Solidifyre Algorithmic Analysis identifies the best trading opportunities on asset charts. Solidifyre was created with the ultimate goal of centralising all relevant decision-making data in one convenient place for our traders. Using the Wyckoff concept of analysing waves, volume, delta volume, and more, it enables traders to be alerted to a potential trade setup.

We consider Solidifyre to be the perfect example of traditional meeting science, taking the traditional setup of trading and adding our own innovations. Our algorithm combines the past experience and knowledge of over 140 technical indicators thanks to machine-learning-based fundamental analysis.

Trades like a Human. Executes Trades like a Machine.

It’s been said that trading needs to be “machine-like” to prove successful. While it’s true that elements of trading shouldn’t be influenced by emotional reactions, human touch is still integral to successful trading. Solidifyre does not remove the “human” element. We believe it’s an important differentiating factor from other automated trading tools. Improving on trading conditions means blending the best of both human personality and machine execution. In short, we aim to strike the perfect balance between algorithms and human touch.

Standout Features

Solidifyre incorporates three key features meant to optimise clients’ trading experience with handy tools.

Ultra-fast order execution

The trading engine is specifically designed to execute over 12,000 orders per second.

Real-time risk management

The platform enables cross-margin trading and automatically performs full risk checks after every order.

Top tier liquidity

SolidusX aggregator provides feeds from multiple vendors to ensure high liquidity on all tradable assets.

A Stop-Loss (SL) level is the predetermined price of an asset, set below the current price, at which the position gets closed in order to limit an investor’s loss on this position.

Take-Profit (TP) level is a preset price at which traders close a profitable position.

Instead of using market orders in real time, traders can set these levels to trigger automatic selling without having to constantly monitor the market.

SL and TP levels reflect the market’s current dynamics, and those who know how to properly identify their optimal values are essentially identifying favourable trading opportunities and acceptable levels of risk. Evaluating risk using SL and TP levels can play a crucial role in preserving and growing your portfolio. You are systematically protecting your holdings by prioritising less risky trades. Therefore, many traders use SL and TP levels in their risk management strategies.

Why SolidusX?

We deliver market intelligence and wealth management know-how that matters to our clients. We do not aim to replicate outdated systems of trading, but rather focus on improving our innovation to make the most all-encompassing platform and crypto trading tools for our clients. Our views are macro-focused, fundamental in nature, and complemented by bottom-up convictions.

Don’t just take our word for it, visit us at and try us yourselves!

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