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Ventiques Updates Pricing List with Special Discount Offers for Customers

PRESS RELEASE: Paid content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics
Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
January 13, 2023 GMT
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ventiques vents for living room
1 of 3
ventiques vents for living room

MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, January 13, 2023/ / -- Ventiques invites customers to avail special discounting offers with the updated pricing list. The special discounts are available for all customers irrespective of number of articles they buy. This Company is selling a variety of vents to contractors and directly to customers as well. Every one can buy a wide variety of floor vents in different styles and colors through the online mode.

Types of vents:

Metal vents:
Metal vents come in various designs and styles suit best with tiling and hard wood flooring. The metallic vents come with the final finish and look elegant and beautiful with different kinds of flooring. These vents are available in different styles and eight colors you can choose from the website of Ventiques.

Wood vents:
Wood vents are generally suitable to use with the hard wood flooring and any type of wooden flooring. These look stylish and also available in different patterns and colors on the website of Ventiques.


Kanyon Style Vents:
The kanyon style vents are also popular among clients and can be bought from the website of Ventiques. These are also ready to use in differed shades and patterns.

Features of Vents Offered by Ventiques:
• Ventique metal vents unique design allows for a flush mount, seamless finish
• Designed for use with intricate Tile, Laminate, Hardwood, LVP, and Carpet
• By integrating our two-part frame and vent insert, Ventique grills are completely interchangeable
• Available in 1/2″ thickness
• In durability tests, our vents have proven their weight by upholding more than 875 pounds.
• Composed of powder-coated aluminum, our flush mount metal vents do not bend, crack, rust, chip, or peel
• Built in damper available in certain styles
• Easy installation for skilled craftsman and DIY homeowners alike
• To find the correct size, measure your duct opening Length x Width in inches

*NOTE:The size of your duct opening will determine which size vent you need. If your opening is 4×12 then a standard 4×12 vent will work. Let’s say your opening is not standard size like 3×12, you can still use our 4×12 vent since our frame design goes around the duct opening

Advanatges of Buying Vents from Ventiques:


Premium Quality Material and durability:
The premium material quality of wood vents and metal vents offered by Ventiques is one of the best things about these vents. The seller has produced these vents with the consideration of durability so that the customers can access the great facility for a longer period.

Different sizes:
All the metal floor vents and wood vents offered by Ventiques are ready to use in different sizes as per the standard sizes determined for homes and offices. So customers can easily access any size by going through the website and checking the size they require.

Flush mount:
Any of the floor vent a buyer is going to buy is produced as flush mount. The flush mount means that the body of the vent is covered under the duct and the upper side is just covered with a plate to ensure that every one can access the floor without any issues.


Fine finish:
All the vents are products and finished well from outside which increase their appearance make every vent more classy than usual flush mount floor vent.

Styles and colors:
The vents produced by Ventiques come in a wide variety of styles or patterns and colors. There are around eight colors offered by this Company to the customers they can choose while buying. The styles or patterns are also available in different forms can be chosen from the website.

The fine finish on flush mount wood floor vents and metal vents and different patterns and shades make these vents attractive. These vents are basically accentuating the home or making it more prominent.

Home and commercial use:
The flush mount floor vents produced by this Vents producer are favorable for both home and office. The reviews and feedbacks reveal that all the products are attractive in looks suitable in home and commercial buildings also.
Suitability for high traffic areas:
The flush mount floor register produced by this vents manufacturer and seller is suitable for high traffic areas like office buildings and at home also. Find the product on the website based on the weight the article is expected to hold to pick the right vent.


Installation and removal:
All the vents sold by Ventiques can be installed easily and removed with no hassles at the same time. The craftsman and DIY persons can easily learn to install and remove flush mount wood floor vents and flush mount metal floor vents.
Fast and easy cleaning:
The Company says that flush mount floor vents can be cleaned with fast and easy procedure.,

Accessible for handicaps:
Ventiques bet that the vents it sells can be easily accessed by handicap people. The Company mentions on the website that the Company had an idea to resolve problems faced by handicaps while accessing the floor so they create such easy to access vents.


Who can buy from Venti ques?
Ventqiues has a huge customer base as it connects with all the professionals who use vents. It also directly sell the products to the customers require single vent only. So if anyone wants to buy even a single piece then it just take few steps to buy vents from the website of Ventiques.
Have a look at the list of customers of Ventiques:

A contractor is a person who contract with people to build their home and take responsibility of everything installed at the place. Ventiques directly supply them a variety of vents they desire.

Builder is responsible for building the home or commercial buildings and they also buy different types of vents and floor registers for home and commercial use from Ventiques.

Retail Store:
Retail stores where people go to buy vents for their home or office use also get vents from this vents seller.

Installers who install vents on the floors also consider this flush mount floor register brand to provide the maximum satisfaction to their customers.

Architect are also in the customer list of Ventiques as sometimes they also need to buy few classic things themselves during the construction or restyling of homes.

Designers also approach this vents producer and seller to buy various vents in wood and metal for their clients.

Home Owner:
Home owners also consider buying wood floor vents and metal vents through this manufacturer and seller through the online mode.

So almost everyone who requires vents in the premium quality consider Ventiques for the durable and beautiful looking vents.

Vents are an integral part in the use of home decoration and hence these cannot be under estimated while choosing the quality and patterns. People look through different pieces and still not feel satisfied because a small piece is responsible for passing air and the appearance of overall flooring. A poor looking vent is going to disgrace the home so matching the home décor with a vent is must. With this fact, Ventiques has created a variety of vents in different shades.

The Company appreciates the consistency of the clients for long time with the brand and keep offering special discounts and product specials to its clients. This time the Company has come up with the special discounted offers for all the customers on various products (WP,SM,FB,CA,CD,RO,RT,RD,DO, DT ,WH). The customers can buy these products through the online mode by visiting the website. The Company also asks the customers to fill a form so that they can receive special discounts and product specials on their emails or contact numbers.

The form filling just takes two minutes to fill so that they can receive notifications related to discounted offers and product specials.
The form is filled on the Account Set Up Page one can find on the website of Visit the website, explore the products and fill the Account Set Up form to receive latest discounting offers on the website. Every time the discount offers differ than before so this might be the best time for the customers they should not skip as not everyday is a discount offer day. Get the best deals through few clicks today and enjoy the pleasure of adding grace to home décor today.

People using the old styled vents can feel the luxury of new vents with improvement in air passing procedure and elegance in the flooring with compatible floor vents in wood, metal, and Kanyon style.

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