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Our kids - our future. Holiday camp as a way to raise an intelligent kid

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Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 29, 2022 GMT

SINGAPORE, December 29, 2022/ / -- With the onset of Christmas holidays, many parents are already starting to seriously think about leisure for their children.
Today we will try to answer popular questions: at what age can a child be sent to camp, what are the types of camps and how children’s leisure is organized in them.

What is the good solution for children’s?

We are recommended to all our readers Newton Shop Holiday camp. And there are several important reasons for this.

- The camp is located in Singapore. And this means that child will spend time in one of the safest and richest countries in the world.
- The interesting games are waiting for child, which were specially designed to lure the child, to make the time spent in the camp not only not boring, but also educational.
- The camp has a large number of different dishes. Child will have something to choose from food. He definitely won’t go hungry.
- The camp management can provide with transport that will pick up child from the airport and to the camp itself.
- Practical classes and interesting lectures will be held in the camp. This makes the day more productive and fulfilling.


From our point of view, this is the perfect option for child to spend the Christmas holidays.

What age is suitable for camp?

In fact, there is no “recommended” age that can be applied to all children. For example, parents can go on first trip in an organized group at about 8-9 years old. However, a lot will depend on the physical and emotional maturity of children’s.

The rule “the sooner the better” works in this matter, because in the children’s camp will have to use all social interaction skills. Usually parents can objectively assess when their child is ready to leave the house for a period and become a little more independent, but it is better to do it gradually, step by step.

In many cases, the first trip to a children’s camp is the first time the child will sleep away from home, and it is important to avoid stress for him in this new situation.

The experienced organizers of children’s leisure are well aware of such features and arrange such events that allow minors to integrate into the life of the children’s camp as quickly as possible, get to know other children and gain new positive experience.


Consider the features of different age groups.

Tips for Parents Sending Their Child to Kids Camp for the First Time

Assess the physical and emotional-psychological capabilities of child

Only parents can know how calmly and willingly a child can stay overnight outside the home (as an example of a similar experience with leaving him with relatives or close friends). It is important that the child can easily carry out hygiene procedures on his own, know how to dress and put on shoes without outside help, and easily make contact with peers. As a rule, all this applies to younger age groups.

Take an interest in the preferences of the child and choose the camp together

Visit with him the website of various children’s camps, tell about the activities that are waiting for him there and in which he can take a direct part. It will be useful to consider together those photographs where the camp talks about its activities and follow the reaction of the child - what causes him the greatest inspiration and response?


Also need to decide on child’s hobbies and interests (outdoor games, caring for animals, creativity, learning foreign languages, sports, hiking, etc.), as well as focus on his personal characteristics - active and sociable or modest and shy, physical activity or creativity in a calm environment, etc. It is important to take into account the age of the child, although sometimes the degree of his independence and emotional maturity are much more important.

Encourage and support child in their choices

Some children find it difficult to be away from home for the first time and spend the night without their parents, even despite the tempting prospect of doing things interesting for them at camp. This is quite normal and understandable. The task of parents is to encourage the independence and independence of the child, to explain that small difficulties at the beginning will turn into adventures and rewarding experiences in the end.
In no case should children be forced to do anything, but only motivated to achieve new goals. Sometimes parents will have to push the child a little and help him take the first step, but parents should never push and impose something that does not find a positive emotional response in him.
The child must understand that the children’s camp is only an opportunity to see and learn a lot of interesting things, recharge batteries for the next school year, make new friends, become more mature and independent. He should not have the feeling that he is just being sent somewhere, because it is more convenient for parents.


Types of camps for children

Urban camps

Such programs are offered in public or private educational institutions during the holidays. City camps are focused on children of preschool and elementary education.


Teen camps

When the holidays come, many teenagers don’t know what to do with so much free time. They want to get new experiences every day, communicate with peers and meet new friends, and use every second to the fullest. How to arrange it?

Camps for teenagers are suitable places to implement such plans, while parents are provided with peace of mind: they know for sure that their children are under reliable supervision, and their energy will be directed in the right direction.

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