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Rust Gambling Sites 2023: Free Cases, Skins & Top Games

PRESS RELEASE: Paid content from News Direct Corporation
Press release content from News Direct Corporation. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 15, 2022 GMT

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You already know that Rust skins are valuable, so you’re interested in gambling. Because it’s a fun and quick way to win yourself valuable and rare skins that you can sell for top money… But are all the Rust gambling sites trustworthy?

We solved this problem by creating a ranking of the Best Rust gambling sites in 2023, after evaluating the entire market. All of our selected sites have passed through strict filters, to ensure that they can bring you the type of Rust gambling experience that you deserve.

Best Rust Gambling Sites in 2023

Each one of the Rust casinos in this ranking has been properly reviewed, filtered and ranked, to make it easy for you to select your ideal site. Here is a list of the best Rust gambling sites:


If you want to know more about each site in particular, then you will find the complete reviews below.

Howl.GG:Best Overall Rust Gambling Site

Howl.GG is the #1 Rust gambling site nowadays because it has an outstanding number of online users throughout the day (liquidity), a great catalog of games such as Rust Roulette, Coinflip, and Slots, and a massive welcome bonus.

Furthermore, it will bring you a FREE daily Rust case that you can open to win more skins, all without spending a single cent. In addition to other promotions such as their seasonal Jackpots and giveaways.

The game animations are outstanding, and hence, your gambling experience will be satisfactory. It’s also great on mobile, so it’s pretty complete in basically all the aspects that matter when evaluating a Rust gambling site.

The only thing we’d improve is the 6% average rake on coinflip and jackpot games. Other than that, Howl.GG is still the king of all the Rust gambling sites nowadays.

CSGO500:Best for Crypto

If you want to play at Rust casinos with cryptocurrencies, then look no further than CSGO500. This platform, which is already a rockstar in the world of CS:GO gambling, is also an excellent option when it comes to gambling with Rust skins and cases.


It supports cryptocurrencies such as BTC, USDT, ETH, DOGE, LTC, XRP, and SOL. It’s the most complete Rust casino when it comes to crypto, so if that’s the payment method you want to use, then CSGO500 is the way to go.

This site will also reward you with free cash that you can use on their big selection of games that include Rust Duels, Roulette, Crash, Plinko, and online and live casino games.

The only downside of CSGO500 is that it limits many countries. So, to make sure that this Rust gambling site is available to you, simply visit the website. If it’s available to you, then you will be able to sign up and play without problems.

RustyLoot:Best for Rust Mines

RustyLoot is one of the newest Rust gambling sites in the industry, but it has managed to position itself as one of the best options nowadays, alongside solid Rust casinos such as CSGO500 and Howl.GG.


RustyLoot offers a solid free welcome bonus, so you can play games like Coinflip, Plinko, Wheel, Mines, and PVP Mines without risk.

Rustyloot is the best Rust gambling website when it comes to playing PVP Mines, because it has the perfect level of liquidity (online users), an easy-to-use interface, lots of options for customization, and an exciting theme alongside great animations.

Furthermore, this site also offers excellent customer support service via live chat, and generous rakebacks rewards on jackpot games, which makes it superior to CSGO500 in this aspect.

The only downside of RustyLoot is that it’s infrequent when it comes to coinflip games, so if it’s that a problem for you, you should check other sites from our list such as Bandit Camp.

RustStake:Best for Rust Roulette

RustStake is great in many senses: it offers a generous welcome bonus of a random free Rust skin that can cost up to $1,400, a solid Jackpot, great promos and giveaways, but when it comes to Rust Roulette, it’s the best option nowadays.


RustState is the best site for playing Rust Roulette because it has multiple betting options, as opposed to the other Rust Roulette games available on other platforms. Here you can create more advanced strategies, and hence, you could end up winning more skins.

It also offers a solid Rust Skin Upgrader, free gems (free cash), a loyalty program, and a great interface on mobile. All in all, we can fully recommend this Rust gambling site to you.

However, we must note that this site has a limited number of deposit methods, so that’s a disadvantage to consider.

RustReaper:Best for Rust Crash

If all you want to play is Rust Crash, then look no further than RustReaper. We recommend it for playing Crash because the interface is easy to use, the animations are spot on, you can play a round every 5 seconds, and you can claim exclusive bonuses for this game.

