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The Uncharted NFT shake hands on a Multimillion dollar deal with GAXSYS Holding AG

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Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 22, 2022 GMT
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GAXSYS Holding AG Has a 10 year track record
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GAXSYS Holding AG Has a 10 year track record

GAXSYS Holding AG is a Swiss based firm with undisclosed funds under management, this is a game changer for The Uncharted.

“Working with GAXSYS Holding AG gives us the full confidence that client Monies are safe and traded by the experts in this field”— Andrew Ritchings Director

MAYFAIR, LONDON, December 22, 2022/ / -- GAXSYS Holding AG, is based in Switzerland and operates as a boutique Asset & Wealth Management firm, the firm has invested in the crypto company,


- GAXSYS Holding AG is a seasoned and forward-thinking boutique asset management company founded in 2007. The company has accumulated expertise in the financial market spanning over 120 years. Their expertise is to provide their customers with personally optimized wealth management solutions specifically suited to meet their requirements in terms of their financial situation. The mission of GaxsysHolding, which is implicit in the company’s name, is to align and reflect traditional Swiss financial etiquette, values, and service quality within the context of a highly regulated asset management environment worldwide.
About us


- GAXSYS Holding AG is 100% privately owned and 100% independent. We, like most of our clients, are entrepreneurs and understand that each strategy requires exceptional attention to detail and focus to execute.

- As a trusted partner through your life cycle of investments, we offer an honest and realistic assessment of your investment needs. Our long-term core group of clients value our trust, discretion, dedication and commitment to building sustainable investment solutions. We maintain our core value of being client-centric in all that we do and firmly believe that we are only successful if our clients are successful.

- By taking the time to understand your investment needs, we build a bespoke investment strategy that meets your requirements over an economic cycle. Our goal is to design the most efficient portfolio for each client’s risk profile and to focus on an optimal asset allocation for a given level of risk.

- Through enhanced macroeconomic analysis, we constantly strive to outperform defined benchmark portfolios and to deliver superior returns based on your specific investment profile.


- Together with our partners, we use market leading research and enhanced due diligence to select the best performing investment managers of proven skill and consistency.

- GAXSYS Holding AG is committed to the highest level of client response and communication. Our clients rely on direct, hands-on communication with our highly skilled team of professional advisors. Through informed financial guidance and proactive service approach, we create the foundation for long-term success.

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The Uncharted

Background story

In the early 21st century, the domain of space was reserved exclusively for the wealthy and powerful. Private entities sold access to simple, hours-long planetary orbital cruises. Militaries and nations fought to maintain and control access to near and deep space exploration. They failed to contain humanity.


Today, deep space exploration & tourism is open to all, extending humanity’s reach into the unknown… Into The Uncharted.

The Uncharted is an NFT project bridging the gap between TradFi and Web 3. We are selling 21,000 NFT’s to keen adventurers. 100% of money raised will be submitted to HFT powered by XETA This is underpinned by Algorithms and Traders to generate revenue for the NFT holders, these large financial institutions are normally only available for the HNW and sophisticated market with million dollar entry levels (the rich Getting richer!) Now with DeFi meeting TradFI you now have the opportunity to control your destiny.

The Funds on past performance have generated up to 20% per month, this is a compounded structure that can send profits sky high!!! A percentage of these profits will be distributed to NFT holders every quarter via an airdrop. The NFT’s have a 3 year term, after 3 years the fund will be split between the NFT holder and The Uncharted. For more information see our website and play around with the calculator.


The project is run by a very strong team of founders

Captain & CEO
Mark Johnson
Mark has over 15 years in the global financial markets. He has helped many start-ups raise initial capital, taking some from start-ups to IPO listing on NASDAQ AND LSE. Since 2016 Mark has been heavily involved in the cryptocurrency space and was a key advisor in launching AlphaBit Fund—one of the first cryptocurrency funds to outperform BTC. Other noteworthy projects include LaunchPool, TAP Global, BOXVN Logistics, and Bubblr.

First Officer
Andrew Ritchings
As Founder of Thomas Kelly Holdings Ltd, a boutique private consultancy firm whose primary focus is equity bonds and Crypto-Focused Venture Capital funding, Andrew’s unique experience (not only in the financial sector but in the NFT space as well) brings a unique perspective to The Moov team. Integrity, communication, and transparency are always at the heart of all of Andrew’s business practices. A qualified Financial Planner with CMAP and FPC 1,2.


XO/Chief Intelligence Officer
Jonny Seymour
Jonny’s deep dive into the Web3, Metaverse, cryptocurrency and NFT space has afforded him extensive experience and understanding of this rapidly expanding technology/finance sector. His recent executive-level responsibilities with Web3 companies, along with engagements at the House of Lords and Magna Carta House, have shown that his knowledge base is not only unique but invaluable to both private and institutional investors.

Navigation Officer
Nick Thompson
As a Senior Digital Design Lead with over 15 years of professional experience in B2B and B2C design for online applications and print, Nick’s creativity, attention to detail, focus on user experience, and passion for traditional and digital art makes him uniquely qualified to assist The Uncharted voyage of discovery.

Mission Director
Chris Thompson
With 10 years of experience in the UK financial industry and working with a wide variety of business entities, Chris brings a wide range of investment and capital funding experience to the Uncharted team.
In the last two years, he achieved a personal goal of turning his passion for cryptocurrencies and NFTs into a vibrant career. As CTO of Exito, Chris’ primary focus has been solidifying the company investment portfolio as well as managing the NFT portfolios of private Exitos clients.

Mark Johnson
The Uncharted
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