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Introducing Innovative Smart Portfolio- First of its kind financial instrument

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Press release content from KISSPR. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 24, 2022 GMT

12/24/2022, Los Angeles // KISS PR Brand Story PressWire //

Presenting SmartPortfolio to make it easy for investors to make wise investment decisions. It is an innovative way to personal investment, first of its kind financial instrument with a maximum number of assets joined under a thematic umbrella. These themes could be about the market trends like technology, gaming, and clean energy revolving around traditional industries like banking, oil, or health care.

The portfolios utilize dynamic asset allocation, giving space to different approaches to offer the best of the worlds, adhering to the changes in market conditions. The Smart portfolio is based on a long-term basis, advanced data, and future goals. These assets are measured according to particular metrics, including revenues, market cap, and R&D expenditure.

Assets are in varied themes spanning vast regions, sub-sectors, and classes. Each portfolio is created and managed using particular and distinct methods and procedures. Each has its risk management and consideration tools.


Types of Smart Portfolios that could meet your investment strategy needs:

Regional: Invest in researched portfolios depending on the specific region with projected growth and global impact.

Thematic: Make way for diversified exposure to leading sectors, industries, and themes to choose.

Partners: It is a collaboration of millions of users, investment managers, and data research companies.

There is an extensive range of trends, top markets, and industries with different categories, including travel and leisure, life sciences, financial and payments, food and beverage, and others.

The Smart Portfolio can automatically copy different assets depending on investment strategy. It helps investors to diversify their portfolios, reduce risk, and avail benefit of recent market position.

Each asset is a single investment offering the same proportional amount as a percentage of allocated funds, similar to copying another investor.

These portfolios work like multiple traders operating simultaneously with many positions opened, so the minimum amount required to invest in it is $500. However, there are no management fees or investment costs. The profit and loss attributed to the same are shown in equity to help investors realize their profit from Smart Portfolio by closing investing. The funds will get in the available balance.


It offers thoroughly researched asset models for investments with the expectation to precisely measure risk and expect a return on securities and markets. These are long-term solutions employing dynamic investment approaches and solutions with diversified exposure, no management fees, and no hidden charges. The objective is to look out for the major trends in respective markets, expected to make an incredible impact shortly. Presented industries can stay for a long and are considered appropriate for future investment goals. Each asset is thoroughly researched.


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