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Digital Auto Checkup: How AutoTechIQ helps Create Trust through Transparency

PRESS RELEASE: Paid content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics
Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
January 4, 2023 GMT
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The most common car smells
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The most common car smells

Videos and Images of condition, cause, and correction of car issues on empower motorists to be confident when talking to auto repair shops.

SANTA BARBARA, CA, UNITED STATES, January 4, 2023/ / -- AutoTechIQ addresses the uncertainty many car owners feel when deciding what repairs will fix the symptoms their vehicle experiences and whether the quoted prices are correct. When vehicles were mostly mechanical and computer-controlled cars were almost non-existent, motorists turned to experts in their extended family or at work to get a second opinion. Today, the computerization of cars reduced the ability to understand the inner workings and to repair the vehicle yourself (DIY) drastically so only auto repair shops with well-trained technicians can address motorists’ issues.

Nowadays, AutoTechIQ processes millions of work orders from auto repair shops in North America to extract and standardize symptoms and fixes using inspection images to illustrate potential causes and fixes for each symptom. This information is available on to all users to help motorists’ education and confidence when talking to auto repair shops. In addition, AutoTechIQ certifies auto repair shops based on their process to make motorist education and vehicle longevity their focus.

What is a Digital Auto Checkup?
Over the last 5 years, digital inspection and communication tools created a platform for auto repair shops to educate car owners when addressing concerns about needed repairs. The traditional trust in shops to provide a safe and reliable means of transportation accompanies clear and transparent education for car owners to make decisions through well-documented findings. This process allows motorists to budget and schedule appointments for future services. Basically, it all starts with a Digital Inspection at vehicle drop-off.

The inspection includes research to address the customer’s reason for making the appointment, documenting the state of vehicle health using images, notes, videos, and recommended actions in a language the layperson can quickly understand and use as reference. Then, just like a doctor’s visit starts always with taking the vital signs, a Digital Inspection result covers all important conditions of the vehicle; typically a 50-point inspection. Each condition gets notes. Plus, to receive a Digital Auto Checkup certification, the inspection results must include topics with mandatory documentation using images and videos. The images will be edited to show the condition, cause, and corrective action(s) to the layperson. For instance, embedded in this article is a typical example of the symptom “my car smells like burning oil”.

Red arrows point out the leak, and the text provides
- The condition (the smell),
- The cause (the shaft seal is leaking.), and
- The correction (the seal needs to be replaced).

This documentation provides complete transparency and, applied to all topics, will make the customer confident in making decisions on what items on the estimate are needed or can be deferred.

How a user finds the information on
It all starts with an online search. Let’s assume a motorist googles “My car smells like burning oil”. AutoTechIQ’s article about this symptom will be found easily in the search results. The article will list, per symptom, how the symptom is typically experienced, inspection images with potential causes highlighted, and the corresponding fixes.

Since similar symptoms don’t mean a single fix, the article lists all typical and potential repairs to make you confident about what to discuss with your trusted and certified auto repair shop.

An infographic in the all-smells-article (also embedded in this article), allows the user to get oriented about common smells.

The motorist confirms the symptoms, automatically adding it to the appointment request which gets completed by adding other relevant symptoms, if applicable, and the vehicle type. Upon the motorist’s selection, the nearest certified auto repair shop receives the appointment request by email or text.

What are the AutoTechIQ certification levels?
Most symptoms need a professional inspection, test, and/or diagnosis to pinpoint the cause. A key element of today’s auto repair is the ability of the shop’s service advisor to educate the customer about why the repair needs to happen and what safety, cost avoidance (How to avoid spending more when delaying the repair), and environmental impact it imposes. Then, with a list of options on the table, the customer can decide the best outcome for their vehicle and their goals. AutoTechIQ has introduced three certification levels for the shops near you:
- Certified Business
- Recommended Business
- Business in Good Standing

All levels require at least 100 Google Reviews with an average score of 4.5 and higher. Certified businesses conduct a Digital Auto Checkup on every vehicle and recommend the right approach for longevity, reliability, and driveability instead of just replacing parts and correcting the car’s symptoms. Then, you ultimately choose what is budget-friendly for you. Also, note that recommended businesses conduct a Digital Vehicle Health Inspection but have not been certified yet.

Why AutoTechIQ?
AutoTechIQs team members are seasoned automotive independent aftermarket professionals and search optimization professionals. More than 100 years of combined experience adds to the track record of being pioneers of the digital vehicle health inspection process.
Motorists have approved significantly more work at auto repair shops focused on education rather than the quick fix. AutoTechIQ is committed to enhancing its website to become a platform for motorists to find high-quality auto repair shops.

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