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Avery Thatcher of Becoming Avery to be Featured on Close Up Radio

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Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
January 12, 2023 GMT

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, January 12, 2023/ / -- You are a high achiever making six figures, happily married with two wonderful children, and a thriving and active social life. You appear to have it all but secretly you are exhausted from all the long hours at work, stress and anxiety, juggling mommy duties, and work life balance is just not cutting it. Feeling disconnected, extremely fatigued, hardly sleeping, it’s taking a toll on your emotional and physical health. What you are experiencing is extreme burn out and you are not alone. But the great news is you can reclaim your life again. By seeking the support of a highly trained professional, recovery is absolutely achievable. Get ready to reset your mind and body, continually focus on holistic well -being, and genuinely love your life again.

Avery Thatcher is a top notch highly sought-after burnout coach and the Founder of Becoming Avery.


“I help highly sensitive, high achievers recover from burnout and restructure, streamline, and optimize their habits. Through my unique coaching framework and proven techniques, I guide them on how to consistently maintain their energy and focus and set healthy boundaries so they can finally have the impact they have been aspiring for, but without being overly stressed and in survival mode. I show you the tools to find balance and true happiness that is life long and sustainable.”

Avery’s work is rooted in an understanding that physical and emotional health is everything. Her role is not to tell you what to do, but to help you tap into your own inner resources by showing you how to unlock your potential. She offers us the tools to combat self-defeating thoughts and restore balance in our mind, body, and spirit.

What inspired Avery to go into coaching was based on her own experiences and hard lessons learned. Working as a highly regarded ICU nurse, Avery noticed early on in her career that the majority of her patients were actually overcome with so much stress and anxiety that it had led to burn out and the reason they were battling illnesses and disease. It dawned on her that instead of trying to treat the illness after it’s manifested itself, why not prevent it from occurring in the first place? She started teaching stress management strategies to the public in 2015, and in 2018 after experiencing her own health issues and a chronic illness called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, she realized that she was missing a very important piece of the puzzle - one that the research often doesn’t talk about.


Avery developed a unique, amazing 4 Step program called the Flow State Framework that shows high achievers how to work with our current energy levels, rather than against them, and unlock the cycle of burnout. She says that no matter what the cause of our burnout is, this 12 to 16 week program is highly effective and life changing. It encourages the body’s self-healing mechanisms to get long-term relief, unlike masking disease with pills that don’t actually eradicate our issues.


“The people I work with are highly sensitive, they are constantly reacting to everything around them which makes it harder to cope with the pressures, expectations and challenges in their lives. This program is especially beneficial in tapping into your strengths and developing skills and habits to avoid burnout all together.

Avery inspires us all to realize we are capable and deserving of having an authentic and full life through achieving and maintaining a state of flow where we can make our corner of the world a better place.

We will start to feel in control of our lives and radiate energy like never before. Avery also encourages us to invest in daily acts of self-care – but not necessarily in thirty-minute time blocks. It’s important to know which self-care activities work for your different energy batteries, such as maintaining social connections with family and friends, walking in nature, reading, journaling, etc. The goal is to learn how to charge your own batteries and make sure they are never completely empty. When we do this, we will feel that wonder and awe of life again and will be at ease and inner peace with ourselves and others. Once we look at things from an objective perspective and seek balanced solutions, life will get easier and we will find contentment and happiness.


“Always do our best doesn’t always mean always being perfect. In fact, perfection doesn’t exist and once you realize that you will be on a path to a happier healthier you. I am here to support you in your journey to live your very best life.”

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