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The nightmarish stories encountered in customer service and how to avoid them

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Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 30, 2022 GMT

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 30, 2022/ / -- Every customer representative agent has at least one (and often multiple) customer service horror story about an irate client. It is both the biggest nightmare and a certainty for any customer representative. However, while organization may genuinely try its best to provide an impeccable client encounter, there will inevitably be a day when a client interaction goes terrible.

Assessing what’s at Stake

When interacting with an angry customer, try to focus on the end goal of the conversation. It is may lose money if they leave, but don’t want to alienate them so much that they post something nasty on social media. To avoid a negative review, it might be worth it to work hard to resolve any issues they had. A little effort goes a long way!

Tried and Tested Ways to Avoid Customer Service Nightmares

Stay Calm

When working with an angry clients, remember that they are upset because something is wrong. While a solution may not exist, understanding what is bothering them will help to make progress toward resolving the problem. A lack of empathy might lead a customer to react angrily. In such cases, it is essential to communicate respect for their feelings. Try to keep the conversation focused on the issue at hand rather than getting into a debate about past events. Do not argue back or get defensive; if do, the situation could escalate further.


Listen to Understand, Not to Speak

It is urgent to understand how the product works before trying to troubleshoot any issues. Customers can provide information about their expectations before buying product. Therefore they should do so if possible. Remaining silent during conversation allows to think about what kind of response would work best for such situation. Put thoughts aside; let customer speak.

Focus on the Solution

Apologize for the inconvenience, but then move on action plan. Apology may not be enough to stop the situation, so make sure to take control of it by outlining how will fix it. Change the conversation from focusing on the negative (“I’m sorry”) into one focused on the positive (“How can I help?”).

Follow Up

Send a follow-up email once the call is completed thanking the customer for their business and stating that would love the chance to give them further assistance whenever they need it. Offer to schedule another appointment if they wish to book another one. Leave them with a positive impression, and just given yourself another opportunity to earn new customers.



Once the customer has approved a process suitable to his needs, start getting into specifics. Once that has been achieved, ensure that document the agreement reached between both parties out of step with business objectives. Only then will know whether or not have succeeded in bringing customer back onto the same page with company’s offering – and if so, how significant an improvement have made to sales. And finally, once documented the successful outcome of negotiations, make sure thank customer for their patience, diligence, and understanding.


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