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Precognitive Dream Phenomenon Discovered

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Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 23, 2022 GMT

New Englander Wes Graysen has discovered a simple exercise that changes a waking dream to a vision of the future.

BARRINGTON, RHODE ISLAND, UNITED STATES, December 23, 2022/ / -- In March 2001, Wes Graysen accidentally discovered a method to change a waking dream into a vision. According to Graysen, the vision contains abstract imagery external to the dream, and when they are both deciphered, together they demonstrate possible future events. Since his initial experience, he has recorded his findings in a detailed 19-year research journal, parts of which are now published on his blog, Beyond Lucid.

Explaining that his discovery gives anyone using the technique the potential to change outcomes, personal circumstances, and more, Graysen expects the technique to aid dream science with understanding internal and external events of the brain.

“If you want to see into the future and see visions of an event before it happens, my blog will show you the possibilities,” says Graysen. “If you’ve ever experienced a dream so powerful that it woke you from a deep sleep, that’s the type of dream from which you can create a vision. The vision will provide you with more information than the dream itself, and once deciphered, you’ll be able to see future events in your life.”


Graysen believes that the technique may eventually be used for beneficial purposes, and as such, should undergo controlled studies to bring it out of pseudoscience.

“It could be used to assist law enforcement, to get advance warning about medical conditions, or for anything that may enter your personal sphere--from meeting a future partner to a terrorist attack.”

Graysen’s blog is open to new members who wish to explore the abstract mind, its mysteries, and links to future events. Offering a variety of groups focused on topics ranging from the paranormal to parallel universes, the site provides endless opportunities for discussion, socializing, and learning.

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Portal999 was created as a paranormal community after founder Wes Graysen discovered a way to generate an abstract vision to see into the future. Members of the platform are encouraged to share their paranormal experiences in a fun and interactive way.

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