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Executive Coach Thomas Orths Redefines the Private Side of a Manager’s Life: Selecting the Significant Other Well

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January 10, 2023 GMT
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Relationship Coaching
1 of 3
Relationship Coaching

Ruling Out Negative Impact on Business Performance due to a Dysfunctional Personal Relationship

“Success in business, based on success in your love life, can be achieved. Including a plan to keep your relationship happy and lasting, once you found the right partner.”— Thomas Orths

SHERIDAN, WYOMING, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, January 10, 2023/ / -- WellCelerators work with clients, typically senior and middle management, on a wide spectrum of issues. From personal wellbeing and relationships via productivity all the way to leadership, team- and sales performance. Relationship coaching is vital in this wide spectrum, as the negative impact on business performance, especially of managers, when being in a dysfunctional personal relationship, can be enormous.

According to the Corporate Wellness Magazine divorce and the years of struggle that precede it, significantly undermine employee well-being and, as a result, costs North American businesses more than $6 billion each year in lost productivity, absenteeism and higher health insurance premiums and stress-related healthcare costs.


Why are managers so often in a troubled personal relationship?

You might think it’s mainly because of long working hours and high stress levels, not being able to switch off from work at home. As much as that plays an additional role, one of the main reasons is: Often the ‘wrong’ partner was chosen, ignoring to use an effective sequence of tools and filters to begin with.

How come that in business all kinds of tools are taken into account to make sound decisions, and in romance it’s all too often left to chances, like a hit and miss approach?

“The better approach is to combine methods, tools and filters that have proven to work well to find a compatible partner in life. This is WellCeleration in action, and makes a successful match much more predictable. The important formula for a happy and long-lasting relationship is the perfect balance between chemistry and compatibility between both partners.”, explains Thomas Orths, CEO of WellCelerators LLC.

Often shortly after connecting for the first time, the chemistry kicks in, and then the (lack of) compatibility is completely ignored. Which is why support from WellCelerators prevents such a fatal mistake as to end up being stuck with an incompatible partner and all the severe consequences.


So if a manager is in ‘search mode’ for a romantic partner, well selected tools, filters and paradigm shifts need to come into play, depending on the preference and beliefs of this manager:

1. It is imperative to shift from a ‘searching mode’ to an ‘attracting mode’, surrendering, instead of efforting;
2. Use the power of algorithms of an exclusive dating platform to find a first suggested match;
3. Knowing how to seed keywords into profiles to attract a really good match;
4. Analyze astrology constellations of the client and the potential match, as an additional filter to tune into future dynamics of the relationship;
5. Conduct an Emotional Intelligence (EI) assessment of the manager to look at EI scales of self regard, emotional self awareness, impulse control, optimism, empathy, stress tolerance and develop any shortfalls of these EI scales accordingly;
6. Assess the cultural differences of both partners, as well as their own variance compared to others of their own culture, to identify ‘perpetual’ problems and their impact on the relationship;
7. Explore the personality type of both partners, using a potent combination of 3 different assessment tools;
8. Analyze the preferred way of thinking of both partners, and how they shift under stress.


Those 8 steps are just some examples of how to support managers in the matchmaking process. One filter is to find out if the chosen match is open-minded and willing to go along with such a kind of assessment process to almost guarantee compatibility. Usually, when both partners come from a corporate background, they are ok with it, as they are used to assessments. Which makes sense, knowing that incompatibility leads to daily irritation, tension and stress levels that destroy even a strong chemistry over time.


On the contrary, when there are enough tics in the 8 boxes, proving strong compatibility, and a relationship unfolds, passionate romance takes over - until, usually, the ‘honeymoon period’ starts to fade away!

This is the next crucial phase where WellCeleration can help to ‘keep the flame alive’. Which is often the harder part, it seems, compared to assessing for compatibility.

Coaching managers by WellCelerators can be the key factor to ‘keep that flame alive’. Especially when it comes back to managing those long working hours, work life balance, not bringing the high stress levels at work into the loving relationship at home.
Enabling managers to come up with a solid plan to make their loving relationship last.
Being in control of a process for that to happen.

How? By doing what worked well in the ‘honeymoon’ period and deliberately keep doing just that.


“The key here is a paradigm shift around LOVE. To realize that love is a verb, rather than a noun. ” says CEO Thomas Orths. “It requires action, daily, to maintain and grow it. Falling in love is easy. Falling out of love is natural… WRONG. Of course, it is more than likely, if both partners don’t do the work. Yet if they do, they can make love last. As long as they choose to. I know it is a strong statement, but this is what I am 100% convinced of.”, unquote.

By doing what it takes, like in the magical beginning, falling out of love can be avoided:
- stay interested in each other;
- appreciate and tolerate each other’s differences and world views;
- taking full responsibility for the quality of the relationship;
- releasing the need for safety, approval and control, daily.

These are just four from a longer list of ‘actions’ that need to be taken…
Success does not happen by accident. It happens by design. A loving long lasting relationship does not happen by accident either. It happens by design: making a decision and sticking to a defined and highly enjoyable process.

About WellCelerators LLC: The owner, CEO and founder of the company has WellCelerated the corporate world. Acclaimed coach and mentor, Thomas Orths has spent more than 31 years supporting people in the corporate world.

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