Connecticut bear chooses family’s backyard deck to hibernate

January 8, 2023 GMT

PLAINVILLE, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut family is letting a sleeping bear lie for now after discovering it hibernating under a backyard deck.

Vincent Dashukewich of Plainville told WTNH television he was shocked to see the black bear looking back at him when he went to investigate why his dog was growling about a week ago.

Since then, Dashukewich has taken the advice of the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection and let the bear be as long as it is not causing problems. An agency employee said the animal would likely leave by the end of the month.

“He’s been super chill, I’ve gone out to check on him a few times and he hasn’t really moved,” Dashukewich said. “He’s looked at me a few times but he’s pretty calm right now.”

A video of the sleepy bear posted to TikTok has been viewed millions of times.