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Orange County Video Production Company Ricky Zollinger Media Helps Brands Go Viral With Latest Article

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January 10, 2023 GMT
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Ambitious Orange County videographer Ricky Zollinger wants brands to go viral
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Ambitious Orange County videographer Ricky Zollinger wants brands to go viral

Visual storyteller and Orange County videographer Ricky Zollinger has been helping brands achieve further reach online, especially through viral videos

FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 10, 2023/ / -- For a few years, ambitious Orange County videographer Ricky Zollinger and his team have made waves by making brands stand out.

With a flair for the extreme and a signature spicy panache, Zollinger and his crew help brands shoot cohesive, comprehensive, and stunning content that can take a product and make it worth sharing. And Ricky Zollinger Media (RZM) is all about sharing things online, ensuring they reach a target audience.

In ‘Going Viral: Increase Clicks With These Tips,’ the Fullerton videographer sheds light on the widespread phenomenon of Internet users, videos, and other content ‘going viral.’ Plus, he sheds light on some key indicators of how well a video will perform based on a few factors.


Never a stranger to posting captivating content for his own brand as well as others, Zollinger aims to educate readers on how they can bring a taste of virality to their content, assuring a rise in web traffic, views, and clicks.

What It Means To Go Viral Online

Zollinger wastes no time illuminating the audience about what going viral online is and means.

“Going viral refers to the rapid spread of content, like a video, image, or news article, online through social media and other platforms. When something goes viral, it’s shared and re-shared by many people, often in a short period, and can reach a massive and potentially global audience.”

This should be music to business owners’ ears, as getting maximum exposure is the ultimate end goal, besides getting conversions and closing deals.

The Fullerton videographer goes on to explain:

“The term “viral” describes this rapid and widespread dissemination of content because it can spread like a virus. In short, it quickly reaches many people through various channels and forms of communication.”

The Fullerton videographer adds a short but impactful warning at the end of the section:

“Fair warning, though: going viral can be a positive or negative phenomenon. It depends on the content and its impact. We’ve all seen plenty of videos in the former and latter categories.”


Indeed, viral videos can bring both positive and negative attention to brands and individuals with stunning power. Individuals going about their daily lives can post a seemingly innocuous video, only to have the eye of the Internet shifted upon them. Possible privacy concerns and even cyberbullying can occur.

While it all depends on the context, virality online can be a godsend or a curse to brands.

However, Ricky Zollinger and his video production company in Orange County aim to bring a positive virality to the brands they work with. With a portfolio brimming with products like Guayaki’s Yerba Mate and even a merch line from reality TV star Johnny Bananas, RZM finds a way to get eyes on products.

But what are the keys to going viral? According to RZM, citing the ever-popular expressive entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee), speed and volume determine your chances of viral content online.


Speed And Volume: The Keys To Viral Content
Taking a cue from Gary Vee, who states that putting out content quickly and in high volume is a serious indicator of success, Zollinger explains how important being prompt and active on social media can change the game altogether.

“Posting content quickly can be beneficial, like when you want to capitalize on a trending topic or news event.”

Someone who doesn’t pay attention to their social media channels is undercutting their potential and their bottom line. Instead, building a cohesive social media strategy with RZM aims to pull in viewers, captivate them with branded content, and help businesses close deals.

“By posting content quickly, you can get your brand in front of a larger audience and drive more traffic and engagement to your site. However, it’s important to keep in mind that speed should not come at the expense of quality. With videographers in Fullerton, you can easily achieve a fantastic balance between the two.”


Zollinger pivots to give a sterling example of a viral success story with real estate Taya DiCarlo.

“One of our favorite clients we love working with is L.A. real estate agent Taya DiCarlo. She’s a real estate agent with a gift for creating content that gets clicks.”

Zollinger explains what made DiCarlo and her brand of a causal, down-to-earth real estate agent so successful.
“[DiCarlo has] mastered the art of speed and volume, along with divulging inside information and tips about real estate. People love a peek behind the curtain. Plus, real estate is a great subject to post about because people have a ton of connections to homes.”

“Taya does a fantastic job of combining all of these elements into TikToks and Instagram Reels that can garner a ton of views. Volume, speed, and quality form a trifecta that can’t lose. Oh, and she has some great video scripts, too.”


Video scripts, in particular, are a great example of how Zollinger and his Orange County video production crew help brands dominate social media platforms. He explains that a good video script, with the right tones and beats, can reel viewers in more quickly than if you cut corners when making a video. DiCarlo saw quick returns thanks to Zollinger’s scriptwriting for video efforts, with thousands of overnight views on some of her videos.

“She’s gained over 35,000 followers due to posting a ton of content quickly. If that’s not a testament to her ability to post with volume and speed in mind, we don’t know what is.”

In the end, Zollinger advises that people posting online need to keep their content valuable in some way.

“Overall, it’s vital to produce content that your audience finds valuable and enjoyable.”

Boosting Brands With Fullerton Video Production Company Ricky Zollinger Media

For a few years now, Zollinger, the experienced Orange County videographer, has been helping brands like Vacadillos and Panda Express achieve their own virality online thanks to visually striking videos.

Whether it’s real estate agents divulging industry secrets, allowing viewers a peek behind the curtain, or striking ads for food products, RZM knows how to help brands find their niche and deliver results.

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