However, RustReaper has more to bring to the table. It’s also great for playing Rust Blackjack, Hi-Lo, Rust Slots, Plinko, and Roulette. Furthermore, it also has a solid welcome bonus of free cash, and tons of promotions for existing users.


You can also play at RustReaper from your smartphone or tablet without problems. Once again, it’s also the best Rust casino for playing mobile Rust Roulette, since it adapts perfectly to the majority of devices.

The only downsides of this platform are that it only allows you to withdraw with Rust skins and that it excludes countries such as the USA and Germany.

RustClash:Best for Rust Plinko

RustClash is one of our favorite sites because it brings you a generous welcome bonus of 3 FREE cases, which can make you win pretty valuable skins if you’re lucky enough.

However, it’s also the top website when it comes to playing Rust Plinko because the interface is ideal, it hosts several rounds per hour, it pays over 900x as the max prize, and you can claim exclusive bonuses for playing it.

It’s also a solid choice for opening Rust cases, playing PVP games, coinflip, and upgrading skins.

It also hosts seasonal events and giveaways that can fill your pockets with lots of skins and cash, if you’re lucky enough to win one of the biggest prizes.

The only downside to note is that the website can be a bit confusing on desktop or mobile when you use it for the first time. However, other than that, it’s an excellent option for wagering your Rust skins.

RustBet:Best for Rust Jackpot

Simply put, if you want to play Jackpot games, then look no further than RustBet. Even though it only accepts Rust Skins as their unique payment method, if you’re a die-hard fan of the game, then you won’t have problems with it.

We rate it as the best site for playing Rust Jackpot because you have lots of rounds every, and the pot can get pretty big, so it makes sense to play at RustBet if your main focus is testing your luck at Jackpot.

They offer a solid welcome bonus that consists of a free case spin up to $50, and that’s a good prize since you don’t have to deposit any skin to claim it.

Bandit Camp:Best for PvP Gambling

If you want to focus on PvP Rust gambling, then Bandit Camp will deliver the kind of games and experience you’re looking for. And since it will bring you free cash as a welcome bonus, you can test their games without risk.

Bandit Camp offers the following ways of PvP gambling: Crate Battles, Coinflip Duels and Spinner Duels. They all remove the house edge from the deal, and since the website has tons of liquidity, you can play all day long if you wish to.

This website also offers two iconic games: Roulette and Beancan Blast. Both of them involve the house, but if you get a bit tired from PvP, then here you will find another way for wagering your skins.

How to Join a Rust Casino in 5 Steps

Have you already selected your favorite Rust gambling site from our list? Then it’s time to join it, and you can do it in only 5 steps:

Don’t forget to use your promo code, so you can take advantage of the exclusive welcome bonuses that our recommended sites will bring you.

And you don’t have to stop at only one site, because you can join as many as you want from our list, so you can play their best games and take advantage of their bonuses, to win even more Rust cases and skins.

What are the Pros and Cons of Rust Gambling Sites?

Rust gambling has lots of pros, but it also has some disadvantages you should consider. Here you’ll find a proper breakdown, so you can decide yourself if you should wager your skins at our recommended sites or not.

The Pros of Rust Gambling

Let’s explore the multiple advantages of Rust gambling:

  • You can claim lots of bonuses to obtain free Rust skins and cases

  • You can obtain big prizes (skins and cash)

  • Rust gambling games are easy and fun to play

  • You can win daily cases and skins for free

  • You can take part in seasonal giveaways

Wagering your cases/skins is a fun way to obtain more valuable items. Keep in mind that there’s always a risk of losing it all, but if you manage it smartly, then you can use this form of gambling to fill your inventory with rare and valuable skins.

The Cons of Rust Gambling

Even though Rust gambling is full of advantages, there are some cons that you need to consider:

  • If you don’t manage it properly, you can lose all of your skins and cash

  • Some games like Rust Crash can be highly volatile

  • There’s no guarantee that you will obtain valuable prizes.

All in all, gambling is always risky and there’s no guarantee that you will obtain something good in return, but this is the very same thing that makes it exciting. Therefore, if you can administer bankroll properly, then you should give Rust gambling a try.

How We Picked the Best Rust Gambling Websites

If you want to learn more about how we selected each one of the sites from our ranking, then you’ll find all the relevant information in this section. Let’s show you how we select, filter and rank Rust casinos.

Is the Rust casino licensed, audited and Provably Fair?

