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USPA Nationwide Security: 2022 Review

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Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 23, 2022 GMT
USPA Nationwide Security: 2022 Review
USPA Nationwide Security: 2022 Review

In 2022, USPA gave millions to charity, rescued women in Ukraine, located missing people across the USA, and promoted Tier-1 Operators within the company

“During 2023, the USPA will announce their partnership with an avant-garde technology company that will enhance the safety of large venues and city streets”— Daniel Manning, CEO

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, December 23, 2022/ / -- It has been Daniel Manning’s responsibility over the last year for USPA Nationwide Security to provide exceptional support throughout the USA in response to the compounding crises of the pandemic, as well as to continue providing free protective services to stranded women and children during the conflict in Ukraine, as well as humanitarian relief and financial assistance. Because of their extensive portfolio of work in security guard services, close protection, intelligence, and VIP security on six continents, they produced sufficient surplus cash to share with Kingsman’s nonprofit organization, which in turn used the funds to perform rescues across the globe in 2022.


Here are USPA’s Top 2022 News Headlines:

[Yahoo News] USPA Nationwide Security Pledges $1M Yearly to Locate Missing Children
USPA’s Executive Management and American philanthropists, Daniel Manning (CEO), Brian Fitzgibbons (VP), together with Michael Evans, the founder, have pledged to donate $75,000+ per month to fund investigations and rescues of missing children across the USA.

[TechVersions] USPA Establishes a Division for Autonomous Security Technology
USPA Nationwide Security has announced a new autonomous security system in their service line. In September, USPA will offer the deployment of next-generation drones to its clientele.

[Security Systems News] USPA Strives for Zero Carbon Emissions in 2023
Global security guard company USPA Nationwide Security announced that it has reached a new milestone in its journey toward being a zero-carbon emission company.

[Yahoo Finance] USPA Launches America’s First Responsive AI Security Training Program
USPA Nationwide Security rolled out its fully responsive artificial intelligence technology to train security personnel and fire guards. The cutting-edge courses combine programmed rules and human-like instincts to improve the content as the AI continues to learn


[AP News] USPA Nationwide Security Expands Witness Protection Program
The witness security service that was once set aside for women only is now being offered to anyone in need by the international security firm.

[NBC News] Rescue Team Works to Extract People from War-Torn Ukraine
USPA deployed teams of rescue workers to evacuate women and children in Ukraine

[Fox 40 News] USPA helps find missing Roseville Woman
USPA Nationwide Security, a Florida-based company, said they deployed Rodney Brown, private investigator and former Navy Seal, to help in the investigation

[Florida News] USPA shares profits with charities following large-scale security operation at Art Basel
USPA Nationwide Security decided to make charitable donations in the names of the clients who trusted them with their protection this year.


[NBC 6 News] USPA Providing Free Emergency Evacuation Services to Women and Children in Areas Hit Hard by Hurricane Ian
USPA Nationwide Security has refocused their philanthropic efforts to providing free emergency evacuations of women and children in low-lying areas of Florida’s West Coast

[Digital Journal] A Cyber Security Service has been Launched by USPA Nationwide Security
A service previously available only to government clients is now available to private businesses in Miami. Cybersecurity specialists at USPA are professionals in the field of network security, software platform security, and data center security.

Key Personnel & Promotions in 2022:

Appointment of Michael Evans to the position of Director of Government Services and Clandestine Team Leader

Promotion of Brian Fitzgibbons to Director of Security

Promotion of Rodney Brown to the position of Investigative Lead & Director of Close Protection Service


Promotion of Mike Edwards to the position of VIP Security & Deployment Team Leader

Promotion of Adam White to the position of Director of Intelligence Services

2022 Milestones for USPA Nationwide Security:

A report published in 2022 ranks USPA among the top 10 largest security guard firms in the world by revenue. Market Analysis Report for USPA Nationwide Security 2022

In 2022, USPA assisted hundreds of women around the world.

Recently, Fox News reported on the investigation and location of a missing woman in Sacramento, California.

During the year, USPA rescued women and children in Ukraine and transported them to neighboring Poland for their safety. The USPA then provided financial support to the women and their children, some of whom are still receiving support today.

In addition to charitable donations, USPA made humanitarian contributions to women in need of housing, food, and education. During the year 2022, USPA provided scholarships to certain children attending private schools as well as sponsoring an entire children’s sports organization (Lax Mafia) in Uganda.


Towards the future:

USPA has invested heavily in cutting-edge technology that will be implemented in 2023. The adoption of this technology will build on the momentum of the Artificial Intelligence technology the company has been using since this fall.

During 2023, USPA will announce their partnership with an avant-garde technology company that will enhance the safety of large venues and city streets.

USPA Nationwide Security in Review

USPA Nationwide Security, a subsidiary of the USPA Corporation, is a national security firm that provides traditional and armed guard services in North America. The company has been in business since 2005 and has a cumulative revenue of over $1 billion.

In addition to providing traditional and armed guards, USPA offers security solutions to private and governmental clients. They are known for combining traditional security methods with 21st century updates. This includes a new AI-driven security training program that will save the firm millions of dollars over the next decade.

The company’s philanthropic efforts include donating up to 50% of their profits to charity. The Kingsman Foundation, which supports victims of human trafficking, is one of their beneficiaries. Another is the National Institute for Justice, which helps to investigate crimes against women and children.

USPA has a strong franchise network that is committed to environmental initiatives. As part of this effort, it has replaced gas-powered patrol cars with electric vehicles.

USPA also conducts security training to educate its security contractors. With the use of AI-driven technology, it is able to provide security training to its contractors at their own pace.

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