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Skyted Will Introduce Voice & Sound Absorbing Mask Providing Privacy for Confidential Calls, Gaming and More at CES 2023

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Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
January 3, 2023 GMT
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Founder and CEO Stéphane Hersen will demo noise pollution solution from Eureka Park and at CES Unveiled

TOULOUSE, FRANCE, January 3, 2023/ / -- French start-up Skyted has designed a disruptive sound absorbing open air mask first imagined by Founder and CEO Stéphane Hersen in 2018, working at Airbus and contemplating the discord of 300 passengers attempting inflight calls. He began working on an answer – a way to ensure individual privacy on calls while in a crowded and noisy environment. Skyted will introduce this solution at CES 2023, exhibiting from Booth #61211-10 in Eureka Park at The Venetian, as well as at the media preview event, CES Unveiled. Skyted is backed and financed by top players from the aerospace and aviation industries, including Airbus Dev and has joined the European Space Agency Accelerator Program to introduce inflight calls.

“We’re pleased to announce that CES 2023 will be the launching pad of our silent mask with two product lines - one for gamers and one for business travelers,” said Hersen.


“My original concept was from a transportation perspective, as I focused on how we could keep the human voice from traveling to keep calls private, silent and confidential. Working in the aviation industry, it was logical to engineer the mask with an aerospace sourced acoustic absorber, so our mask is made of metamaterial, an acoustic liner that has been developed by French Darpa ONERA to silence the Jet blast in jet engines.”

The arrival of the global pandemic in 2020, with the accompanying proliferation of remote and hybrid work, has underscored the need for such a device well beyond travelers, incorporating office workers, gamers and more. Skyted allows confidential and silent calls that are perfect for hybrid work providing total comfort and speech privacy in a multitude of settings.

“Three years after I began this venture due to the new hybrid work conditions, billions of workers regularly handle calls in noisy, confined and crowded spots,” said Hersen. “All of us have experienced calls in very noisy situations, with a high potential for confidentiality breaches and frequent noise assaults on those around, not to mention competing conference calls even within our own homes.”


Primary features that differentiate Skyted from their competitors:
1. 80% of the voice vibration is absorbed
2. External noise will not be picked by the internal microphone
3. Compared to Covid mask: the airflow can move without constraints in and out of the mask as it does from a jet Engine.
4. By using cutting edge aerospace & acoustic technology, Skyted is able to reduce mask size by 1/10th of competitor mask size
5. Product is manufactured with bio sourced or recycled material
6. Product is earbud agnostic and can pair with any phone or call operators like Zoom through a Bluetooth connection.

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