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Yéyo Tequila Reveals First Of Its Kind Actual Treasure Map Within Its New Package Design

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Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
January 6, 2023 GMT
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Yéyo Tequila logo
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“Packaging can be theater; it can create the story and conversation”— Jon Bullinger

ALPHARETTA, GA, USA, January 6, 2023/ / -- Yéyo Tequila, a masterful tequila passionately crafted and traditionally distilled with a modern twist, today announced the launch of new packaging that celebrates the art that is tequila making while inviting consumers to be an interactive part of the process. The renowned brand is including a one-of-a-kind treasure map leading to a real buried treasure that’s printed inside of all future Yéyo Tequila Blanco packaging. This out of the box thinking, a hallmark of Yéyo, creates a unique two-way communication between consumers and the brand inviting connect and interact with the brand and its history.

Around 300 A.D., the fermented sap of the agave plant - indigenous to central Mexico - was initially known as Pulque. The Aztecs believed agave to have been bestowed upon them by the gods and therefore was not consumed lightly. Since the 18th century, tequila, the spirit refined in the Jalisco province bearing its name, has spread far and wide. Today there are more than 1,500 active tequila labels.

Yéyo Tequila is set apart from the rest by priding itself on formulating tequila as it was intended to be. Its new packaging reflects this commitment to art, sustainability, and the needs of the customer. Inside the new box, customers will find a full custom map of Arandas Jalisco - home of Yéyo. The map shows the distillery, the prized agave fields, the town church as well as pinpointing 20 Yéyo “influencers” - who have been champions of the brand from the beginning.

Uniquely, the map also includes a buried treasure that leads Yéyo fans to a one-of-one bottle of Yéyo Tequila Joven. All treasure-seekers have to do is scan the QR code and it will lead them to a private webpage that provides more clues to find the buried treasure.

“Packaging can be theater; it can create the story and conversation,” said Yéyo Tequila Founder, Jon Bullinger. “Creating great packaging is never a static process. Each version of the design takes time and effort to create. With over 40 versions and 100 plus comments on the inside of the box alone, it’s clear that creating great packaging requires a lot of work.”

The back of both the new bottle and box tells a short story about the brand and the spirit. Masterfully crafted in small batches on a family estate, Yéyo is the product of three generations of proud Tequila producers from Arandas. Covered with red volcanic rich soil and adequate rainfall, the best blue de agaves in the world are grown in the Highlands - known as the golden triangle.

Uniquely, Yéyo treats their precious fermentation to a steady stream of Mozart for 190+ hours to serenade the agave - relaxing both the yeast and the distillers. Lastly, the product is double distilled in copper stills, offering a refined tequila that has preserved its rich floral and fruity notes. The new packaging reflects this innovation and commitment to both its past and the innovation of the future.

“Good packaging design will tell you a lot about a product before you even open the box. We wanted to bring the product to life with the packaging and tell the story of the bold, unique flavor of Yéyo. The bright colored citrus and agave represent the flavor notes, and the treasure map invites you on a journey to explore the small town of the family distillery in Arandas, Jalisco.” said KyLynn Richey, Head of Design at Yéyo.

Additional changes to the packaging include the bottle itself. The distillery has switched from a plastic screw-on cap to an all-glass cork with a new seal that includes a handwritten batch and bottle on the top, lending an exclusive feel. Less than 15,000 of the bottles are being produced for batch 100.

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Born from a passion for discovery, and the need to create a perfect Tequila. A unique blend of the finest natural grown blue de agave, hand-selected from the Highlands in Jalisco, Mexico.

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