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Explore Authors Magazine presents its list of hottest new books to read in 2023

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Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
January 11, 2023 GMT
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Our Living Mind: Being-Alive (Book One)
1 of 3
Our Living Mind: Being-Alive (Book One)

It’s an exciting new year for books. Grab a warm cup of java and curl up with a book from Explore Authors Magazine’s list of hottest new books to read in 2023.

“New Year, and lots of new books to read. Expand your personal library with exciting new books from Explore Authors Magazine’s list of hottest new books to read in 2023.”— Explore Authors Magazine

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2023/ / -- Available in paperback, eBook, and hardcover via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and fine retailers everywhere.

The Living Mind: Being-Alive (Book One) by Lewis Holt dives into the mind, consciousness, and how it all works within the human brain. An intriguing look at the metaphysical will enlighten and enthrall readers. Blue Rose Books, 979-8987441206

The Drug Tampering Trial by Tom Breen follows protagonist, hard-hitting Brad Bradford, in this taunt, fast-paced crime thriller sure to captivate readers. BBradford Books, 979-8986518503


James E. Larson’s book is so “punny” it will leave readers in stitches. Enjoy the wordplay and fun puns in Pundemonium! Volume 1 and 2. Lefse Press, 979-8987439203 , 9798987439227

The Tangled Web by Cheryl Corriveau follows a widow who is reinstated into the FBI while tracking the man she once loved across the globe, learning there’s more to him than meets the eye in this exciting international spy thriller. Endless Endeavors Publishing, 979-8-9872331-0-8

A mysterious, and possibly dangerous, new student arrives at a high school in The Darkest Side of the Moon by M.C. Ryder, an intriguing, dark, mysterious mythological fantasy that young adults are sure to love. M.E.C. Publishing, 979-8987074602

Golfing with Lewis and Clark: My Rediscovery of America follows author Lex McMillan as he traces the steps of the discoverers Lewis and Clark across the United States. Educational and insightful. Path Finder Books, 979-8987074404

″...Still” by R.L Morgan tells the story of one man’s romantic but gut-wrenching breakup with the woman he loves and the trials of a relationship on the brink of coming to an end. Riveting. Nokar Press, 9798987349120

The Women in Me: How They Helped me Survive and Thrive by Nancy Maloney-Mercado and Jackie O’Donnell is an inspirational memoir about the influences of the women in their lives and how women can help each other with healing and coping from trauma. A highly insightful read. Sunflower Press, 9798218105679


A heist goes wrong in Cops and Robbers: Atlas Chronicles (Book One), the first in the Atlas Chronicles series by B. Alexander. Readers will love this thrilling series. Toxic Touch Publishing, 979-8218113995

In Adam Klein’s Unlawful Games, Sal Amici is the hottest defense lawyer on the rise in New York, representing a high profile client who has been accused of high profile murder. Its follow-up, Crossroads follows Amici on another taut high profile case. Baby Blue Publishing, 9798987160404 & 9798987160435

The Secret Heir by C.J. Toca, is a paging-turning international thriller brimming with royal intrigue in this heart-pumping mystery. Saddle Ridge Publications, LLC, 979-8-9868996-0-2


Wanda Clark weaves a suspenseful and enthralling tale filled with trials, sorrows, and determination in The Black Orchid, when a young widow finds herself in supernatural circumstances that compromise her beliefs. ‎ Sternway Books, 979-8987252505

Embers by Travis Simmons a vale that holds evil at bay, peace between Elves and men is threatened in this epic spellbinding fantasy adventure. Fallen Heroes Publishing, 979-8987152607

Vern Kaska III’s The Spy Who Did Not Know is a heart-pounding spy thriller that follows one man’s tense journey and all the intrigue that follows him into a world of espionage. Riveting and entertaining. VKWorkPublishing, 979-8218073732 DECEMBER 2022.

Saleseia: A Kingdom Built in a Couple of Years , is an epic fantasy novel about the rise of a kingdom of warrior women. A thrilling and exciting fantasy-adventure. Salesian Press, 979-8987146231

Rosy Mejía’s When Two Plus Two Equaled Five is an adorable children’s book about a king who suffers a strange illness that effects the townspeople and even their math! A charming and inspiring story for children. Legacy Pursuit Publisher, 979-8-98706111-4, 979-8-9870611-0-7


Deadly Consequences by R.M. Russell tells the gut-wrenching true-life story of a man determined to protect his family and career after he is coerced by a crime syndicate into an online web of scams. Just Chilling Publishing, 9798987137406

I Went Fishing Today by Linda Luke. Children will love this charming children’s book, in time for the holidays. Highly recommend. Sparkle Publishing, 9798987267301

Dubbed a ”...a textbook of psychiatry disguised as a novel,” Lou Fabre releases fiction novels The Protege and The Secret Clinic , two patients sort through their disorders in this steamy romance. Travivo Tales, 979-898694600. Dogflu, the story of a pandemic by Lou Fabre is also available now.

The Hidden Path of Ancient Warriors by Janet Holmes is mystical fantasy about a secret guild that protects the planet is sure to enthrall readers. Highly recommended. Christine’s Destiny Publishing, 979-8987065914


The Takeback: A Vampire’s Revenge by James Dean is a gripping, pulsating tale that follows a blood-thirsty vampire on the hunt for revenge. JANUARY 2023 Harry G Publishing, 9798987487501

Compelling nonfiction by historian and anthropologist, Sterlin D. Williams. Award winning books: Understanding the Far-Reaching Global Impact and his follow-up nonfiction, What Happens When... winners of the International AAHGS 2020 and 2022 Book Awards. A MUST-READ. 978-1733589307 and 978-1733589314

When Silence isn’t Golden by Carol Stockdale tells readers why cutting people off isn’t always the answer to conflict in this thoughtful book about conflict resolution. EMCAR Press, 979-8-9872053-0-3 DECEMBER 2022

Basic Financial Steps: That teaches you how to make your money work for you by Reginald Campbell offers informative, applicable, real world guidance on personal finance. The Strategy Group, 979-8-9867069-0-0

In More Than Sisters, by Susan Varnum, two sisters endure the trials and tribulations of life in this drama set in the 1920s. A wonderful read. Harborside Publishing, 979-8-218-06446-4


Inspirational novel helping readers reconnect spiritually in Recharge by Regina Campbell, Ph.D.

A professional woman is forced into a nightmare of systemic misogyny, harassment, and retaliation in Rare Air by Rowin Kasi Clese

Nanncie Constantin’s Abiding in Christ: 30 Day Devotional is just the inspirational guide readers of this popular genre may be seeking. ISBN, 979-8-9874971-0-4

The Journey by Jess Sweeny spans decades of history in the U.S. in the author’s historical memoir. A insightful snapshot of America’s business industry.

James R. Bower’s new children’s book, the “United States of America, States, Capitals and More” covers state flags, state birds, and other facts about the U.S.

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