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bPersonal Appoints Board of Directors

PRESS RELEASE: Paid content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics
Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 20, 2022 GMT

Guy Yehiav, Yossi Hazan and Julie Shafiki are appointed as first board members to assist in leading the way to the next stage of the company

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, December 19, 2022/ / -- bPersonal, an autonomous prospecting and engagement ABx platform specializing in hyper-personalization, announces its appointment of an experienced board of directors. Guy Yehiav, Yossi Hazan and Julie Shafiki become the first board members appointed to assist in leading the way to the next stage of the company.

bPersonal was incorporated by Yossi Carmon, a 25-year entrepreneur and seasoned international business executive specializing in enterprise software, AI, SaaS and cybersecurity. bPersonal’s vision is to disrupt the way B2B companies research, identify, outreach and engage with prospects at scale. With its autonomous AI platform that ‘understands’ people’s business and personal motivations, bPersonal:
• Communicates in a personal, unique and engaging way, allowing sales and marketing professionals to connect with prospective customers in a ‘human manner’
• Saves time-consuming manual work performed by sales professionals and enables them to focus on selling
• Reduces the need for businesses to invest in disparate marketing and sales tools
• Avoids getting blocked by spam filters or immediately deleted by recipients.


Guy Yehiav, President of SmartSense by Digi, is an accomplished and experienced serial CEO and entrepreneur with a track record of successful exits, growing different stage companies to become recognized products and desired brands. Yehiav has led fundraising rounds in excess of $40 million, managed fiscally prudent double-digit growth. Over his 30-year career, Yehiav has helped build world-class technology companies like Demantra (acquired by Oracle) and Profitect (acquired by Zebra Technologies).

Yossi Hazan, CFO of Connectbase, is an operations and financial executive working with companies at various stages from pre-seed to pre-IPO having spent most of his career with SaaS, perpetual software and service companies. Hazan has led a $50M M&A for an enterprise software company and raised $120M+ equity from global Equity Funds, VC’s and financial institutions. He has vast experience working with financial institutions securing liquidity for the companies for which he has worked. Hazan has led companies like Enigma (pre-IPO, acquired by PTC) and PeerApp (acquired by a ESW Capital).


Julie Shafiki, Chief Marketing Officer of Novidea, brings 30 years of B2B marketing and communications leadership for which she has received accolades and awards. With three IPOs and two M&As over her career, Shafiki is a field proven expert in creating strong brand awareness, global marketing strategies and building tech stacks to roll out Account-based Marketing and Selling strategies in competitive markets. Shafiki has led marketing in global technology companies, such as Tufin (IPO in 2018), Kryon (acquired in 2021) and PowerDsine (IPO in 2014 and acquired in 2016) through hyper-growth stages to their next stage of business maturity.


“With the appointment of a strong, talented and diverse board of directors, I am confident that bPersonal will greatly benefit from Guy, Yossi and Julie’s knowledge, experience and perspective which will guide us toward making sound decisions for long-term success,” says Yossi Carmon, CEO and Chairman of bPersonal. “Businesses today must understand their customers and create a hyper-personalized experience that resonates emotionally. Our vision is to combine the power of hyper-personalization and autonomous prospecting to take marketing to the next level.”

Guy Yehiav: “In today’s competitive market, hyper-personalization and AI is the cornerstone of how companies build meaningful relationships with their customers. By leveraging the power of technology to create tailored experiences, businesses are able to maximize engagement and drive more value quickly.”

Yossi Hazan: “The need for hyper-personalization is clear. Companies can no longer rely on broad-brush methods of marketing and sales. A drying sales pipeline is often a sign that a company has not adapted to the changing marketing and sales technology landscape. By dedicating resources to hyper-personalization and developing tightly targeted campaigns that provide a personal touch, marketing teams can reduce their expenses and increase their ROI for building pipeline. “


Julie Shafiki: “With today’s explosion of digital noise, CMOs struggle with winning the attention and engaging with target audiences amidst the competition. Marketers must use data and analytics to better understand their audiences. Leveraging AI, automation and hyper-personalization, bPersonal is an essential part of today’s marketing tech stack, enabling companies to create authentic interactions through the right channels, enhance customer experience, increase engagement, and contribute more pipeline growth and increased sales.”

In Deloitte Omnia AI’s report ‘Connecting with meaning Hyper-personalizing the customer experience using data, analytics, and AI’: “A total of 86% of marketing professionals consider the effectiveness of an AI-powered hyper-personalization strategy to be changing for the better, with nearly one-third (31%) considering the change to be significant. So, your investment in AI-powered hyper-personalization will make a positive change.”


About bPersonal
bPersonal is an autonomous prospecting ABM platform that specializes in hyper-personalization. The platform automates the full process of uncovering, targeting, and engaging prospects at scale, saving valuable time and resources for marketing and sales teams. Leveraging AI, bPersonal enables B2B companies to interact in an authentic human manner through the right channels, react quickly to intent signals, increase engagement and enhance customer experience. Hyper-personalized targeted campaigns prevent blockage from spam filters, convert more opportunities, and accelerate pipeline build and ROI.

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