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Concerned About Warning Lights on Your Vehicles Dashboard? AutoTechIQ Can Help With That

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Press release content from News Direct Corporation. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
January 3, 2023 GMT

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Driving a car and observing warning lights on your dashboard is one of the most disconcerting experiences you can have. You start thinking about what the warning light indicates and the impact of any problems. Often, there is no audible noise, odor or driveability issue, which makes you wonder whether you should worry about the warning light or ignore it until there are more tangible symptoms.

The following article describes the potential risk you are taking by waiting for more serious issues and ignoring the warning lights.

Can You Eliminate the Warning Light Yourself?

AutoTechIQ suggests that any warning light needs a professional inspection. Check out the list of potential issues below, and you will see how significant the variety of causes is.

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Unless you kept the gas cap open at your last gas station visit, the majority of issues need diagnostic equipment to get to the root cause, and these devices are only mastered by auto repair shops that can give you a comprehensive analysis of your vehicle’s state of health.


Visit and use the shop selector to find a shop in your area.

You can also find easy-to-digest educational content about warning lights and potential fixes on And don’t worry, you won’t have to read technical lingo and jargon; AutoTechIQ makes it friendly and easy to understand.

What Are the Most Common Warning Lights?

Common problematic warning lights are listed below. If you’re experiencing any of those, visit and find the article that matches your experience. The articles make it easy for you to identify the potential causes before you contact your trusted auto repair shop and share your findings with their technicians:

What Other Symptoms Should You Look for?

The warning light is often accompanied by other symptoms. You might hear odd buzzing sounds or experience steering to one side, a misfiring engine, bad fuel mileage, a hissing noise coming from around your feet when you press the brakes and lights flashing randomly even though all systems seem to be fine.


Reoccurring problems are especially concerning, and it is essential to describe the context of these issues to your trusted auto repair shop. Knowing the problem’s characteristics helps the professional eliminate up to 90% of the potential root causes, saving money for unnecessary diagnostics or repair.

What Should Your Budget Be When Taking Your Car to an Auto Repair Shop?

Most car owners follow the service interval recommendation their auto repair shops provide or go to the shop when problems arise. Most of the time, the latter is the more expensive way of taking care of your vehicle because it adds to each visit’s cost.

Regular condition-based inspections are the best way to maintain your vehicle’s health. Just like a physical assesses your body’s health regularly, a Digital Vehicle Health Inspection, also called a Digital Auto Checkup, every six months makes it easy for you and your auto repair shop to determine the condition of your vehicle and the actions needed to help your vehicle last longer. The results are compared to previous inspection diagnostics to determine wear and tear patterns. Based on those patterns, the shop discusses the best course of action with you.


Why is it Important to Ask for a Digital Auto Checkup?

Many auto repair shops listen to your concerns and immediately provide a solution. But when you go to a doctor for a symptom checkup, does the doctor immediately diagnose you? They don’t typically do that unless you are in the emergency room.

Instead, the doctor will order a vital signs check, blood draw and other testing procedures. The same goes for your vehicle during car service. You establish baseline health before addressing the main symptom.

What Do You Get From AutoTechIQ as a Car Owner?

The majority of car owners dread the appointment at an auto repair shop. To counter that, the shops in AutoTechIQ ’s network put education and professional service as top priorities. Additionally, the shops you’ll find in its business directories meet these criteria:


  • The business has at least 100 Google reviews with an average score higher than 4.5 out of 5.

  • A digital vehicle health inspection is consistently relied upon to examine the health of your vehicle and covers at least 35 topics.

  • The documentation of conditions uses images and videos to give you complete transparency.

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