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Meet Joaquin Lopez, the Author of Exiled, Redemption, and The Chosen One

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January 6, 2023 GMT
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Learn more about this combined Faith, Magic/Sorcery, and Romance book

EDINBURG, TEXAS, UNITED STATES , January 6, 2023/ / -- When Jack is a boy, his family and friends are torn apart. The King and the royal court are killed in his sight. He must now grow up on his own in a faraway nation. Jack, who was raised by a simple plainsmen tribe, must survive and navigate his way back home. All he has is his word, and he believes in the Gods. Prior to the princess ascending to the kingdom, he promised his best buddy that he would not take a break. The foundation of his steadiness in life is this pledge.

See how Jack, a little child, grows up on the Rumalian Plains after making it through the Crystal Desert. He must consider both his family and his vow. He has sworn to get back at the Freedom Fighters. Jack lives the best life as he can without being aware that the Gods are keeping an eye on him. The Gods determine his fate while he waits as the long-promised Chosen One.


Princess Linda, who Jack refers to as Linnie, grows up in secret at a duke’s manor in the north. She develops a close friendship with the Duke’s daughter and tells her all there is to know about Jack. Years may pass, but Linda will never forget her friend Jack. She is the only one who still holds out hope that he would return as promised.

Jack’s mother is compelled to work at the palace for the queen she despises the most; queen of conquest who banished her own son. She is aware in her heart that her son somehow is still alive. She lives her life clinging to this hope, pleading with the gods to let her see him again.

The victorious queen Ariel settles into the palace and takes control of The Kingdom like she is unaware that Rumalia exists beyond the Crystal Desert. She ruled without realizing that there were already conspiracies afoot in Rumalia and throughout the Kingdom.

South Texas Rio Grande Valley is where Joaquin was born. He was a migrant agricultural worker growing up.

He worked hard in school because he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life doing this. Following high school, he started attending night classes while working full-time at a bank. Several years later, he finished his accounting degree. He started reading The Odyssey while attending college at night.


Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time books, which introduced him to the genre. He continues to work full-time in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas at a bank. He enjoys reading science fiction/fantasy.

He loved the fantasy genre of fiction so much that he tried writing himself.

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The Chosen One: The God Stone Trilogy

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