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Woke Coloring Books are hilarious but “Woke is Broke” says US Publisher

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Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 30, 2022 GMT
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"Woke is Broke" Coloring Book
1 of 3
"Woke is Broke" Coloring Book

American coloring book publisher Wayne Bell reports on some of the worst selling woke books of 2022. Laughable money losers went the Woke Coloring Books.

“Woke or comedic type books such as Karen, while funny or reflective of national opinion, never come close to trumping the revenues of a Ted Cruz book or any similiar political book.”— N. Wayne Bell

ST. LOUIS, MO, USA, December 30, 2022/ / -- During the last 24 months Bell has published books on Karen, an official “Woke Coloring Book”, Serial Killers, political leaders and other cultural event or satirical books based on real life. The Woke Coloring books are laughable money losers. Critics of the offical Woke Coloring Book line say wokeness and the woke crowd promotes division and subversive feelings. Some even saying the woke agenda promotes harm in others lives. Our goal is to promote freedom of speech and the freedom of the press, and in typical American fashion, people passionately agree or disagree on even the word Woke itself”, said Bell.

St. Louis based coloring book publisher N. Wayne Bell has published millions of books. “Our company strives for high customer satisfaction, for diversity, cultural awareness and acceptance in the wide variety of topics we publish”, states Bell. “Consumers are the deciding sales factor in the book business. You can promote products, shine them up, make them sound fantastic, but it’s the working adults that vote on success with their purchases or lack thereof”.

Bell and his, astounding world of coloring books, as reported by book critic Ron Charles of the Washington Post. (*1) You will find right next to their Being Gay is Okay book, proudly stands the Ted Cruz Coloring and Activity Books. Bell states the Ted Cruz book is a six figure seller and he wishes the Woke book products would match even 10% of those sales. It’s the inclusiveness and diversity of products that make a publisher successful, the public will create or deny a books success”.

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