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Jump Recruits Shares 4 Strategies Talent Acquisition Need in 2023

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Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
December 28, 2022 GMT

The concept of community building involves taking a holistic approach to talent acquisition- a strategy that we implement both for our clients and across JUMP.

“At JUMP, we put a huge emphasis on building a community-centered recruitment process- going beyond the traditional resumes and screenings by getting to know our applicants on a more personal level.”— Cedric Chambers

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, December 28, 2022/ / -- In the current employment market, finding the perfect candidate for a job is more than just understanding their skills and qualifications. It’s about finding someone who will bring a unique perspective to the team while resonating with the company’s values.

That’s why at JUMP Recruits, we put a huge emphasis on building a community -centered recruitment process. This includes looking beyond the traditional resumes and screenings by getting to know our applicants on a personal level, placing greater importance on their values, personalities, and goals. This helps organizations find candidates who are not only qualified but aligned with their mission and purpose, ultimately making them an excellent match for the selected team.

Holistic Approach
This concept of community building involves taking a holistic approach to talent acquisition. An approach that we not only implement for our clients but also within Jump Recruits.

These strategies include:
Understanding the Needs of the Talent
Understanding the Candidate Journey
Aligning Cultural Imperatives
Community Building

Sharing these strategies will help to redefine a company’s talent acquisition strategy and Jump Recruits provides open access to multiple white papers and e-books that cover each specific talent acquisition strategy individually.

Understanding Talent Needs
Ensuring the needs of talent are met is one of the most important steps to take when it comes to diversity retention and building community. When potential team members see that their needs are met, they are more likely to feel connected, engaged, and valued within the organization. Some of the basic needs of talent include:
Physiological needs
Esteem Needs
Belongingness and Love Needs
Safety Needs

Meeting the needs of talent helps to build a culture of trust, inclusion, and mutual respect between team members. This creates a healthy environment for communication and collaboration, which in turn, fosters the development of meaningful relationships within the community.

Follow Candidate Journey
When it comes to finding, hiring, and retaining diverse talent, creating an experience that will help them envision professional development opportunities they can’t access anywhere else will be invaluable. That’s why we believe that creating an outstanding work experience lies at the heart of driving organizational growth and development. From recruiting diverse talent to diversity retention, organizations need to offer an opportunity where individuals can truly explore their potential.

The steps each candidate takes when they engage with a new organization include:

Step 1: Attract
Here’s the first opportunity to increase brand awareness as an employer. During this step, it’s important to give potential talent reasons to consider the intended organization. These opportunities can include curated events, social media presence, and showcasing diverse talent within the collateral.

Step 2: Apply For Positions
Candidates apply to so many jobs, it can often be impossible to stand out and set a company apart as a quality employer. We suggest consistently communicating with candidates about the brand value and communicating HR’s ability to meet the candidate’s needs. This can be done through email campaigns, unbias job descriptions, or creating one’s own online community of potential candidates.

Step 3: Recruit
During this step, talent acquisition selects talent that matches the persona and the talent begins the interview process. Don’t rely on traditional recruitment avenues alone! Take the potential candidates through alternative channels, such as GroupMe and Slack, as well as tips and resources to help with the interview process, so the hiring team can truly identify the right fit.

Step 4: Convert
During this step, organizations need to collect conversion data and perform meaningful analysis to advance the organization’s recruitment efforts. Identifying trends in company data is crucial to making informed decisions when building culture.

Step 5: Onboard
Talent is onboarded into the organization with the expectation to realize their potential based on all previous conversations with the team. Increase their experience and success rate by providing a mentor program, getting feedback through a quality-of-hire survey, or creating a development plan.

Step 6: Engage
Now that you’ve onboarded your new employee, it’s important to continue efforts to retain them. During this step, help them discover what’s possible with an ambitious recruitment approach that values challenging assignments and projects, international assessments, and social initiatives. These efforts will give you the reputation of an organization that values the development and success of its employees.

Aligning Cultural Imperatives
Understanding the wants, needs, and desires of the ideal talent profiles when building out a company’s recruitment strategy is crucial for successful results.

Take the time to create a talent profile in the same vein a company does for a customer profile. Where do they live? What drives their decision-making? Where do they gather information from?

Community Building
Strive to cultivate a connection with prospective employees by taking the time to comprehend their interests and desires, developing authentic relationships, and providing opportunities to connect with a pool of incredibly talented people who are already interested in your organization. Through active engagement and close attention to detail, a company can continually create an inviting environment that will entice the best talent to join their organization.

At JUMP, we recognize the immeasurable value of diversity and aim to empower Black & Brown professionals with the resources, tools, and support networks they need to thrive in their careers. Our team brings together the expertise, speed, and quality of a larger operation with the cost-savings of an internal recruitment operation. Go into 2023 striving to create meaningful impact with our expert talent advisors and start a conversation today.

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