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Exodus Effect Reviews (WARNING) What Customers Real Experience!

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January 5, 2023 GMT

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what is Exodus Effect?

The book Exodus Effect includes important and long-forgotten Bible verses. It includes complete instructions on how to make anointing oils from the Bible using additional hidden substances not found in modern translations. The manual outlines the procedures for making the anointing oil according to the biblical instructions. These processes will allow you to create the first biblical anointing.

If you follow his instructions, the anointing oil you make will not be the same as the oil the Israelites used when they were in the desert. There is an additional element in the Exodus effect that has been lost in translation and is not mentioned in any contemporary Bible. The Exodus Effect allows you to experience the many health benefits of the oil from the comfort of your own home.

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How does this Exodus Effect Healing Oil Works?

The healing oils mentioned in the e-books were carefully hidden from the public in the Bible for many years (accidentally or intentionally). In fact, it is an entirely new or revolutionary anointing oil that has just been created.

So how was this anointing oil recipe discovered? While interpreting the Bible, Pastor Andrew discovered a term that had been mistranslated, which inspired him to develop the anointing oil blend described in his e-book. The term “kanabos” has been mistranslated. According to Pastor Andrew, the term may have been mistranslated as “cannabis” and is related to the cannabis plant.

As we all know, the cannabis plant, along with other related plants like marijuana, is considered to be slightly off-limits. But thanks to Pastor Andrew’s new discovery, things may now be different for Christians and non-Christians. The use of anointing oil, which contains cannabis as its main ingredient, most likely implies that individuals can stay healthy longer if they can overcome outdated beliefs and embrace various health benefits. of the cannabis plant.

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who is the Creator of Exodus Effect Healing Oil?

This wonderful guidebook showing you how to make healing oils or anointing oils to improve your health, was created primarily by Divine Origins LLC. Divine Origins LLC is headquartered in Miami.


Divine Origins LLC, unlike many pharmaceutical companies, aspires to provide significant health benefits through the formulation and use of anointing oils. The important information provided in this handbook compiled by Pastor Andrew can help you lower your blood pressure, get in shape, live longer, get rid of chronic pain, improve digestion and bring more benefits for your body.

Why This Exodus Effect Healing Oil So Effective than Others?

As we all know, the human body is a vast system of many components, each of which serves a unique purpose but is interrelated with each other. Therefore, if one ingredient does not work well, the others will eventually suffer and begin to underperform.


The Exodus Effect book includes recipes for making your own oils at home from all-natural elements that can help you take care of your body and its many ingredients. I have discovered a secret oil blend with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can be used to make any of your favorite dishes.

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Key Ingredients in Exodus Effect Healing Oil?

The creators of the Exodus Effect claim that by combining cinnamon, cannabis, myrrh, cinnamon, and olive oil, you can recreate the original anointing oil from the Bible. The step-by-step instructions claim to show how anyone can make THC-free oil from the comfort of their own home. To deliver the promised health benefits to the client, the dosage must be strong and present.

  • Cannabis: Natural cannabinoid molecules are essential for the normal functioning of the human endocannabinoid system “ECS”. According to various studies, toxicity, poor diet, and the use of certain medications can lower cannabinoid levels, weakening the ECS. Cannabis contains components that provide cannabinoids to the body, improving its function.
  • According to Dr. Benet, oil can relieve pain, especially in the joints, muscles and back. It can treat persistent headaches and migraines when taken in certain doses. Additionally, kerosene is an important ingredient in the treatment of stress symptoms. There is a lot of evidence that it helps reduce anxiety and encourages relaxation. The creators of the Exodus Effect claim that it can help people sleep better and fight insomnia.
  • Myrrh: One of the most popular herbs in the Bible is myrrh, which is also commonly used in anointing oils. The creators of the Exodus Effect claim that this plant can cure many common ailments, including gout, leprosy, arthritis, and gastritis. According to scientists, myrrh is a powerful antioxidant, and it helps strengthen the body’s defenses against disease. Astragalus may also reduce the risk of certain diseases, including diabetes and heart problems.
  • Cassina: A plant extract called cassia may increase blood flow and promote muscle health. According to experts, it can strengthen blood vessels and reduce the risk of high blood pressure. It can also reduce the accumulation of fat around the arteries and LDL (bad cholesterol).
  • Cinnamon: According to some studies, Cassia may help keep blood sugar levels stable. It is thought to reduce insulin resistance and may speed up fat metabolism. Cinnamon is often used at home to spice up meals. The seductive ingredient is an antidote that can reduce the level of toxicity in the blood. It also helps in cell regeneration by fighting free radicals.


