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How Computerized Cars Have Changed Auto Repair in Today’s World

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Press release content from News Direct Corporation. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 19, 2022 GMT

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In the not-so-distant past, all auto technicians needed was a good understanding of a car’s engine. They would listen to and feel the car’s engine, and most often, they could diagnose and fix a problem.

But today’s cars are more complex, and the average technician has to rely on diagnostic and test equipment to understand what’s going on under the hood. Today’s cars have hundreds or even thousands of computer chips that are all controlled by software. Cars have evolved so much that some people believe that in the near future, an increasing number of cars will be powered by self-driving software.

Trends Computerized Cars Are Setting

Remember when automatic car windows replaced the roll-up model? Auto technicians all over the world had to switch from a mindset of fixing a busted manual knob to fixing one that is not only driven by a motor but also controlled by a computer. As cars become more computerized, auto repair shops have to stay current on more technology.


High-Tech Features Mean Specialists Are Needed for Repairs

In today’s auto repair world, technicians have to use complex diagnose and test equipment instead of focusing on just replacing fluids and car parts. That’s because cars aren’t so much mechanical machines anymore. Instead, they are often thought of as computers on wheels. Gone are the days when people could work on their own cars. Today, specialized software is needed to find the glitch in the car’s system before it can be repaired.

Complicated Network Systems Are More Interconnected Than Ever Before

The cars of yesterday had individual, mechanical working parts that, together, made them run. But today’s cars are interconnected in ways that old-school technicians could never imagine. Vehicles today utilize advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and their computers are extremely complex, yet they all communicate seamlessly with each other. For instance, Tesla’s onboard AI chip is smarter than the US Air Force’s F-35 fight jet and is packed with 150 million times more computer power.

Because of the technological advances in vehicles, it’s extremely important for technicians to have a thorough understanding of how to properly calibrate the systems so drivers remain safe on the road.


Costs Are Rising Because of the Complexity of High-Tech Vehicles

Because of the complexity of computerized cars, the number of visits to auto repair shops has radically decreased but the cost per visit is going up and changing the way auto shops do business. For instance, car owners sporting European models can’t just go to any repair shop, they need technicians who specialize in their make and model of vehicle. This makes car repairs on a budget a thing of the past.

The increased need for specialized equipment and technicians has driven up the cost of running a shop, and as cars continue to become more computerized, that isn’t likely to change.

Auto shops also have to have specialized equipment to help diagnose issues. If these shops don’t specialize in one vehicle make and if they don’t have the equipment, they will hire diagnosticians who will help diagnose the issues. This also drives up the cost of doing business.


Why Digital Inspections Are Essential for Computerized Car Owners

Because cars are so complex and rely on computers, service intervals have increased dramatically. The frequency of shop visits is going down which requires tracking the vital sign of your vehicle regularly. What you know from your doctor’s visit is also true for your vehicle. Digital inspections are the tool to track the car’s vital signs. They allow technicians to check the car’s computer system and overall health and pinpoint the source of a potential problem.

When a service advisor emails a customer a digital report that outlines the problem and details the optimal fix, it instills a sense of trust in consumers because of images and videos educating the customer plus recommendations giving the customers options. Gone are the days when consumers are pressured into making a decision on the phone without understanding the true nature of the problem. Digital inspections eliminate the risk of paying for an unnecessary repair. Instead, these inspections pinpoint the problem and educate the customer about options on how to fix it.


How To Find an Auto Repair Shop You Can Trust

Are you ready to have more of a partnership with your auto repair shop rather than having to trust a phone call without any real evidence? If so, AutoTechIQ can help. AutoTechIQ connects you with an auto repair shop in your area that focuses on your education about the best options based on Digital Vehicle Health Inspection results. This allows you to work with shops to find the best (and most long-term economical) solution when your car needs repair. It also ensures that your shop is held accountable and does not suggest repairs that are not needed.

To find an auto repair shop that makes use of this technology, use the Shops Near You function on AutoTechIQ’s website and schedule an appointment with an auto shop that wants to earn your trust.


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