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Princeton Plumbing Pros Offers $100 Off Plumbing Maintenance & Repairs

PRESS RELEASE: Paid content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics
Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
January 9, 2023 GMT
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Plumbing repair for a leaking sink in Princeton, NJ
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Plumbing repair for a leaking sink in Princeton, NJ

Princeton Plumbing Pros is proud to announce its latest money-saving initiative for customers, offering them $100 off needed plumbing maintenance and repairs.

PRINCETON, NJ, UNITED STATES, January 9, 2023/ / -- Just in time for the new year, the crew at Princeton Plumbing Pros is proud to announce that customers can save $100 on needed plumbing repair and maintenance services by calling their crew. “We know rising costs have put some property owners off from scheduling needed plumbing services. In turn, we’re happy to offer $100 off their needed plumbing in Princeton, New Jersey,” they note.

The owners of Princeton Plumbing Pros stress the importance of plumbing preventative maintenance no matter the costs. “A few simple maintenance steps can prevent costly plumbing damage over time,” they say. “For example, checking for loose connectors and water leaks lets us change out those pieces before damage becomes serious.” They note that water leaks are nothing to ignore. “These can mean persistent clogs, damage to framing around the leak, and mold growth throughout your property.”

They also note that property owners should call a plumber even for seemingly minor issues like clogs. “Clogs put pressure on pipes and connectors, risking more severe damage. Eventually, homeowners might even have a burst pipe, which means floods and costly fixes.”

They also note that persistent clogs can mean overflowing toilets and sinks, which is dangerous for a property’s occupants. “Dealing with the mess that comes with overflowing toilets and sinks is unpleasant, but it’s also difficult to remove completely. Store-bought materials don’t always clean flooded materials properly. As a result, someone might end up with bacteria and other harmful elements in their home or business and not even realize it.

The crew also states that homemade remedies for problems like clogs are ineffective and damaging to a property’s plumbing. “Trying to clear a clog with a snake or chemicals risks corrosion and other damage to pipes. Instead, call a pro for regular plumbing maintenance, including addressing repeated clogs. We have the right tools and know the techniques needed for safe, damage-free clearing.”

Along with plumbing maintenance, the team emphasizes that property owners should never put off needed fixes. “Small leaks especially can become big problems,” they explain. “Every property needs water flowing through pipes to move solid materials along. A leak means less water in the pipes, which risks clogs. Those clogs put pressure on the pipes, which means even more damage. Water leaks also mean wood rot along the property’s framing and mold growth behind walls.”

They also note that these issues get worse the longer they’re ignored. “A simple fix, maybe replacing one connector, can eventually become a major repair.” They also note added costs that come with ignoring needed plumbing repairs. “You might also need to replace damaged framing, pay for mold cleanup, and other issues.”

Princeton Plumbing Pros also note that many property owners should consider professional plumbing maintenance tips that can keep pipes and fixtures in good condition. “Install mesh drain covers to keep things like hair and soap scum out of drains. Never dump oily residues down a kitchen sink, as that oil can solidify once it’s in the pipes. Use vinegar and baking soda occasionally in the drains, to help clear blocks,” they suggest.

The crew also notes that they offer professional plumbing maintenance, including leak detection and pipe clearing. “We can also inspect a property’s plumbing as needed to check its water pressure, buildup in the plumbing, and other issues that might become damaging down the road.”

To take advantage of a $100 discount, clients are invited to visit their website and fill out a contact form. Homeowners are welcome to call them anytime, day or night, as they prioritize emergency calls. Their mailing address is
79 Mt Lucas Rd, Princeton, NJ 08540; however, all services are completed in person at the customer’s home. Princeton Plumbing Pros stands behind all their work with a full guarantee and uses only top-quality parts for replacement and new plumbing installation. However, it’s vital to act fast so this opportunity is not missed.

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