Many studies have shown that cinnamon can help with weight loss and increase energy levels. It can speed up breathing, improve digestion, and reduce feelings of hunger.


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Benefits Of The Exodus Effect Book - What Does The Book Educate And Offer?

The best shape of your life: According to the book Exodus Effect, sacred oil aids weight loss by preventing your body from communicating with its CB1 receptors. Science has proven that overweight and obese people have more CB1 receptors. In addition, it helps to suppress hunger, helps in weight loss and develops a slim figure.

  • Blood sugar balance: One of the most common health problems in today’s society is blood sugar. It can become a major contributor to many other health problems if left untreated. You can maintain and control your blood sugar through the use of this anointing oil formula. It helps to minimize and ultimately eliminate fluctuations in blood sugar levels. For normal blood sugar, the author recommends mixing this divine oil into your favourite chocolate treat and eating it.
  • Energizing Holy Coffee: You can mix this anointing oil with a small amount of a powerful fat-burning agent for a morning boost. With the addition of olive oil, your morning coffee will be more energetic and healthier. According to Pastor Andrew, by increasing serotonin levels and keeping you upbeat and cheerful, this anointing oil can also help you stave off mental health problems. you can use this oil with added tonic if you feel your body is losing some mobility or flexibility. Your body’s flexibility and mobility will be greatly improved. Original Anchorage Oil helps to reduce inflammation and increase joint mobility. In addition, it reduces the general discomfort of the body. Since the cannabis plant has been shown in one study to promote joint health and prevent joint health problems, it may also help relieve chronic pain and arthritis.
  • A more dynamic and youthful appearance: You can add this sacred oil from the tropics to your diet to give you a brighter and younger look. You will have less wrinkles on your face after eating for a while. It makes you radiant and gives you a youthful feeling while helping to firm your skin. In addition, 12 recipes that you can prepare at home with this oil and use to lose weight naturally will be provided to you. Pastor Andrew is sure that these recipes have given people radiance in the past, which has benefited many of them. Recipes include items that have been supported by scientific data and research.
  • Any severe discomfort or pain: You can reduce extreme pain and suffering by using the spices listed in the recipe along with the anointing oil. The Exodus Effect claims that when you combine these spices with Healing Oil, your yield will increase by 2000%. god ratio The book includes many dishes along with instructions on how to prepare them with this sacred oil. These dishes are believed to perform many health functions and help with a number of health problems, such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stress, etc., in various ways.
  • Unbroken: Undoubtedly, the people described in the Bible had a higher and longer life expectancy on average than modern humans. This is because their bodies are generally in better shape than ours. Healthy bones are an important part of a better physique. The book Exodus Effect provides information about a chemical that contributes to strong bones and makes bones less brittle in the hard-to-break part. In addition, the bone health benefits of this supplement have been scientifically studied and demonstrated in an experimental setting.

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Price and accessibility for Exodus Effect Oil:

Only the official website is where you can get The Exodus Effect. Upon purchase, customers will immediately receive a digital manual (in pdf format) and three freebies.

The cost of Exodus Effect available at $67 -Only

Exodus Effect bonuses include:

  • Divine Pets
  • Lazarus Effect.
  • Secret prayer

Customers also have access to the Prayer Warriors Network, an online group of believers who pray for one another and encourage one another in their faith.

Refund procedure:

365-day money-back guarantee available from The Exodus Effect. Dr. Benet and Pastor Andrew state that mental, spiritual and physical health benefits can be achieved by strictly following the recipe. After using the Exodus effect for several days, some customers may feel better.

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Several consumers around the world have recommended the Exodus effect, so we can conclude that it is worth your time, effort and money.

It offers a number of health benefits including reduced discomfort, weight loss, and improved immune response. Moreover, you can make this sacred oil at home without expert help. The ingredients used to create this sacred oil are all natural and have undergone rigorous testing.

Adults with various medical conditions can safely use Exodus Effect Oil. Purchase the Exodus Effect book from the publisher’s website to see the effects for yourself.

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