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Kurmet Aubakirov, the Founder of IBC Group: The Kazakh Cultural Legacy is More Alive Than Ever With Innovative Series of Books

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December 22, 2022 GMT

This article features a project for Kazakhs that want to keep their culture alive in America.

Miami, Florida, United States - December 22, 2022 —

Studying and living in another country is a challenging endeavor for everyone. Most people would give anything for an opportunity to study in a country like the US, but this requires a major lifestyle change. Although it’s worth it, changing one’s environment can be shocking. They suddenly find themselves in an unfamiliar place, among new people, with new dishes, a new currency, and a whole new culture.

Kazakhstan: a land of great resources and meaningful culture

Living in a foreign country is a powerful experience that changes us. There’s something unique in every culture that enriches us, and ex-pats know that this exchange is quite beneficial. Getting out of one’s comfort zone, i.e., the same place, people, and way of living gives us a sense of perspective that becomes a priceless asset in one’s life.


Moreover, people from Kazakhstan come from a great country, indeed, one of the best in the world, with a history spanning 550 years. The country’s roots go way back to a state that was called Kazakh Khanate, founded by Janibek Khan and Kerei Khan in 1465. With the 9th largest territory, Kazakhstan boasts important natural resources like the second-largest uranium and chromium reserves. It’s also one of the richest countries when it comes to culture, with 131 ethnicities.

The challenges of Kazakhs living abroad

Language is the core of every culture. One can say a lot about a person’s mind structure by understanding how they speak and put together sentences, in other words, how they think. This matter becomes even most important for families living abroad or young couples that soon start having children in a new land.

Everything around the children will be in the local language which they will learn at school, at birthday parties, on TV, and at extracurricular activities. In many cases, the native language is spoken at home, but this is not enough. Moreover, parents usually don’t have the time to teach the alphabet or train them in grammar and spelling.

A solution for those who want to learn the Kazakh language

Kurmet Aubakirov, the founder of IBC group, has brought a solution for English native speakers, or children of Kazakhs living in America, that want to learn the language. Kurmet is a citizen of Kazakhstan living in the United States, who actively promotes his native language. With the goal of maintaining his culture alive, he helps other ex-pats reconnect with their cultural roots.


So, the company IBC released the book “Alphabet”. Kurmet felt that there was a need for a resource that helps the Kazakh community in the United States to maintain their language and legacy alive. Designed both for children and adults, they launched a Kazakh-English alphabet to promote the language and also the love and respect for this great country.

Readers will find an innovative learning solution. It comes with a modern approach through games. Children can listen to the pronunciation and scan the interactive QR code to make the learning process even easier and more fun. The book presents letters in the Latin alphabet so that they can adapt it from the Cyrillic.


In essence, this book aims to create a bond between the youngsters and the Kazakh culture, as this language is a common code that unites all generations into one single cultural path.

Nonetheless, the book helps not only children. English-speaking persons can have a direct approach to the Kazakh language. Whether they want to visit this country for business or pleasure, they have an excellent resource to rely on. Before arriving in Kazakhstan, they will know the basics: the alphabet, the most commonly used sentences, traditional tales, and national folklore. In other words, the cultural differences will be much less shocking, and the visitors will be able to make the most out of their trips.

Every language is the heart of a nation and a way for young children to learn the stories of their ancestors and understand the greatness of their nation. For this, learning the native language is vital. This is also a way for the nation to grow in the eyes of the world.


Thanks to this book, children can learn in an entertaining way and reach a special level of understanding, also respecting their parents, grandparents, ancestors, and their own history. Likewise, English-speaking people can have a comprehensive learning experience approaching the Kazakh roots right from the beginning.

Kurmet Aubakirov’s work and legacy

Thanks to his persistence and hard work, Kurmet Aubakirov received the EB1-A visa in the United States. This is a unique residency status granted only to foreign nationals who are highly qualified in their field of work.

Born in 1986, Kurmet was raised by two teachers. While his mom taught the first grades, his father was a dedicated art teacher working with young children. When Kurmet finished school in 2003, he began studying mechanics and mathematics at the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.


He got married in 2009 and began his career in business, starting with traditional ones, like product retail, and slowly shifting to more innovative sectors like cryptocurrency. A few years later they settled in America with their three children and started to help foreigners that wanted to access advanced education in the United States including programs like master’s degrees.

Now, Kurmet is doing great work to keep his culture alive not only in the United States but also in the world. The series of books presented by IBC started with the Alphabet, but new levels will soon be released. This includes beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, and upper intermediate.

The future seems bright for Kazakh descendants in America, as IBC is planning to establish testing programs similar to IELTS and TOEFL.

All in all, Kurmet Aubakirov is the perfect example of a person that doesn’t give up. A businessman who is not afraid to leave his comfort zone and go after his dreams. Now, his legacy will also be a cultural one, thanks to his efforts in preserving the Kazakh language and culture.

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