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“Bachata For All”: A New Initiative from San Jose Bachata Nights LLC

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Press release content from KISSPR. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
January 11, 2023 GMT
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"Bachata For All": A New Initiative from San Jose Bachata Nights LLC
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"Bachata For All": A New Initiative from San Jose Bachata Nights LLC

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CONTACT: Michael Galindo,

“Bachata For All”: A New Initiative from San Jose Bachata Nights LLC

We are writing to let you know about our new initiative, “Bachata For All.”

We know how special it can be for all walks of life; enhancing personal growth, development, self-expression - even bringing about cultural transformation in communities around the world. As part of this mission, we’re excited today to announce an exclusive new initiative: “Bachata For All”!


The owner of San Jose Bachata Nights LLC, Michael Galindo, was born and raised in an area where the opportunity to access the basics of dance, such as uniforms and proper attire, wasn’t always available. Having access to the right resources can mean all the difference; he knows this firsthand. Looking back on more challenging times, had he been able to benefit from those same opportunities that are available now, it would have made a world of difference in his life and development.


The Problem:

No one should ever be denied the joy of dance due to lack of resources. San Jose Bachata Nights LLC is dedicated to empowering youth living in underdeveloped communities so they can move and express themselves through this beautiful artform!

What happens if nothing is done?

Our youth are too often faced with negative outcomes (i.e., getting into trouble, jail, or getting incarcerated). That’s why offering the lively and defining benefits of dance to young people in our area is so important- we can give them physical movement that builds courage, fosters teamwork, brings discipline, focus and even positive connection! Empowering kids through dancing gives us an opportunity to cultivate both strength and harmony within their lives - connecting not just individuals but whole communities together as they take part in strengthening activities while having fun.

What is possible with our project?

As our children prepare for their future careers and aspirations, we have an obligation to ensure they are equipped with the necessary tools needed to succeed. This includes providing them a structured system of checks & balances that rewards excellence in academics while also fostering strong community ties through dance participation. By offering these pathways towards success via Bachata Dance instruction, it’s possible to cultivate tomorrow’s professional dancers!


Here are the goals we are looking to accomplish by April 4th, 2023:

*Raise $60k by April 4th, 2023, to purchase dance shoes and clothing for kids that are enrolled in our project.

*Teach 300 people in underdeveloped areas on how to dance bachata.
*Enroll 60 volunteers to assist with teaching bachata at our community sponsored event.

*Get Adidas to sponsor our campaign.

*Get the project supported by the local community by having our project published in local news outlets.

Calling all community superheroes interested in making a positive impact!

We need your help to bring this inspiring project to life and could use an extra media boost. If that sounds like something you would be passionate about, then please reach out to us for details!


Thank you for your time,

San Jose Bachata Nights LLC

About San Jose Bachata Nights LLC

San Jose Bachata Nights is committed to the transformation of the world through dance & music.

San Jose Bachata Nights is a full-service event production company that offers DJ services, bachata events, bachata classes, bachata private lessons, and a bachata dance team.

San Jose Bachata Nights is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer and Affirmative Action Employer.

Our mission is to make a difference in the world by delivering high-quality bachata dance classes and events while providing a warm, welcoming, safe, and inclusive space for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, or religion.

For inquiries, please visit us at




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