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Peter Grubisic Serving the Leeds Community by Revolutionizing Car Buying in Leeds

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Press release content from KISSPR. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
January 11, 2023 GMT
Peter Grubisic Serving the Leeds Community by Revolutionizing Car Buying in Leeds
Peter Grubisic Serving the Leeds Community by Revolutionizing Car Buying in Leeds

01/10/2023, Leeds // KISS PR Brand Story PressWire //

The automobile industry is fast-changing, with newer and highly advanced cars being launched in short periods of time. However, new cars are also getting costlier, and for many, it is still a high value purchase that requires a lot of financial planning. Peter Grubisic, owner of 7-12 Car Solutions, talks about this problem and mentions that new car affordability remains a big problem. Through his efforts, he hopes to make things easier for all those who wish to buy a car without having to spend a lot of money.

Peter Grubisic has always aimed to help individuals through his efforts and various services. When people got in touch with him through his business, 7-12 Car Solutions, and inquired about car prices or the process involved, he realized that people needed help. People often spoke about the complexities of the process, the costs involved, and the hassles. This is when he decided to do something that would change the way car buying takes place in Leeds.


Buy Top Quality Used Cars in Leeds

In Leeds, West Yorkshire, Peter Grubisic has now made the entire process of buying a used car hassle-free and easy in many ways.

The used car scenario in Leeds isn’t as simple or easy as it might appear to be. Though it might be possible to buy used cars, the process is lengthy and complex. Besides, there was actually no assurance that the vehicle purchased was in top condition and would offer value for money. There have been many instances when the after-sales services were extremely poor and sometimes didn’t even exist.

There have been cases where the purchased car broke down within a few days and the owner was forced to pay a large sum for repairs. Peter Grubisic realized that no one expects this, and this is something that no one should go through. Through his services, he has helped and continues to help his community, especially in this car buying process.

How Peter Grubisic is Helping People Buy Used Cars in Leeds

Being the owner of 7-12 Car Solutions, Peter Grubisic believes that it is his responsibility to ensure that he has a knowledgeable and helpful team. With patience, complete knowledge, and a willingness to help customers buy the right car, Peter believes that he will be able to make a big difference in the lives of people.


In such efforts, he ensures that he has the best collection of used cars. The vehicles are in good condition, with no damages or need for repairs. To ensure the top condition of the cars, every car is well inspected by his team to detect any fault, damage, or snag. The main objective is to ensure that the customer doesn’t have to complain or face difficulties after the purchase. Peter believes that customer satisfaction keeps him going, and he is ready to go that extra mile to ensure the satisfaction of his customers.

After-Sales Assistance:

Many buyers in Leeds complain that the seller is not available for any kind of assistance after the sale. Peter Grubisic ensures that customers receive equal assistance after sales in the event of any kind of problem. During the sales procedure, he assures the buyer that 7-12 Car Solutions will be available for any kind of car problem after the sale. Thus, people who are apprehensive and scared to buy used cars are assured that, in case of problems, help will be available to the buyer.


Peter Grubisic has become quite a popular name due to his help in buying and selling used cars. People in Leeds vouch for his services and mention that if it wasn’t for him or his company, their dream of owning a car wouldn’t have come true.

Harriet is one happy customer who says, ” I received a call from the team, and it has been a smooth experience since then.” I was amazed to see the quality of cars they have to offer. True to their promise, my car is in great condition and looks new as well. “I couldn’t have asked for anything more because they mentioned after-sales services as well.”

How Peter Grubisic Hopes to Help the Community

Peter Grubisic is involved in the wellness and good health of the community. He is engaged in the production of top-quality honey for people who love to use and consume honey on a daily basis. Honey offers a number of health benefits and is highly recommended by experts.


Though there are many beekeepers in Yorkshire, there is still a scarcity of premium honey. Most of the honey is not suitable for consumption and is highly diluted. Peter Grubisic is engaged in the production of top-quality pure honey, which is now being produced in limited quantity. He hopes to make the honey available for all those who are in need of pure, undiluted honey.

About 7–12 Car Solutions:

7-12 Car Solutions is the center for buying quality used cars in Leeds. Buyers looking for a smooth experience without having to worry about used car quality are welcome to check out the cars available with 7-12 Car Solutions. The company takes pride in their stock of cars because everyone is in excellent condition.

When cars are selected by the company for resale, all the vehicles are picked up, ensuring that they are in great condition. The company stocks a wide range of vehicles ranging in price from low to high. Thus, no matter what the buyer’s budget is, there will be a vehicle available.


For 7-12 Car Solutions, customer satisfaction is important, and they are ready to serve their customers even after the sales process is complete. The cars are carefully inspected and supplied with an MOT, plus an RAC warranty and a 12-month RAC breakdown cover. The main objective is to ensure that the customers have a good experience when buying used cars and do not face hassles.

Those who are interested in buying and selling used cars are recommended to get in touch with Peter Grubisic.


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