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ApsTron Science Corp. Launches a New Brand of High-Performance Peripheral Blood Flow Sensor

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Press release content from EIN Presswire | Newsmatics. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
January 2, 2023 GMT
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ApsTron Science
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ApsTron Science

The Sensor has excellent signal, even with dampened blood volume at the skin’s surface, by distending to the arteries, and arterioles in the subcutaneous tissue

“The most reliable and accurate peripheral blood flow sensor you will ever use for your application.”— Greg

WOBURN, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, January 2, 2023/ / -- ApsTron Science Corp. announced the launch of a new brand of Integrated Peripheral Blood Flow Sensor, Heart Rate Monitor, and minute Skin Temperature Sensor, which promises to help researchers and consumers better monitor vital signs.

According to the maker of physiological monitoring systems, sensors, and phone apps for consumers, healthcare, and research use, the sensor can be placed on the fingertips, wrist, forehead, earlobes, esophagus, and extremities to monitor blood flow, inter-beat interval, heart rate, or minute changes in skin temperature. All with one small sensor.


The Blood Flow/Temperature/IBI/HR sensor along with Apstron software has an excellent signal, even with the dampened blood volume pulse at the skin’s surface, by distending to the arteries, and arterioles in the subcutaneous tissue. The peripheral blood flow signal is achieved through transmissive and reflection absorption.

Likewise, their software displays the DC component of the signal which is attributable to the bulk absorption of the skin tissue, and the AC component, which is directly ascribable to variation in skin blood volume caused by the pulse of cardiac cycle pressure.
Some of the various uses and benefits of this new sensor include:

• Oxygen saturation.
• Relative blood pressure (r-BP).
• Cardiac output.
• Assessing autonomic function (ANS).
• Detecting peripheral vascular disease.
• Heart Rate (HR).
• Inter-Beat Interval (IBI).
• Pulse Height (PH).
• Minute changes in skin temperature.

For more information on this innovative high-performance sensor, visit or write to contact email
Peripheral Blood Flow-Temp-IBI-HR Sensor | Apstron Science, Corporation

About ApsTron Science ( )

It is an electronic and software technology-focused research and development company. Their sensors measure Electromyography, Electrodermal Response, Peripheral Blood Flow, minute changes in Skin Temperature, EEG, and EKG. Their AI and Voice Supported sensor data acquisition software is designed to run on PCs and over the Internet.


ApsTron Science’s free mobile apps are available at www.HealthDiaries.US and currently include:

• Binaural Beats Neuron Music, ASMR, White Noise, Womb Sound App
• The Blood Pressure Diary, Log, and Treatment App
• The Headache Diary, Test and Treatment App
• Health and Wellness Diary and Tracker App

All of their Apps run on Android, Apple, and any browser. Plus, they’re free to use and have Consumer, Healthcare Provider, and Researcher logins.

Healthcare Providers and Researchers can brand the Apps for their particular practice and interact with patients through the apps.


Their stated goal is to transform healthcare by providing mobile applications for objective actionable data to help Monitor, Document, and Evaluate health conditions that empower Consumers, Healthcare Providers, and Clinical Trials to better manage healthcare.

More information about their free health-related mobile apps can be found at www.Healthdiaries.US. Their sensors, software, and applications are used by consumers, healthcare providers, researchers, and clinical trials.

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