The first stage of the review process is to check if the Rust casino has been licensed and audited. In addition, it also needs to use a system like Provably Fair, to ensure that all the results from the games and features (such as the Rust Skin Upgrader) are random.

Does the Rust gambling site offer good games?

You’re joining a Rust gambling site because you want to win more skins, but also because you want to have some fun playing fun and exciting games. For example, we look for games such as Rust Crash, Roulette, Mines, Poker, Hi-Lo, CSGO Case Opening, Case Battles, Mines Battles, Rust Coinflip, etc.

We test each one of the games to check if they have enough liquidity, a user-friendly interface, an entertaining theme, good prizes, bonuses, etc.

Does the site bring generous bonuses, promos and giveaways?

Once we verify that a site offers good games such as Rust Roulette, Rust Crash or Rust Mines, we proceed to check the quality of their bonuses, promotions and giveaways. The offers will change depending on the site, but as a general rule, our recommended sites will bring you the following:

  • Free Rust Skins and Cases

  • Free coins and cash to gamble

  • Seasonal and special giveaways for free skins and cases

  • Bonuses on your deposits

  • Loyalty programs

  • Real cash prizes

  • Etc.

Our sites offer the best promotions, bonuses and giveaways from all the Rust casinos in existence. From daily cases to big bonuses of free skins and free cash, you stand to win a lot at our recommended sites.

Is the site safe?

A proper Rust casino needs to implement the necessary online security measures to protect their users. To ensure that your information, assets and money will remain protected, our recommended sites implement the following solutions:

  • History free from hacks or data leaks

  • SSL certificate issued by a competent firm

  • DDoS protection

  • Reliable Content Distribution Network

All of our sites will protect your privacy, assets, and money. We’ve carefully analyzed them to make sure that they’re safe and reliable.

Is the Rust casino mobile friendly?

Even though it’s not a strict filter, we also evaluate how mobile friendly a Rust gambling website is, because we know that some users might prefer to play from their smartphone versus their desktop.

We check their mobile website and/or app, to ensure that it loads fast, adapts perfectly to the majority of resolutions, screens and devices, and that it brings you access to the majority of the games and content available on the main website.

All in all, we test everything in terms of mobile-friendliness, to make sure that you can play from your smartphone or tablet without problems.

Does it offer good customer support service?

It is also fundamental for a proper Rust casino to offer a good customer support service. We verify this by checking how many support channels they offer (live chat, email, phone, forum, etc.), their response time, turnaround time on complex issues, etc.

Best Strategies for Rust Skin Betting

If you want to make the most out of Rust gambling, then you need to apply the right strategies. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Only wager the skins or cash you’re comfortable with losing, in case things don’t turn out in your favor

  • Set realistic profit goals

  • Set clear loss limits

  • Follow a strategy for each game

  • Limit the time you spend on Rust gambling sites

  • Claim bonuses, promos and giveaways whenever possible.

Simply put, follow a plan, and when luck is smiling to you, exploit it the best you can. However, when luck turns its back to you, then it’s time to call it a day and come back later.

Rust skins gambling represents the same risks and opportunities of other types of gambling such as online casino games, CSGO gambling sites, slots, etc. You never know what the final outcome will be.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

In case you still have questions about Rust gambling, worry not. This section will clear all of your doubts, so you can get started today.

Are Rust gambling sites legal?

As long as your country or region considers online gambling as legal, then you can play at Rust casinos without problems. However, it’s worth checking if the Rust gambling site you want to join allows users from your region.

Is Rust gambling rigged?

As long as the Rust gambling site has been licensed, audited and is Provably Fair, then you can rest assured that the games or the platform won’t be rigged against you. This is why it’s critical to only choose sites that have been properly analyzed, such as the ones from our ranking, because they all are licensed, audited and use a Provably Fair system.

Can you earn real money at Rust casinos?

Yes, because Rust skins are worth real money. You can cash out your skins or sell them for cash at our recommended sites, making it possible to turn this into your own side hustle or even a business. In fact, many users use Rust skins gambling as an additional source of income, making it more profitable than similar activities such as playing Axie Infinity, for example.

Can you claim daily cases at Rust gambling sites?

Yes, if the Rust casino offers a bonus of free daily cases, then you can claim them every day. Make sure to meet the requirements of the offer, so you can obtain your cases and skins without problems.

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