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ChessLocke Builds Upon the Foundations of Classic Chess and Takes It to a New Level

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Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
January 5, 2023 GMT
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UNITED STATES, January 5, 2023/ / -- Love a good challenge? If so, then this new indie title was built with you in mind.

ChessLocke is an engaging chess-themed game with RPG elements. It challenges players with a mountain of challenging levels to conquer, each with its own unique puzzle. Strategically placed pieces line the 8×8 game board and require players to use a fresh strategy every match. The ultimate goal? Land on the enemy Throne and stay there for one turn. It’s a lot harder than it looks, and only gets more challenging the further you progress through a campaign.

What makes ChessLocke so exciting is its RPG style and XP system. You’re given a set of board pieces with special abilities that can help you win a match. These abilities can help with capturing enemy pieces, defending your own pieces, controlling the board, and other utility skills that may come in handy. Each piece has its own unique abilities, like the Knight’s Joust ability that allows for a straight-line attack and the Bishop’s Revive ability to bring back removed pieces. These abilities can be upgraded with experience points you earn by winning matches. As your pieces become more powerful and their abilities more varied, so do the strategies you can use to win.

ChessLocke is the perfect game for both novice and experienced chess players. It boasts over 100 unique Missions to complete, all of which come with their own unique piece placements, Walls and objectives. The task is never boring, as the game continually throws something new at you.

A true indie game, ChessLocke was created by Taylor Hatton on paper and spreadsheets. He worked on the project for years, eventually saving up enough money to hire a programmer, a composer, and two artists to bring his vision of ChessLocke to life.

Taylor cites his inspiration for the game was from his love of chess, tactical RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics, and board games like Chessmaster. He wanted to create a game that was both strategic and fun, and something that he could share with other people. And that’s exactly what’s been done - gamers of all backgrounds and skill levels are loving this unique indie title for all that it has to offer.

Since launch, ChessLocke has received several updates, including additional Dungeon maps and Multiplayer. Taylor continues to monitor the game’s Discord server to answer questions about the game, help new players with tips, and share the occasional meme.

Although ChessLocke is his current focus, Taylor is already hard at work on his next game. He hopes to bring something new and exciting while still providing the same level of challenge he has with ChessLocke.

ChessLocke is a refreshing take on the classic game, bringing with it a ton of exciting levels and strategic options. With RPG-style upgrades and an XP system that rewards skillful playing, it’s a great title to try out if you’re looking for a challenge. Join the Discord server now and pick up ChessLocke on Steam to start your next adventure.

Taylor Hatton